A/N: Okay, so here's my newest attempt at a story. I hope everyone can follow it okay. Take Mr. and Mrs. Smith and insert Haruka and Michiru into the mix. (How many 'ands' can I insert into a single sentence?) Anyhow, I hope everyone enjoys this one. Enjoy!

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The shadowy figure leapt away from them, a tall blonde woman in a sailor suit chasing after it, finally giving up after several miles. She growled in frustration and jogged back to where the other members of her team.

"Find out anything, Uranus?" said a girl with raven black hair fall down her shoulders. The blonde shook her head.

"She got out of my sight and I could quite catch up to her," she licked her lips in agitation, having been out run by someone. A girl with long blonde pigtails giggled at her.

"Perhaps she's more like the wind than you are, Sailor Uranus," she giggled behind her hand, but stopped instantly after seeing the look she was receiving from the blonde soldier. She muttered something under breath and began to walk away, her transformation fading as she walked away. "Would you be jealous if someone was faster, Haruka?"

"She had a head start on me! Almost four blocks!" She turned back towards the others, her scarlet blazer flapped in the breeze. Sailor moon giggled again.

"If you say so, Haruka. Yet…we have to get a hold of that strange soldier. We have to find out whether she is a friend or a foe. Artemis and Luna can only do so much research without a name. We haven't even got a idea on what color her uniform is…" she took a few steps towards the taller girl. The blonde sighed.

"I'll get my hands on her. I'll figure out who she is, even if I have to kill her," she cracked her knuckles to prove her point.

"Killing her would be a little harsh," Sailor Mercury mumbled softly. She clutched her shoulder, wincing from the pain the enemy of the day had inflicted upon her. Haruka turned to her, chuckling.

"Harsh? Not quite. I'll get my hands on her, Sailor Moon. I've noticed her pattern. She always comes in the middle of the fight, inspects the pure heart, and then leaves…" she turned her back on the rest of them once again, beginning to walk away again.

"Haruka, we'll help you. We don't want you to have to catch her by yourself. It may be dangerous," the raven haired Sailor Mars stated simply.

"Yeah! We'll help Haruka," the pig-tailed girl nodded her hair happily. The blonde frowned.

"No, buns head. I'll do it myself. I didn't exactly invite you all along on this adventure," she growled the statement, irritated that they wanted to help. She hadn't wanted to join their little gang of do-gooders in the first place. The blonde sighed, feeling that something was off, and she had a much bigger mission in life that she wasn't fulfilling. Usagi frowned before speaking.

"I guess it would be easier if you worked alone. Be careful," she whispered, obviously upset that the blonde was once again being a loner. Haruka bowed and headed off in the direction of her apartment. She shared her apartment with a girl she had been with for three years, Kaiou Michiru. The blonde frowned, thinking of the aqua-haired girl she lived with, and thinking of how she had not told Michiru about her alias known as Sailor Uranus. She didn't want the enemy to discover Michiru and threaten to harm her.

About forty-five minutes later, Haruka came to her apartment building. She unlocked the door and walked into the spacious living arrangements.

"Michiru!" she called, throwing her keys onto the kitchen counter. She stripped her blazer from her body, hanging it on the back of the chair she normally sat at during dinner. She furrowed her brow, wondering where the other woman had run off to. She walked through the apartment, coming to the room she shared with her love. "Michiru?" She opened the door, seeing the aqua-haired beauty sleeping in the large bed. She smiled, and walked over, stripping down to her undershirt and underwear before climbing in between the covers, pulling her lover close to her body.

"'Ruka?" the smaller girl whispered. The blonde kissed her hair, hugging her closer. Michiru cringed.

"Michi…what's wrong?" Haruka released her grip slightly, noticing that on the girls naked torso stood deep bruises. She bit her lower lip. "What happened to you?" Michiru rolled over onto her other side, facing the racer.

"Mom's dog was being an asshole. He jumped up on me, knocking me into the china cabinet," she kissed Haruka on the lips. The blonde smiled, it dawning on her that Michiru's mother had gone out of town and she was in charge of going over to take care of the dog. Or so Michiru had told her.

"That thing should have been taken to a dog hotel or something. He's much too big for you to take care of," she kissed the girls forehead softly.

"Haruka, you brighten my day just by smiling," she murmured into the racer's chest, snuggling into sleep.

"You too, love. You too," she buried her nose into the girls hair and fell asleep.

She awoke the next morning, bruises from the previous nights fight gracing her body with their presence. The blonde groaned, forcing herself from the warm confines of her bed, looking over noticing that Michiru was missing. Then, she heard the shower running. She walked over to the bathroom, and walked inside, the steam from the woman's shower creating a impenetrable fog within the room. Haruka went to the mirror and using a towel swiped across it, making it so she could look at her side. The bruises were dark and ugly, forming blotches that could be recognized as fists. She sighed, walking out to get dressed.

Michiru woke a little earlier than her lover, sneaking into the bathroom and looking at the nasty bruises she had received from the battles that had occurred that past week. The violinist pursed her lips, turning to see more bruises covering her back, thighs, and calves. She sighed. She had been lying to her loving blonde for a year and a half, not wanting to tell her of Sailor Neptune, scared the enemy would kill her if they discovered she was connected to the senshi of the ocean. She had decided when her transformation pen had appeared that it would be her burden and hers alone. She turned the shower on as hot as she could stand it and got in, allowing the water to wash the blood, dirt, and tears from her flesh and away from her muscles. She closed her eyes, recalling the group of other sailor soldiers who worked together to keep the daimon's at bay, where as she worked alone, looking for the talisman's hidden in the pure hearts targeted by the daimon's. Their mission was much different from her own. They would never understand. She heard Haruka walk into the bathroom, and then leave after a few moments. She frowned slightly.

"'Ruka?" she said. She could hear the girl moving around the room quietly, most likely getting dressed so that she could go to the garage and start working on the bike with Benkei.

"Yes, love?" was the blondes reply, as she quickly slipped on an undershirt as Michiru walked out of the bathroom clad in nothing but a fluffy teal towel. She let out a low whistle, seeing how the towel barely covered to below her butt. "Don't…I may not be able to leave this morning. We may have to fall madly in bed," she smirked, walking over to kiss the aqua-haired beauty's lips, timid at first, but as the kissing continued a heat was built between her thighs. Michiru let out a soft moan, causing the racer to pull away, a satisfied smile playing on her lips. She grabbed the smaller girls hand, pulling her towards the bed, when her communicator watch began to beep. She let out a groan of frustration, and walked over to her pants in search of it.

"I guess you have to go…" the violinist murmured sadly. Haruka had made it so her phone had the same annoying beeping as the damn communicator watch. Just so Michiru wouldn't ask many questions about why she got an annoying beeping a million times a day. The blonde let out another sigh. Usagi was cute, but could be damned annoying.

"Yeah…Benkei must have finally got the part in. We've been working on this bike for weeks now…But, you knew that," the blonde walked over, kissing Michiru before leaving the room in a hurry. She lied. The bike had been fixed since the night she wrecked it, but it seemed like a logical excuse whenever the forces of darkness decided to try and take over the city. Back in the room, however, Michiru frowned.

"What is she really up to? That bike has been fixed this entire time…" she was cut off as a vision entered her mind, of an appending attack, the other mysterious soldiers fighting on the roof of the Radio Tower. She reached into her bedside table, pulled out her transformation pen, and headed towards the tower.