NCIS fanfiction- NCIS High School

A/N- This is set like the point of view of some random student on an average day. Kinda random but we're seriously bored and we came up with this while we are camping and had to watch the fire. Please R/R!!!!

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NCIS High School is your average high school but we have some exceptional teachers.

For first hour I have Phy. Ed. The teacher is Mr. DiNozzo. He is very quirky and kind of acts like a kid sometimes. He loves to play football and basketball. He never fails to remind us that he went to Ohio State for sports. It is a known fact around the school that he is dating the Foreign Language teacher.

Second hour I have Language Arts. Mr. Ducky teaches that, it's quite obvious. He loves to talk about anything and he gives long-winded speeches. He also helps out in science a lot. I'm pretty sure he is good friends with the U.S. History teacher and the Principal.

My third hour is Art. Ms. Todd is a great art teacher. She is very nice to most kids. She loves to draw people. Her best friend is the Science teacher. She really hates the Phy. Ed. Teacher, Mr. DiNozzo, because he is so childish.

For fourth hour I have science. Miss. Sciotto teaches it and math. She is kind of weird because she is a perky Goth, an odd combination. She loves to give people hugs. Mr. Ducky often helps out with her class because he also loves science. Miss. Sciotto is friends with everyone except the Assistant Principal.

Between fourth and fifth hour I have lunch. Warning: Don't Eat The Pizza!

Fifth hour I have Foreign Language. Miss. David teaches German, Spanish, and Hebrew. She is from Israel and can speak six languages fluently. As I said before, it's a known fact that she is dating Mr. DiNozzo.

For sixth hour I have computers. Mr. McGee teaches computers and math. He is friendly but often gets picked on by Mr. DiNozzo.

My seventh hour is U.S. History thought by Mr. Gibbs. He used to be a Marine. We also think he is dating the Principal. He has a rule about anything, even one about Mr. DiNozzo dating Miss. David. He is friends with Mr. Ducky but is like a dad to the other teachers.

Eighth hour I have math taught by Mr. McGee and Miss. Sciotto. They are great friends even though ones a Goth and the other is a geek. They both enjoy teaching math and they give advanced classes for kids after school, the geeks(like me!).

Last but not least, the Principal and Assistant Principal. The Assistant Principal is Mr. Vance. Nobody really likes him, not even the teachers. The Principal is Ms. Sheppard. The teachers like her but the students think she is okay. We are pretty sure she is dating Mr. Gibbs.

Well that was a day in the life of a student at NCIS High School.

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