Asana of Troy by: AnnabethandPercy4Ever


High on the slopes of Mount Olympus, a baby had just been created. Not born, exactly, but created unknown to her parents.

Her parents, two immortals by the names of Athena and Apollo, had been having an intelligent discussion when she sprung from their thoughts and into her mother's arms.

"Oh, no," Athena had said. "This happened with Daedalus too, but I had no idea that it could happen between gods. What are we going to do?"

Apollo put on a brave face. "Relax, Athena, I see that if we put her into the care of a mortal, she will grow up safely. We can't keep her here on Mount Olympus, after all. What would the others think?"

"And me being pledged to maidenhood too! I say that we entrust her to Priam, king of Troy. She would have fifty brothers and at least twenty-five sisters, so it would be natural to have another new baby in the family."

"I don't know. The Trojans will soon lose a war to Greece. How would we know that our daughter would be safe?"

"We wouldn't, Apollo. But she is my offspring, so I assume she would make the right decisions. And she may be gifted with prophecy, too. She would probably be okay. And she would be raised as a princess."

"As she should." Apollo stood up. "I shall ask Hephaestus to craft a golden cradle to send her in." He left the room.

Athena rocked her baby. "You will have a good life, my daughter, even if you were not meant to be created."

Later that day, the deities were readying for Zephyr to whisk their child to the palace of King Priam of Troy. Athena placed her in the solid gold carrier, and then lightly kissed her forehead.

"You have the blessing of Athena."

Then she backed up a few steps, so that Apollo could do the same.

"You have the blessing of Apollo."

Then a strong gust of wind from the west carried the infant far away from Olympus, to the rooms of her adopted father.

The king was returning to his private quarters to sleep, when he noticed a large chunk of gold resting on his bed. Consumed with greed, he ran to it and jumped back in surprise.

There was a baby in there!

"It must be a gift from the gods!" he muttered happily. Then he called one of his wives in. "Demetria!"

Demetria swept into the room and curtsied. "Yes, my lord?"

"The gods have sent me a gift, a baby girl! Come see."

She walked towards his bed and peered into the cradle. "She has to be one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen! What shall we do with her?"

"Can you and the other women raise her?"

"Yes, I suppose we can, if she is indeed a gift from the gods." His wife picked the baby up and rocked her gently. "What is her name to be?"

King Priam hesitated a moment, before replying, "Asana. A unique girl deserves a unique name. I just wish the gods sent me a son instead. Then I would have fifty-one!"

Demetria cooed, "Asana. I like it."

"Princess Asana of Troy. Tell the public that she is yours."

"Yes, my lord. Is that all?" Demetria, baby in her arms, walked to the door.

"You may leave now." She nodded and left, which allowed the king to talk to himself in peace. "Princess Asana of Troy, a gift from the gods. You must be a very special man, Priam. Very special indeed."