Spyro destroys Dragon Myths.

One day Spyro and Sparx were walking along in the forest when they heard somebody crying in the woods. They ran along trying to find where he source was, it belonged to a small boy called Peter. He was eight years old the same age as Spyro.

"What's the matter?" Spyro asked.

At seeing a dragon, Peter went into fear, but he still said in a nervous voice. "I tripped and hurt my leg, I have a nasty bruise on my leg, it really hurts."

Spyro then had a look over it. "Oh dear, let me get a plaster for you. My home's not far away from here."

Peter raised an eyebrow. "You want to help me?"

"Well of course! What did you think!? I'm just going to leave you hurt!?"

"Well I thought you were going to eat me."

"What!? No..no…no what gave you that idea?

"Well I was taught to believe that all dragons were evil and ate knights and……."

"Whoa……" Spyro interrupted "Hold the phone, kid. I am far from evil, haven't you ever heard of any of my heroic acts?"

"Can't say I have." Peter replied

"And I honestly say that the dragons I know are far from evil, and use some logic kid, if dragons ate knights, how do they eat them without breaking their teeth on the armor? Has the stories you read ever shown that part? The only dragon I know who ate a knight was a dragon called Chester, not only did he break every tooth in his mouth eating him, he had terrible trouble trying to go number two afterwards and he had to go through a horrible operation getting the metal out of his system."

"I never thought of it that way" Peter thought now looking a bit guilty.

"Oh don't feel bad , kid. Screw the people who brainwashed you. Here it from a dragon myself. Only a very small amount of us are evil." Spyro comforted Peter.


"Sure I'm sure. Why's the story of the dragon and Saint George the only famous tale of an evil dragon? What's so special about that damn dragon that he gets his own holiday?"

At this Peter started laughing almost forgetting his injury, but then he went…"Ow!"

"Oh yeah. Your injury" Spyro looked at his bruise "Sparx, go get the bandages!"

"Righto, Spyro!" Sparx then disappeared.

"Anything else, I should know about dragons?" asked Peter.

"Well as I may have said, only a very small amount of dragons eat humans. And the 5% percent of dragons that do, normally end up with extreme weight problems."

"Go on" said Peter.

"There was this dragon I know, had a pretty dull name, Howard, hardly a dragon's name is it? He ate about 3 or 4 humans, but they were extremely fattening, and he ended up three times wider than a sumo wrestler in two days. He's still trying to lose the weight! He can't manage it! I can still hear him cursing that diet book by Ray Adams for saying there's hardly any calories in humans. He just lies on the couch struggling to breathe."

"I see."

"Oh and that myth that we live for hundreds and thousands of years. Total baloney."

"It is?"

"Kid….what do I have in my DNA that allows me to live that long? And what person managed to live that long to study what my lifespan is?"

"Good point."

"So wanna be friends?" Spyro smiled at him.

"You bet! My name's Peter by the way." Peter smiled back.

Peter then shook Spyro's claw and became friends with him and so began the many adventures they would have……..