Sly Cooper fanfic2

Special thanks to ravioli-jo for allowing me use of her character, Masquerade. For the plot of this story was inspired by the OC: Masquerade, and to ravioli-jo for her admired creativity.

And no; the "Vipers" are not really vipers. What do you want outta me?!

The Hunt

LOCATION: Sector: Quebec Victor - Rome, Europe

In the Great City of Rome, parking in front of the art museum, a squad of Blue Vipers of the Roman organization, were on a mission. There were famous paintings of the Roman gods: Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto(of course their names are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades but that's in Greece).

The Blue Viper squad commander, Vail Gordan a leopard, stepped out of the van, "Keep silent and leave none witnesses. Lord Kio was very specific about that," he told his four other Vipers.

As they crept towards the museum, watching them from the rooftop of a building, a cloaked figure stood in the moonlight. Only the cloaked figure's silhouette was visible, but she was not only an silhouette but an assassin.

The assassin watched carefully, like a predator stalking its prey, as the Blue Vipers entered the art museum. She leaped from the building and the assassin moved on to the museum.

After an hour, the Blue Vipers had gathered the paintings they were suppose to acquire(steal). After packing them up they headed for the getaway vehicle, on arriving the courtyard one Viper seemed to get ahead of Gordan, but a soon as the Viper stepped out side he instantly fell to the ground, motionless.

Gordan noticed it, "Stop!" he ordered his men, holding a halt hand. He studied the dead Viper's corpse and pointed at another Viper, "Go see what happened to him," he ordered.

The Blue Viper nervously walked out in the open, approaching his comrade's dead form. He bent down and examined the corpse, noticing a dart that had punctured the Viper in the neck. "Poison dart, sir," he reported to Gordan.

Gordan recorded this as a silhouette landed lightly behind the Viper. Without warning, the assassin grabbed the Viper's head and twisted it, breaking his neck. As if in slow motion, the Viper fell onto the hard pavement, dead.

"Attack the assassin!" Gordan ordered his two remaining Vipers.

The two Blue Vipers unsheathed their swords and charged. The assassin pulled out a blade of her own, a Japanese Samurai blade.

With skill, the assassin blocked the strike from the first Viper, knocked him around, and stabbed him in his back. Piercing the heart.

As the first fell, the second Viper swung his blade but the assassin ducked, pulled out the Viper's backup dagger, and pierced it in his foot. The Viper roared with pain.

The assassin swung her sword on his hand, disarming him(literally), caught the sword in mid air, and swung around, and stabbed the Viper in the heart. As the Blue Viper fell, the assassin turned her attention to Gordan, who appeared frozen in shock. He could see the assassin's face, or at least the mask she wore.

Gordan turned and ran for his life, dropping the bad of paintings and not even caring of the mission anymore. The assassin watched the leopard run, knowing running was no use for him.

Gordan made it outside the museum, heading for the van, "Driver! Driver!" he yelped, hopping into the vehicle, not even bothering to buckle his seat belt, "Get me out of here at once!" Gordan ordered. The driver understood and began to drive, Gordan breathed heavily, trying to calm down for his sake.

Watching the van drive away, the assassin had plenty of tricks of her sleeve. Quite literally actually. The assassin rolled up her sleeve, revealing a wrist launcher. The weapon she used to kill the first Viper of the night. She aimed her wrist launcher, aiming for the getaway vehicle, and fired.

Meanwhile, in the van, "Get me back to base as soon as possible!" Gordan said. The driver nodded and continued to focus on the road. Gordan sighed, and just when he was believing he was safe, the driver let go of the wheel and fell back in his chair.

Gordan turned to the driver to find a dart in his neck, Gordan looked back at the road to find the van going off road and over the edge. The van rolled down the hill, Gordan slipped out the van's open window(thanks to not buckling up), and landed in the mud by a stream. The van fell into the stream itself, half sunk.

Gordan lifted his head from the mud, his arms were a little sore but both of his legs were broken. A shadow arose over him, Gordan looked up to find...the assassin, just standing there. "What are you? What do you want from me?!" Gordan croaked.

The assassin slowly lowered to her knees, she pulled off her hood and removed her mask, revealing her face. She was a cougar, with her brown hair, her empty black eyes(at least, that was all Gordan could see), and the devious grin on her face.

"I am Masquerade, and I have a message for your Blue Viper leader," she said, lifting Gordan's chin with a finger, "And I would like you to deliver it."

Gordan gave her a confused look as he propped himself up, gritting his teeth at the pain in his broken legs, "Message? What message?" he asked. How would he even deliver a message, both his legs were broken, and he was in no condition to deliver a message.

The female feline pulled out her dagger, and stabbed Gordan in the chest. "Shh," Masquerade softly said, like a mother putting a child to bed(Yeah, it rhymes! Big whoop! Wanna fight about it?!) as Gordan turned on his back, "Thank you for delivering the message, I very much appreciate it."

Gordan struggled, trying to find his breath, but slowly ceased. Masquerade reclaimed her mask and stood to her feet, putting her hood and mask back on. She trailed back up the hill, as the water around Gordan began to meet his blood.

Once back up the hill, Masquerade looked back down the hill, where Gordan's corpse lay. Over the years she had wondered when she had started doing this, and during the time she could not even understand herself, or why she wanted anything to do with the Blue Vipers.

Just to let you all know, I am gonna put Neyla and Wilson in future chapters, but also Carmelita and Sly Cooper.