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Now, one of my readers asked how does everyone know each other so well. The answer to that question is that the Twilight characters were hunting one day and they just so happened to run into our Flock who was on the run from Itex - like always. Anyways, one of the Twilight members - *cough* Emmett *cough* - tried to eat one of the Flock, and so, after they got to know each other for a bit, they became great friends. And, all of this happened BEFORE the Twilight characters went to Hogwarts, in the first story. XD

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Chapter FOUR

(And by the way: this chapter had been previous written a different way, but then my computer crashed and therefore, I lost the previous writing.)

"Come on you lot, we got to go find our seats." Mr. Weasley ordered everyone in the large group, as they all walked up the stairs of the large stadium where the last Quidditch World Cup will be held. Mr. Weasley had just joined the group after her "floo" over to where they were at the Leaky Cauldron. The group had gotten seats that were near the very seats of the Magic Ministry, so at least they didn't have to climb very high.

"So, who's playing against who?" Bella asked Hermione when she saw that she had a little pamphlet of the game. "Apparently it's between the Irish team and the Bulgarian team. Didn't these two teams play when we were going into our fourth year?" Hermione explained, then asked Harry that question. "Who cares? This is the very last game of it before it's wiped out into oblivion. Besides, it would be nice to say hello to Viktor Krum again." Ron butted in, smirking.

"Who's Viktor Krum?" Max asked next. "Oh, he is a famous Quidditch team for the Bulgarians, and he happened to go to the Dumstrang Institute; Harry had to face him in the Triwizard Tournament in Fourth Year." Ron explained. "He's a pretty strong player at basically everything." Harry added.

"Well, if isn't Potter, Weasley, and the Mudblood?" a snide, cruel voice suddenly spoke up loudly from one flight of stairs below them. The teenagers of the group all snapped their heads in the direction of where the voice was coming from, and each of them scowled - except for the Flock. "Malfoy, what are you doing here?" Harry asked angrily down at the blond Slytherin from school. "Even though my father is a Death Eater and is in Azkaban , my mum and I still get invited to these highly important events, Potter." Malfoy boasted.

"Just leave us alone, you filthy pest." Edward growled, smirking when Malfoy jumped in fear. Draco was still terrified of the Cullens and Jacob Black, even after the whole school found out about their secret. "Come along now, kids. We need to stop hogging up the space here on these stairs." Mr. Weasley ordered them again, causing all of them to grudgingly stalk away from where they had all stopped at.

They finally reached their seats, and sat down in silence. "So, um..." Nudge spoke up randomly; for once, she couldn't come up with anything to talk about. Some of the group coughed awkwardly, while some muttered, "yeah...". "I wish this awkward silence would go away." Max muttered to Bella, though of course most of the vampires heard her clearly for they had chuckled upon hearing this.

"Oh, it's starting." Mr. Weasley told Carlisle, who nodded and passed it down to the others - those who couldn't hear Mr. Weasley in the first place. "Welcome to the Final Quidditch World Cup of all time, Ladies and Gentlmen! The Ministry and I have decided that this sport has become too dangerous ever since one of our own had tried to kill several students while playing the game during school, last year. That doesn't mean that it'll be illegal to play the sport, however. We just decided to end it for it has influenced too many younglings to cause such a ruckus on the field. Now, with the explanation out of the way, let's introduce the two teams mascots. First, we give you the Bulgarian mascots!" One of the Ministry members - Ludo Bagman was his name after Mr. Weasley had told everyone - shouted out to the roaring fans in the large stadium.

"Oh no..." George, Fred, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Mr. Weasley and Cedric all muttered together. "What?" Bella asked. "Fingers in ears, guys." Cedric called out, ignoring Bella's question. Every man hurried to stuff their fingers in their ears, and for those who had their mates/girlfriends/wives, they pulled their ladies close to their sides and proceeded to put their attention solely on them. "What's going on?" Max asked out loud, looking over at Bella - whom was having a hard time dealing with Edward's attention on her.

"The Bulgarian mascots are creatures known as Veela. They are known for capturing males' attentions based from their "goddess like" features to their dance." Edward explained loudly, shutting his eyes tightly in high hopes of distracting himself from Jacob's obscene thoughts, all to annoy him. "Veela? What the heck is a Veela?!" The Gasman cried, while he was about to unclasp his ears, but his sister slammed his hands back on his ears. "Just sit tight, Gazzy." Max instructed him, patting his messy, cow-licked blond haired head.

Just as Max had finished saying that, a tidal wave of cat calls and loud shouts were heard throughout the stadium. Max leaned over the railing to look down at the field, and with her raptor vision, Max saw what Veela looked like. They had pale skin that appeared to be glowing brightly from the stadium lights, while their silvery blond hair looked like it was being blown backwards as if there was an invisible fan in front of them causing that effect.

When they all sat down on their teams side, the boys released their eyes with a gusting sigh of relief. "Glad that's over with." Ginny grumbled, rolling her eyes. "And now, we welcome the Irish Team mascots!" Bagman yelled over the fans once more, smirking when he heard that a new uproar of cheers was heard from the Irish supporters.

The seven who forewarned everyone of the Veela earlier looked up to the high opened ceiling of the stadium. "What now?" Emmett asked, looking up as well. "Oh!" Alice gasped, giggling. "Here they come..." Edward whispered to his wife, looking up as well. "What?! Why in the hell all of you are looking up?!" Rosalie hissed, completely confused with her husband as to why most of her family was looking up.

Seconds later, streams of green zoomed into the stadium and flew around with golden rain falling behind them as they flew. When the golden rain fell upon the large group, they finally saw what it was. "Awesome!" Nudge squealed when a pool of golden coins fell upon them, as she began scooping up some for her to save for later. "I think I got some in my hair." Emmett commented, shaking his dark haired head when several gold coins fell out and fell into Rosalie's lap. "Lovely." Rosalie muttered, handing the gold coins off to Jacob who was sitting next to her.

Soon, both the teams of the Bulgarians and the Irish had zoomed onto the field, where the game would begin.

(A/N: Sorry to everyone who wanted to read about a Quidditch match, but I decided that I would skip it this time. Let's just fast forward a bit...)


"Come on, you lazy birds! Get up!" Max screeched to her Flock members, effectively waking them up. "Max, can we sleep for five more minutes?" Nudge begged, her voice sounding awfully groggy. "Sorry, Nudge, but we need to get all of our stuff together before we head off for the train." Max reminded her, patting her frizzy dark head. "I'm going to get the guys up." Max stated, leaving the girls' bedroom she was staying and out into the hallway, before she almost practically ran into Edward.

"Hey, Mind-Reader." Max greeted him, using the nickname she had called him ever since they first met. "Hello." Edward greeted back politely, rolling his eyes from the nickname. "If you don't mind, I'd like to go get the rest of my Flock out of their beds." Max said, crossing her arms lightly over her chest. "Already taken care of." Edward told her, jutting a thumb over her shoulder; Max looked over his shoulder and indeed saw that three boys were up and out of their beds, while it appeared that they were getting dressed hurriedly.

"Oh, thanks." was all Max mumbled back in reply. "No problem. By any chance, have you seen my wife?" he asked her. "Oh, she's over there, helping the girls out, Eddie." Alice suddenly answered for her, for she walked up from behind out of nowhere, literally. "How many times do I have to remind everyone? Do not ever call me Eddie in this lifetime!" Edward hissed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Stop picking on Edward, Alice." Esme said from behind Edward as well, her kind hearted face appearing over Edward's shoulder. "Sorry, Esme. You know we only do it to annoy him." Alice stated, giggling while she walked away. "Well then, I'll be off now." Max announced, moving around Edward and Esme, to meet up with the boys of her flock.

Once everyone had all of their luggage gathered with them, along with their owls and such, the group members who needed to eat devoured as much food they could eat, for it would be a while till they would be able to eat on the train that would take them to Hogwarts. When all of their meals were gone, they waited for Professor McGonagall to arrive, for she would be transporting them to the train station that would get them to Hogwarts.

"Who in their right minds would name their platform, "Platform 9 and 3/4?"" Fang grumbled when they were finally transported to the Muggle Train Station, and after Professor McGonagall disappeared. "Apparently, Hogwarts people would." Max retorted back, rolling her eyes.

Finally, after much shoving from everyone to get past the Muggles, everyone stopped between platforms 9 and 10. "So where is this great old platform?" Iggy asked no one in particular, blindly looking for somewhere to look at. "Just watch us." George and Fred said in unison, chuckling. They gathered their luggage, and with no Muggle looking, they sped off towards a pillar that sat between the two platforms, and surprisingly, they went straight through the wall.

"Now do you know how to get to platform 9 and 3/4?" Harry asked everyone rhetorically who had an astounded look on their faces. "We're supposed to go through that wall?" Bella asked skeptically, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah; didn't you lot did that last year?" Ron asked them while he paid no attention of Luna and Neville going on ahead straight to the platform. "No; Professor McGonagall apparated us to the Hogwarts train." Alice explained.

"Just do what we do, and all of you will be fine." Hermione assured them, before she along with Ron and Harry all disappeared into the pillar, leaving only the Cullen group and the Flock group behind. "Well, might as well give it a shot." Edward stated, shrugging while he and his wife gathered their cart. "Can I go with you, Momma and Daddy?" Nessie asked her parents, skipping up to them. "Sure sweetie; let's just add your stuff to our cart." Bella said to her, smiling while Emmett added Nessie's luggage and everything to the cart.

"You can come too, Jacob." Edward muttered out, sighing exasperatedly from Jacob's thoughts. Smiling goofily, Jacob added what little luggage he had to the cart, and with the boys on one side and the girls on the other, they raced to the pillar, disappearing behind it. When they got to the other side, they were met with the sight of the bright red train of Hogwarts.

When everyone was through the pillar and on the side with the Hogwarts train, they all gathered their things and got on, trying to find some empty compartments. When they did, the train pulled away slowly from the station, leaving several wizard and witch parents behind, waving goodbye to their children that were on the train.

"So, now what do we do?" Max asked Edward and Bella, who were sitting with her and Fang in one compartment they managed to get together. "All we do now is just sit and wait till we get to Hogwarts." Edward answered after leaning away from Bella's pale neck.

"This is going to be one long train ride then..." Fang muttered, earning a slap on the shoulder from an angry Max.

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