´╗┐Bill age 14

Charlie age 12

Percy age 9

Fred and George age 7

Ron age 5

Ginny age 4

A/N: I guessed on the ages of Bill and Charlie. I have no idea how old they would be really.

"Fred! George! I wanna play too!" Ron whined.

"Sorry Ronnie," Fred said, taunting him.

"Only big boys." George finished, also taunting.

"But I am a big boy!"

"What do you say Gred?" George asked his twin.

"I don't know Forge. Maybe..." Fred answered. He pretended to think.

"Naah." They both said in unison. They cackled evilly and ran to the other side of the yard.

It was a beautiful summer day at the burrow. The sun was shining so Mrs. Weasley,

frustrated with the noise, sent the children outside to play. Bill was reading a book under a tree.

Percy was beside him, also reading. Charlie was playing with the chickens, attempting to teach

them tricks. Fred and George were off in their own world, no doubt plotting pranks. Ron was

trying to join them and Ginny was off by herself, picking wildflowers for her mother.

Ron was now sitting on the step of the house, crying because Fred and George were being mean

to him. Ginny suddenly dropped her flowers and came walking over to Ron.

"Come on Ron." She said to him, patting him on the back. "It makes them happier when you

cry. Pretend it doesn't hurt your feelings."

"But I wanna play with them!" he screamed, now crying harder and kicking his feet. "It's not

fair! They never let me play with them!"

"You can play with me," Ginny said, "we can build a fort and then we won't let Fred and George

come in it. We can get Bill and Charlie to help."

"Okay." Ron said, cheering up immediately. Ginny took Ron's hand and together they ran over

to where Bill and Percy were reading.

"Can you guys help us build a fort?" Ginny asked her brothers sweetly.

"Sure." Bill told them, getting up.

"You coming Perce?" Ron asked his brother.

"I guess." Percy said, finally closing his book and getting up.

"We're gonna see if Charlie wants to help. We aren't gonna let Fred and George in though

because they are meanies." Ginny said, causing Bill to laugh.

"That's a good idea!" Percy said, grinning enthusiastically "The other day they put a gnome in

my room! It took me hours to clean it up!"

While Ginny went to get Charlie, Percy went to the house to ask Mrs. Weasley to conjure some

wood. Ron and Bill found the perfect spot to build the fort. It was on the other side of the yard

from Fred and George. By the time they finished the fort, Fred and George had seen it and were

whispering furiously to each other. Ginny then ran inside and asked her mother for some cookies

and milk to eat in the fort. Mrs. Weasley, being unable to say no to her only daughter, said yes

and gave her the cookies. Ginny made sure to walk right past the twins so that they would see.

Again, they whispered furiously to each other.

"I think they're jealous." Percy said gleefully.

"Yay!" Ron said.

"Hey," George said cheerfully. He tried to walk into the fort, his twin on his heels.

"No!" Ginny, Ron, Percy, Charlie, and Bill said to them. The all pushed the twins out.

"Why not?" Fred asked angrily.

"No twins allowed!" Ron cheered.

"What?" George asked angrily. "That's mean!"

"How do you think Ron felt when you wouldn't let him play with you?" Bill asked.

"Fine." Fred said, "I'm sorry Ron."

"Me too." George said "We will let you play with us sometimes if you let us play in here


"Okay!" Ron said happily. He allowed Fred and George to enter. Ginny gave them each a

cookie which they gladly accepted. Together they played for the rest of the afternoon.