"Meredith you're pregnant." Bailey said with a little touch of hesitation. Meredith looked down at her hands and kept whispering the same thing in her head –what do I do now? - It was the famous question. Once she was in a hospital bed and in the maternity wing she paged Derek. Derek was going to be happy but she didn't know how to let Fin down gently. Derek answered the page he thought it was a code or something wrong with a patient that he forgot to check up on because she paged him a 911. "What wrong?" he asked sharply. Meredith looked at her hands that were softly lying in her lap. "I'm pregnant." this news shocked Derek but it melted quickly into happiness when he looked in her eyes and knew it was his and the vet's. "I'm so sorry." She sobbed; he quickly climbed into the bed with Meredith and held her in his arms. "Your okay, it will all be okay." Meredith just kept crying and didn't really know how to stop but the whole time wishing she could. Shouldn't I be happy? She thought while lying in Derek's arms. "I would understand if you couldn't be here for me. You want to be chief and I would get it if this would get in the way of that." Derek looked at Meredith and kissed her forehead and put his hand on her forearm. "It was both of us Meredith and I am not going anywhere. I love you." Bailey walked in the room then and said "ok Grey I need your arm. She tried to hold Meredith's arm still but Meredith was so scared about the future that it was shaking way too much. "Derek can you hold her arm still please." Derek never liked to hurt Meredith and especially not physically but he tightly held her arm until Bailey was done and then she left without a sound. Meredith started to cry again

"I …. Can't …… do ….. This …Alone." She managed to get out. Derek's arms snaked around her again. "Your not alone Meredith. I promise you. You're not alone." She nodded softly and sank into his chest as if seeking protection. She knew that her friends were already informed on her and would be in to visit soon. Derek left for a surgery that he couldn't cancel. George walked into the room and she automatically hid her face from her beloved roommate. "Don't look at me George." She pleaded. He walked through the door and started to smooth out her hair "mere it's me George. Your roommate and practically your brother, you don't need to hide from me". She grabbed his hand and whispered "will you stay?" He nodded and put his other hand over their tightly clutched hands. "I'm scared George." She whispered. Then Christina, Izzie and Alex walked in the room and sat around her and that's when she knew that she wasn't alone after all.