I couldn't stand being in Phoenix.

The place where it all happened; it hurts to think about that horrible night.

I need to stop thinking about it or I'll never move on. So, I decided it would be best to move in with my father, Charlie and my twin brother, Emmett. They live in Forks, Washington. My parents got a divorce when Emmett and I were 7. Emmett decided to live with my dad and I decided to stay with my mom, Renee. Emmett and Charlie haven't tried to coax me into talking about the rape. They just give me the support I need that's another reason why I moved to Forks, Renee she likes to hover.

"BELLLLA!"Emmett yelled.

"What, Emmett?" I asked.

"It's time for to get up." Emmett yelled back, Emmett looks exactly like me but with very athletic looking.

"I'll be down there in a minute." I replied back.

I decided to keep it simple and not wear something that brings attention so I wore plain jeans and purple shirt t-shirt and a belt around it.

I went downstairs where I found Emmett and Rosalie Hale, Emmett's girlfriend waiting for me to drive to school.

Rosalie is tall with long blond hair and steel blue eyes. She's pretty intimidating at first, but she suits Emmett and she helps keep him in line. The whole drive to school I just stare outside the window of Em's car, we pass a lot of trees on the way to school. It's nice to have this change of scenery, it keeps me distracted of what living in Phoenix felt like.

We finally arrive to school and I get my schedule, I have English with Emmett and Spanish with Rosalie. Rosalie asked me why I moved to Forks. Nobody in Forks knew the real reason why I left Phoenix. So, I mustered the best smile I could come up with and told her I wanted to move back to spend time with dad and Emmett. She gave me and kind smile and told me she was glad to have me in Forks.

After Spanish was over, Rosalie and I walked to lunch together and she introduced me to her group of friends.

There was Rosalie's brother, Jasper, he's really tall and has the same golden blonde hair as Rosalie but with sparkling blue eyes. His girlfriend, Alice Cullen, is a petite girl with short, spiky, dark brown hair and turquoise eyes. She was really nice and I already considered her a good friend, she had a sparkling personality too. Alice was telling me about Forks when I saw him.

"Sorry I'm late, Mrs. Cope gave me detention for being late to class." The handsome bronze haired boy said.

He turned around and saw me staring at him he gave me this crooked grin. I felt my face turn crimson for being caught staring. I turned and saw Rosalie smirking at us and Alice was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"Edward, this is Bella, she's Emmett's twin sister" Rosalie said.

"Bella, this is Edward, he's also Emmett's best friend." Rosalie told me.

"Hi Bella." Edward said in a soft velvety voice

"Hi it's nice to meet you" I said in a trance like state.

"So what class do you have next?" Edward asked.

"I think I have Biology." I told him

"I have Biology next too. We can walk together." He said and giving his swoon worthy smile.

"Okay." I told him and gave him a timid smile.

"So, Bella, if you don't mind me asking, why did you move to Forks?" Alice asked. I felt tears threaten to fall, I looked at Emmett hoping that he would help. I felt that if I spoke I would choke out a sob.

"Oh, Bella here just missed her awesomeolder brother." Emmett said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

The rest of lunch was spent chatting we just sat and talked Alice also asked me why I decided to move to Forks. I felt like the tears were threatening to fall again. Emmett decided to intervene then and told her that she missed her goofy old brother.

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