Asana of Troy by: AnnabethandPercy4Ever

Chapter Two

Asana had been waiting in the courtyard since sunset, and she was getting annoyed. How did she know he was coming? What if he didn't come? She was very unhappy to realize that she wanted to see Asteneus, which was incredibly stupid. He was the enemy! She sat down on a bench, her legs somewhat tired from standing for so long.

As she was getting up to leave, a voice said from behind the same tree as before said, "Princess Asana, I knew you would come."

She stiffened, and moved her lantern towards the tree to try and see him. "Prince Asteneus of Athens, why have you asked to talk to me?"

He stepped out from behind it and sat with her on the bench. "Apparently, you're the daughter of Apollo and Athena, so I wanted to see if it was true."

She scooted farther away from him. "I'm honestly not sure. Happy?"

"You look nothing like your family," he said plainly, continuing as if she hadn't spoken. "Your eyes are gray, when no one else you know has gray eyes. Your hair is light brown in a family of black-haired people. You're paler even than Helen, who I had assumed was the palest person on earth. Do you even go outdoors in the sunlight?"

"Yes," she said icily. "I love the sunlight."

"Anyway, you're the tiniest person around your age ever, in a family of tall people. How would you explain all of that?" His head cocked to the side inquisitively, and she noticed his hair was blonde and curly.

"It's obvious that Demetria isn't my real mother," Asana said. "She's exactly the opposite of what I am. And Priam looks nothing like me either. Actually, the one who looks most like me is Helen, which is weird because we're not related. And that similarity is only slight, after all. And what about you? You seem to know all about me, but I know nothing of you, except that you are from Athens and are King Theseus's son. And that your hair is blonde."

He laughed softly. "You are very demanding for a woman, I'll give you that. Yes, Theseus the Minotaur slayer is my father, which makes me the grandson of Poseidon. Hippolyta the Amazon was my mother, and she died soon after my birth. I am nineteen years old as of a few days ago. I command the Athenian soldiers, since my father is too old. My hair is, indeed, blonde like my mother's apparently was, my eyes are a dark greenish color like my father's, and my skin is much tanner than yours will ever be. Happy?"

"No." Asana paused for a moment, and then spoke with mounting confidence and volume. "You, a Greek, slaughter my family and country daily, and yet you claim to want to talk to me. Why? Why am I no different than my so-called brothers? You would kill them in an instant, yet me you try to be civil to. I am a Trojan, and I always will be a Trojan, deep down. You are a Greek, and will always be a Greek, deep down. I don't care if you're the son of this Minotaur slayer or that king of wherever. You are the enemy we are fighting against! And here I am, talking to you as if you were a person. Ha! I should be having my brothers to come with me to these meetings, and have them kill you! I should kill you myself! I should-"

"Should do what? I think you have run out of excuses." His eyes glinted with humor. Asana's eyes narrowed, so he said, "The truth is that Aphrodite herself has made me come here night after night, hoping to see you."

Asana's mouth opened widely, because she could not deny being drawn to that young man. "But- but that's preposterous! Why would she do that to me?"

"Maybe Apollo, who always happens to be chasing wood nymphs and people, had something to do with it too."

"Don't talk about my father that way!" Asana shocked herself. She had never called Apollo her father before! But somehow, she knew that she was right.

Asteneus rolled his eyes in the lamplight. "Very protective, I see. And you have a very... dynamic personality too. How interesting."

"Thanks, I suppose. I should be heading back now." She stood up and adjusted her light blue chiton.

"Wait!" Asteneus said. "Come see me tomorrow night."

"What if I am caught? I am not supposed to be in the company of young men alone. I have a reputation to keep up! And I am so tired! I need my sleep!"

"Then I shall see you tomorrow on the battlefield, shall I not?" His face, which Asana realized she thought was handsome, smiled brightly.

"I assume so. Good night, Prince Asteneus."

"See you then. Good night, the exquisite Princess Asana." She stood up, and he kissed her hand lightly. "Until tomorrow."

Hi! So, what did you guys all think? It's really heating up, isn't it? And I know that they're romance is moving a little fast, but apparently it always did in those days! And a five-year age difference was a short age difference back then, so don't complain!