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Earth Theif. Sol 3 is under threat. We flee, the War was too great, we were overcome, our remnants request asylum to your world. We do not have much time.

Frindem of the Ninth Fleet Helion CHULA Space Force.

"Captain," Gwen leant over the computer, "There's a message coming in. From the Ninth Fleet Helion C.H.U.L.A, or Chula, Space Force. They request asylum to Earth. And they spelt 'thief' wrong."

Mickey looked incredulous, "Don't the aliens usually just land on Earth?"

"Not if they're seeking a new home without intent to conquer. Legally, we've been part of the Shadow Proclamation since 1942, Torchwood 1 broke the rules constantly, we had to make all sorts of agreements to solve it after Canary Wharf," Ianto explained. "Including an agreement to join the Galactic Union in one hundred years. But Torchwood has the right to grant temporary asylum to alien species requesting it, then after two months a Government panel from UNIT and Torchwood makes a decision on a permanent Earth visa."

"Wow." Mickey grinned. "Alien asylum. Wait till the public find out we have alien immigrants."

Jack shook his head, laughing, "What does it say Gwen?" She read it out, Jack swore before saying, "Tell them they've granted temp asylum under the terms of Article 4a of the Earth Act, Shadow Proclamation."

"On it, Jack."



Meet me on the Dock

Brother Lassar

"Lassar?" Reilly asked.

"Krillitane. I thought I'd stopped him already."

"Why does he want to meet you?"

Suddenly the Doctor became chirpy, giving her a mischievous grin, "That my friend, we should probably go find out."

A solitary humanoid figure was silhouetted against the emerald green glow of the planet's sunset. The sea that covered all but the small island in the centre that the Doctor had landed on, threw itself gently against the black metal structure. Brother Lassar turned, his face did not hold the smirk that it had on the Doctor's previous encounter with him. His cheeks had red lashes cutting down into his neck, his eyes seemed like those of the Doctor's but lacking any joy. His hair was tousled and unkempt, and when he lifted a hand in greeting it was distorted and lifeless.


"Captain Jack Harkness." Jack held out his hand to the Chulan captain. "Look, I'm sorry about the ship, but I think I've more than made up for it."

"We do not care for the ship, Captain." The captain was biped and female, other than that, she was difficult to describe. "I am Frindem. This is Lokind, Miayu, Jontu, and the Logopolitan is Niunard."

"Good to meet you, now I hate to be getting down to business so soon after meeting you but… you said something about a war."

She sat down, motioning to the others to crouch on the floor. Jack leant back on his seat, the rest of the team turned to listen. Ianto and Mickey both took out Dictaphones, pressing record.


"Doctor." His voice rasped painfully, as if his throat had been crushed. "I see you've moved on in assistants."

Reilly's eyebrows shot up into their signature placement. "Assistant?"

"Reilly." The Doctor spoke with warning. "What do you want, Brother?"

"Lose the suspicion, Doctor, I'm the last of my people. There is war. Across the Universe. I was sent from Andromeda to find you. The Allied forces are being crushed one by one. Last we heard the Chula Armed Forces fell. The fate of the Chulan people is unknown. But Doctor, they approach your precious Earth. The ships entered the Milky Way. Sol 3 will be at war soon. And Earth will fall as so many others have. Unless you join us."

"The Krillitane are fighting in alliance?" The Doctor looked disbelieving.

"Fought, Doctor. They died like the others. Mass genocide. Four hundred civilisations have fallen or been converted. Ten hundred billion thinking organisms at the very least have died." He lurched forward, unsteady on his feet. "You are our only hope, Doctor. Every world, whether they have fought against you or beside you, agree. We need the Destroyer of Worlds to defeat the Annihilators." Pulling himself upright on the Doctor his face crumpled, before reassembling. "I'm sorry, I have trouble keeping myself together. I was injured on the front line…"

The words rang in the Doctor's ears, someone had sad that before. I was on the front lines.


Martha noticed something in the Chulan's story that bugged her. They refused to say what it was conquering, destroying and converting. She interrupted the list of fallen worlds with one word, everyone knew what she meant, "Who?"

"Sontaron." Lokind spoke without moving his lips.

A black liquid seeped from the top of one of Jontu's eyes as he said, "Cyberman. Men. Cybermen."

Jack nodded at Martha who removed a phone from her pocket. She pressed speed dial.


"I'm sorry, Brother. I have to take this." He turned away. "Martha?... Yes…. I know…. I'm going to be there soon…. Yes…. Do you know where they are?.... No…. Keep me updated, Martha."

Reilly smiled, "You have a phone."

"Brother, are you coming with us?" The Doctor asked, ignoring Reilly's look. Lasaar looked out over the sea, and for a moment the Doctor and Reilly both thought that he was going to say he was staying to pass away. Instead he turned with resolve.

"I want my revenge."

The Doctor winced at the poison in his voice.


"On the Scale what is the threat to Earth's security?" Jack asked Frindem. "I need it for the record."

"Level 1, Thief. Level 1." She spoke with resent, bitterly.

"Ianto. Contact UNIT, alert them. Gwen, I want you to get hold of Archie. Martha, go on the computer, enter code: LO094 GeNisiS. Mickey, you fill out the immigration forms."

There were various affirmative nods and noises, Mickey groaned, "Paperwork?"

"Do the paperwork and I might take you out to play later."

Ianto's head snapped round, Gwen laughed, "Jack, I think you made that sound dirty rather than patronising."

Mickey cringed. Ianto's body relaxed and he returned to the phone.

Jack flipped out a mobile, "Hellooo, Lady Christina, how would total immunity from the law, for past and future crimes, sound to you?" He kicked a chair back, before swinging his legs onto it. "… Just working with Torchwood amidst an alien war. Bring the bus."

Just to give folks the heads up. This fic will feature a few prior companions to the Doctor. It is a Tenth Doctor story, occurring after Planet of the Dead, but may feature characters from as early as the Second Doctor, in brief cameos.

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