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Marie Dwyer, that was my name now. No more Bella Swan. Bella Swan did not exist anymore. She was gone, erased, and hopefully never to be heard from again.

I didn't just change my name, oh no I changed everything. Gone was everything he liked and wanted me to have.

Long blond hair, gone. Make-up from the time I got up until the time I went to bed, gone. Clothes from the best places, gone.

Gone, gone, gone. And I was finally free. Ready to start my new life in a new city.



Jasper Hale Whitlock, FBI.

I had finally finished all my college, training and probationary period.

No more trying to get around the law, because now I was the law.

No more wondering when I would get the chance to see justice done.

Transferring to the city it happened in, I would find the answers I needed and I would exact the justice that had been coming for 10 years.


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