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State of Shock

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Naruto sat up, his back to Sasuke and glancing Kiba's way when Sakura and Tsunade made him stare up at the ceiling. The ceiling was white, very average. It reminded him slightly of the ceiling at Sasuke's apartment. Of the ceiling at his own apartment.

He wasn't listening to what the other said. He could hear Sasuke's bored tone clearly, but the words went straight past him. Tsunade was telling Sakura what to do in hushed mutters, and Kiba cursed from time to time, pacing next to Kakashi. No words registered, but he could sense their distress.

He could sense another person in the room. He shifted a little, causing Tsunade and Sakura to stop their ministrations and send him a questioning look. He looked at the door, too tired to offer Hinata a smile when she walked closer.


"What is she doing here?" Sasuke spat, clearly uncomfortable with the Hyuuga girl nearby. Tsunade sent him a silencing glare, daring him to speak degrading in her presence. Sasuke didn't speak again, but the strong stare made Hinata very itchy.

"She's going to check his chakra flow." The blonde female stepped aside, Sakura taking a moment longer to leave Naruto's side. Hinata bowed to the Hokage, stepping up in front of Naruto. The skinny boy didn't appear bothered when Hinata shakily told him to bend his head back slightly.

She squeaked out, "Byakugan," and throbbing veins appeared on her beautiful face. Sasuke kept a close eye on her lilac eyes, should they wander inappropriately on his property. She spoke up again, self-conscious. "There's no chakra in his throat, a-at all."

Sasuke fought the ugly monster inside of him, refraining from cursing and shouting out the Heiress' worthlessness. Tsunade mentioned something about injecting chakra in Naruto's throat, and Sasuke looked up. Was that even possible?

"What if we took Kyuubi's chakra?" Sakura asked. "Wouldn't the vocal cords heal?"

"I want you to try to heal him the same time I inject a mix of his chakra. In position, Sakura. Hinata, hand me the syringe in the drawer over there."

The mouse ran across the room, roaming around until she found a plastic bag with syringes. "He-here!" She opened the bag while Tsunade told Naruto to lie down. Sasuke was told to stand still or leave the room.

Blue eyes stared up at the ceiling, flinching slightly when he felt a needle press into his skin. "Sakura, be ready," Tsunade said harshly. Sakura held her hands over Naruto's thin throat, ready to heal once Tsunade was done. The big-breasted Godaime extracted a blue air-like substance from Naruto's stomach, quickly moving over to Sakura.

Sasuke turned around, staring out through the big windows over the dark village. Not a soul could be seen outside. Sasuke listened to the females speak.

"When I count to three, start healing." Tsunade carefully pushed the needle inside of Naruto's throat, making the blonde gasp. "One…" Tsunade slowly started injecting the chakra. "Two…" It was almost all in, and she started to pull out at the same time she injected. "Three!" She pulled it out, and Sakura's hands turned green.

Naruto stared up at the ceiling, obviously hurting from the treatment. Sasuke bit his lip, cursing quietly.

To Be Continued

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