Sly Cooper fanfic2

Written long especially for my readers.

The Hunt

LOCATION: Sector: Quebec Victor - Rome, Europe

Night had fallen. Seated within the ARC Victoria, Freddy and Brown had set up a game of chess to pass the time. At the moment, Brown was winning.

Meanwhile, Sly crawled out from underneath the ARC. Examining his surroundings, he climbed up the building to get a better view of the town.

"Checkmate," Brown said, leaning back in his seat.

Freddy's eyes widened, "Aw! You gotta be kidding me."

Brown folded his arms behind his head, "I'm not kidding you."

"C'mon! Jacky taught me how to play, why did I lose?"

"I guess the Captain didn't teach you very good," Brown suggested.

"Oh, wait until you go against Jacky yourself," Freddy told him, "he beat you right up your..."

Freddy was interrupted by a noise, the sound of a rock being tossed on the chopper's windshield.

"What was that?" they both said, simultaneously.

Freddy opened the hatch and stepped outside, "Freddy, wait!" Brown called, grabbing a Shock pistol, just in case.

Outside it was dark and deserted, not a soul could be seen in the deep darkness. Brown stood by Freddy's side, "Weren't you told not to walk right into the open?" Brown asked.

"Hey! I'm curious! Whadda you expect?" Freddy asked.


A sound avoiding object flew right between them and hit the ARC. Freddy and Brown turned their attention to the ARC, spotting a small orange dart, firmly planted. A second later...


The ARC Victoria exploded, the explosion knocked Freddy and Brown to the ground, unconscious. As the fire lit the night around their knocked out forms, a silhouette stepped into the light.

Masquerade, who was followed by four other figures, Blue Vipers, examined the two unconscious Interpol agents, "Take them away," she ordered, and the Vipers complied.

Sly, who had watched the whole thing, noted that if the masked figure was after Interpol agents, then Carmelita was a target too.

Wandering in the woods, the SWAT team continued to follow the blood in hopes to find Brutus. Until the sound of the explosion was caught by their ears.

"What the hell was that?" Adams asked, looking back in the direction in which they came in.

"Sounded like it came from the chopper," Carmelita said.

Wilson lifted his wrist, tapping his communicator, "This is Captain Wilson calling the ARC Victoria. Brown, respond."

There was no answer, just static.

"Brown! Freddy? Anyone?" Wilson lowered his wrist, "No respond. Not a good sign."

"Should we return to the ARC, Captain?" Reign asked.

"Something tells me we're not gonna like what we find back there," Wilson assured, "And something tells me traveling in one single group isn't a very good idea."

"Ya think we should split up?" Fitz asked.

"Better than standing in one line to let whoever's taking down the Vipers and our guys take us down as well."

"In that case, I'll keep following the blood," Carmelita said, turning back to follow the red dripping road.

"Reign, go with her," Wilson told the 6ft chameleon, "Even if we're splitting up, going alone is as dangerous as traveling all at once in the open."

"Yes sir," Reign replied and began to follow Carmelita.

After they had left, Wilson turned to Fitz and Adams.

"You two head east, we'll go west," Wilson said, "We'll rendezvous on the other side of the woods. Be careful."

Yes sir," Fitz and Adams said. As Neyla and Wilson left, Adams turned to Fitz, "Figures he'd order us to go the other way. Now they both have their alone," he said, chuckling.

"I heard that!" Wilson called.

Carmelita continued to follow the trail, her Shock pistol in hand. She heard a twig snap behind her. Carmelita spun around, and with her finger on the trigger, nearly fired. But before she could, an enormous hand grabbed her arm, preventing the pistol from being shot into his head.

"Oh. Reign, it's you," Carmelita said, relieved, "What are you doing here?"

"Captain Wilson instructed me to follow you. I apologize if I startled you," Reign said.

"You're forgiven, but just don't do it again," Carmelita said, turning back to the trail. Until she heard Reign growl, "What is it?"

"I sense we are not alone," Reign said, worried.

"That's because the team has split up," Carmelita assured, "Odds are, we could run into them in these woods."

"No. I sense... someone else," Reign mentioned, looking all around.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Adams wandered into the east, spooked by how dark it can get in Rome.

"Sheesh! Why can't they fashion this woods into a park?" Adams complained, "At least there would be lights around."

"What's wrong, Ricky-chet? Afraid of the dark?" Fitz teased.

"No. I just hate being unable to see where I'm..." -Adams tripped on a log- "...going."

Fitz giggled, but stopped as soon as he heard something, "Hey! Did you hear that?"

"What?" Adams asked, standing up.

"Shh! Listen," Fitz urged.

Silence was all that was near, until...

A dart pierced the tree, right next to Fitz, "Whoa!"

Fitz and Adams immediately raised their weapons and stood back to back, "Hopefully this way, whoever was shooting at us can't get us by surprise."

At that moment, an orange dart landed on the grass, right between them.

"I stand corrected."


Fitz and Adams flew high into the air, and landed on the hard, unforgiving ground, unconscious. Masquerade jumped down and landed right in front of them, Two more down, she thought.

"...And after Decius completed his training as a blacksmith that's when I left the glaciers," Wilson explained, telling Neyla about his time at the Sontarjian glaciers.

Neyla was astonished by the story, "How long did you say you lived in the glaciers?"

"Twenty years. Most of my life, I guess," Wilson said.

"So you've been working for Interpol for eight years?"

"No, only three," Wilson corrected, "But between the three years and the twenty, I've traveled a lot places, seen a lot of things, made a lot of friends, made more enemies..." -Neyla chuckled- "And got a lot of scars."

"What kinda scars?"

"This for one," Wilson lifted his hand, showing that he had been De-clawed, "it hurt like hell."

"How on earth did you get that?" Neyla asked.

"From one of my hundreds of enemies," Wilson said, "It's a really long story."

Neyla smiled, "I'm all ears."

Wilson's eyebrows rose, "Y'know, you're the first who wanted to waste their times listening to my damn long stories."

"It doesn't seem like wasting time to me," Neyla said, casting seductive glance.


Wilson froze, "Shh," he told Neyla as he pulled out his Shock rifle. Neyla perched her ears, listening for sound. They both heard a squawk and looked up to find a bird, a raven, seated on the branch of a tree.

"Oh," Neyla began, "It's just a-"

"Duck," Wilson said, his attention elsewhere.

"What? It's not a duck, it's a raven."

"No, duck!" Wilson repeated, tackling Neyla as a dart flew by. As they hit the grass the dart hit the tree and set it on fire.

Neyla was shocked, "Oh, that's what you meant," she said, watching the tree burn.

Wilson sat up, looking around for his rifle, "Yeah, saw it coming."

Neyla sat up but quickly fell to the ground, in a deep sleep.

"Neyla?" Wilson said, crawling towards her, finding a dart in her shoulder. He took it out, examined it, licked the tip of the needle, and spat out the substance. Soporific drugs, Wilson thought, at least it's not poison.

Wilson looked all around, trying to spot the shooter responsible. Seeing no one in sight, he reached for his rifle, only to have a boot step on the firearm, preventing him from picking it up.

Wilson looked up to find a cloaked figure wearing a masquerade mask. Wilson stood up and backed away, "Who are you? Who sent you?" he asked.

Masquerade did not answer. She lifted her arm, revealing her wrist launcher, and aimed a dart at Wilson, right between his eyes.

But Wilson thought otherwise, he lifted his foot, kicking her wrist upwards so that the dart launched into the air instead of in his face. Wilson took the opportunity and unsheathed his machete. He swung his blade, but Masquerade had done the same, locking their blades.

Wilson raised his blade, and kicked Masquerade away from him. The assassin flipped backwards and landed on her feet, sword in hands. She then charged, and Wilson prepared to block.

Masquerade swung her sword on his left, but he parried. She attempted to strike on the right, again he parried. She raised her sword and swung it downwards, Wilson blocked it again. Finding another opportunity, Wilson knocked her in the head with the hilt of his machete, forming a crack in her mask.

Masquerade back-upped, her hand over her mask. Wilson took advantage of the stun and knocked her again, causing her to fall and her mask to finally break.

Wilson froze, finding that the assassin of Rome was just a 17 year old girl, "A kid?" he said, chuckling a little, "The Assassin of Rome is just a kid?"

Masquerade jumped back to her feet, raising her sword again, "Do not underestimate me. My master did not make me his apprentice because of my age."

"Your master?" Wilson repeated, "Who is your master?"

"That's my business and my business alone," Masquerade said, charging again.

Wilson parried, "Listen kid, whoever sent you after us only sent you to be destroyed!"

Masquerade laughed, "It's not you I'm after, you're just one of the prisoners I have to take."

Masquerade detached and swung, almost chopping off Wilson's ear. She kicked he to the ground and stroked, but Wilson kept his guard on, and kicked Masquerade back.

These attacks, Wilson thought, they're the attacks of a Helljumper. And I've seen them before!

Witnessing revelation, Wilson leaped to his feet. As Masquerade attacked again, Wilson managed to blocked the blade, twirl it, and pull it out of her hands, disarming her. Masquerade's sword fly into the air and stabbed the ground, several inches away from the two cougars in battle.

Wilson raised his machete, keeping his guard up. Although it looked like the end of Masquerade, she had one more trick up her sleeve. Behind her, in her hands was an orange dart, the explosive kind.

"Don't move. You're under arrest," Wilson warned her.

"I'm all yours," Masquerade said, smiling.

Wilson hesitated, taking a few steps towards her. Masquerade raised the explosive dart and tossed it on the ground before him. The explosion knocked Wilson back, throwing him beside a tree. And as he looked up, a blade appeared, an inch from his face.

Wilson looked up at the teen assassin, "Movement of a Kung Fu artist, dirty tricks," he listed, "now I know who your master is."

Masquerade just shrugged, shooting him with a soporific dart. Wilson fell to his side, unconscious.

Carmelita continued to follow the blood trail, with Reign looking in all directions, keeping watch for even the slightest danger. He really needs to loosen up a little, Carmelita thought.

Eventually, the blood trail came to a stop. Carmelita's eyes followed what was left of the trail, spotting a injured mercenary ape tied to a tree with chains.

The Inspector gasped, running over to aid the primate, "Brutus?" she whispered.

Brutus did not respond.

"Jasm Brutus?" Carmelita said again.

Brutus finally opened his eyes, seeing Carmelita, "Inspector Fox?"


"You shouldn't have come. You shouldn't be here!" Brutus said, beginning to panic.

Meanwhile, Reign sniffed the air, detecting something coming. Immediately, the chameleon camouflaged himself and leaped further out of sight, to prepare for what is coming.

"Jasm, calm down. What are you talking about?" Carmelita urged him.

"It- it's a trap!" Brutus said, as a dart pierced Carmelita in the neck.

Carmelita all the sudden felt dizzy, she wobbled back and forth until she fell onto the ground, entering a deep sleep.

Coming out of hiding, Masquerade lowered her arm, glancing down at the vixen's soundly sleep form and up at Brutus, "You've served your purpose Mr. Brutus," she said, "I thank you, but you're a prisoner all the rest," Masquerade fired another dart at Brutus, tranquilizing him as she had done to the rest.

Suddenly, her predator senses alerted her. She turned around to see nothing, until an invisible arm grabbed her by the throut and lifted her off the ground.

Masquerade struggled to keep her breath in check, as she felt the arm that held her she pulled out a dart and punched it into the arm. The invisible figure finally showed himself, dropping her as he began to wobble.

Reign was half tranquilized, but managed to stay conscious. Until Masquerade kick him in the head and knocked him down. As the chameleon lied motionless on the ground, Masquerade was joined by other Blue Viper agents.

"Put them with the rest," Masquerade ordered. The Vipers pulled Carmelita and the two heavier figures away. As they did that, Masquerade thought of how please her master would be. Now that the SWAT team had been incapacitated, she dropped a note in a bottle. She knew that only one soul would find it, and that soul was going to Sly Cooper.


Sorry it has to end so soon, but my limit for every story goes up to ten chapters, unless it's something special. Anyway, I will eventually get to work on the second part of The Hunt.