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Rosalie's POV

"Rosalie, dear, your father and I think you should go out with Edward and have some fun," Esme told me, walking into my room to find me lying on my bed with my eyes closed.

"We've only been here a few months. I feel that I should stay locked up in here for a few more weeks and then maybe I'll go out," I didn't open my eyes.

"Then I'm glad this isn't up for negotiation," Esme flashed me a smile.

"But-" I tried.

"No buts. The decision has been made. You're leaving in half an hour," She let me know, and then walked out of my room.

It was so hard to be mad at Esme. "Fine, but I'm not changing."

"You can't wear that," Carlisle told me from my doorway.

And why is that?" I questioned, opening my eyes and sitting up. Well, he was home early. I wonder why? Edward and I gone. Alone with Esme.

"Rose, please," I heard Edward groan and I grinned.

"It's a provocative dress and I don't approve," He said in a fatherly tone and my grin widened. He looked at me funny.

"Here's how it is; I'm going out in this dress and you can have your way with Esme all night long with no interruptions," I was grinning like the cat that ate the canary by now.

We heard a yelp of excitement, followed by Esme's hoarse reply, "Just let her wear it, Carlisle."

I let out a giggle. Man, I am so manipulative. "Bye-bye."

Carlisle walked out of my room looking defeated, "It makes you look like a fairy."

"Have you no shame?" Edward chastised from downstairs.

I snicker again, louder, "Not at all."

With a smile on my face, I walked over to my full length mirror and examined my outfit. It was the hottest fashion in Paris, but I was in Tennessee, so no one would know, or care for that matter. It was thick strapped, the neck line dipped lower than it should, the bodice was robin egg blue and the skirt faded into royal blue. The skirt stopped just above my knees and I a blue butterfly clip in my hair, while my long, blonde curls cascaded down my back. Carlisle was right. I did resemble a fairy.

However, I was the epitome of every man's sexual fantasy. I inwardly shuddered. It was disgusting, the looks I received from men old enough to be my father. They should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe if I wasn't this beautiful. Maybe if I found a way to be ugly… what am I saying? That could never happen. I stomped my foot down in a pouting manner. I heard Edward chuckle. Stupid Edward! Stay out of my head!

"Or what?"

I smirked and pictured the time I walked in on Carlisle and Esme making use of the kitchen. He hissed and I laughed my musical laugh and pranced downstairs and into the living room, where Edward was reading. He didn't look up when I entered the room as usual, but I could honestly care less, now. He scoffed.

"Don't be so full of yourself… that's my job," I added, mostly for his benefit. He looked at me over his book and his eyes narrowed. I couldn't tell if it was at my thought or at my outfit.

"You're not going out like that," He declared, "take that off."

"And if I don't?" I got a smug look on my face, sitting at the piano, "are you going to make me?"

"No," He growled slowly.

I placed my nimble fingers on the delicate keys. "Then don't tell me what to do."

"You're despicable," He muttered coldly.

"So you've told me," I responded in a bored tone. God, that line was so old. I began to play a slow melody that I didn't recognize. As the tune progressed, the notes became sharper, the song gaining its edge.

"What are you playing?" Edward queried with genuine curiosity in his voice.

My perfect dark blonde eyebrows furrowed. My life in the matter of five minutes. "Nothing," I stopped abruptly and walked back upstairs.

Emmett's POV

"Hey, Em, did you hear?" My brother, Luke asked me as we were getting ready for the town's dance. Mostly only young people went; the upperclassmen in high school and college kids like myself.

"Hear about what?" I inquired, shrugging on my jacket.

"Dr. Cullen's kids are going to be there. I've seen the son, Edward around town and at school. I haven't see the sister, but I'm going to charm her and make her mine," He told me, hopping up and down on his toes. Jeez, he was excited.

"Calm down, Luke," I ordered, fixing his jacket's collar, "you haven't even met this girl. What if she's ugly?"

"No one related to Edward Cullen can be ugly," My sister, Mary Katherine interrupted, walking into the room, "I mean, have you seen their father? He is delicious."

"Mary Katherine!" I reprimanded, appalled. Even though MK was my big sister it was still weird to hear her talk about men like that.

"Sorry, little brother," she giggled.

"Children, you better get going," our mother called to us.

"We're coming," Luke hollered back, then said to us, "Edward's sister is going to be mine."

"I wonder if his father's married. I hope not," MK grinned to herself.

"You two are ridiculous," I chortled to myself as we headed downstairs.

Edward's POV

As soon as Rose and I stepped into that dance hall, all eyes were on us. The guys were gawking at Rose, so I put my hand on the small of her back. Not possessively of course; she's my sister, but I felt very protective of her. She got envious glares from the girls, but just smiled back politely at them. I received very toothy smiles from the girls and glares from the girls. At the moment, I was blocking out all sexual thoughts directed at my sister and I. For some reason, I always thought our unnatural beauty was humorous. I don't know why though. I was taken from my thoughts, when someone approached us. He was a kid from my class.

"Hi. I'm Luke McCarty," the young boy greeted. I knew it was mostly to Rosalie, but he smiled at both of us, "would you like to come sit with us?"

Oh, my goodness. Lucas thought in awe. I knew she'd be pretty, but my God, she's absolutely breathtaking.

I don't want to. Rosalie told me in her head.

"Esme says we have to socialize," I whispered into her ear, stressing the word have.

Fine. She huffed.

"We'd love to," I let the boy know and he eagerly led us over to a table with five other people; three guys and two girls. Two of the boys were twins. They blonde had hair and dark blue eyes. The other guy was burly and muscular with green eyes and dark hair. One of the girls had short, jet black hair and piercing hazel eyes, while the other girl had moderately long dark curls and green eyes. She, the burly one and Luke were brother and sister.

"This is Chris, Drew, Annie, my older sister, Mary Katherine and my older brother, Emmett," He introduced everyone.

"Hi," Annie, the black haired girl welcomed us.

"Nice to meet you," Drew, one of the twins smiled and waved.

"I'm Edward Cullen," my voice was literally music to their ears. (AN: At least now we know where the expression came from. Thank you, Edward Cullen.)

"I'm Rosalie Hale," Rosalie's beautifully soft, wind chime voice rang through their ears like summer rain.

"Please sit," Chris offered us the seats beside Emmett, who seemed to be fixated on Rose's dress. Why in the hell did she have to wear such an enticing dress, tonight? As if reading my thoughts, she discreetly pinched my arm and I grit my teeth to hide the pain. She held in her laughter, like she had the entire time we'd been here.

She is a Goddess… or an angel. She had to be one the two because I've never laid eyes on any creature as truly enchanting as Ms. Rosalie Hale. Emmett was looking at his drink when he said thought this and I smiled. So, Luke had some competition.