Author's Notes: I was really bored one day while writing this, so enjoy. I was also influenced by Space Toaster's story. A few of the names are from her, most from me, and the ending is hers as well. Go read her story. It's hilarious.

All spelling and grammatical errors are intentional to simulate AIM speech. Please review! Yeah, and no flames. I ran out of marshmallows.

halloweenluv3r: Michael Myers

xXnightmareninjaXx: Freddy Krueger

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: Regan McNeil

Ringgurl201: Samara Morgan

ChainsawBoi: Leatherface

HockeyMaskManiac: Jason Voorhees

slasherdoll: Chucky Lee Ray

Kayako-chan: Saeki Kayako

scarymoviefan17: Ghostface

If Horror Movie Characters Had AIM

ChainsawBoi has entered the room.

ChainsawBoi: hello

Ringgurl201 has entered the room.

Ringgurl201: hey leather

ChainsawBoi: hi

HockeyMaskManiac has entered the room.

Ringgurl201: Jason is here

HockeyMaskManiac: hi XD

ChainsawBoi: hi jason

halloweenluv3r has entered the room.

halloweenluv3r: hey everyone

Ringgurl201: hi michael!!!

HockeyMaskManiac: how ya doing?

halloweenluv3r: ok

xXnightmareninjaXx has entered the room.

xXnightmareninjaXx: sup b!tches

halloweenluv3r: hi freddy

HockeyMaskManiac: you suck. :(

xXnightmareninjaXx: so does ur mom

HockeyMaskManiac: leave my mom out of this!!!!

Ringgurl201: loser, stop making fun of jason's mom

xXnightmareninjaXx: nice to see u too samara

Ringgurl201: I'd give u the middle finger, but u wouldn't see it

ChainsawBoi: guys, be nice

xXnightmareninjaXx: tell that to samara

HockeyMaskManiac: freddy sucks

scarymoviefan17 has entered the room.

xXnightmareninjaXx: ghostface!!! Whassup!!???

scarymoviefan17: nothing!!! Dude, did u see south part last nite?

scarymoviefan17: I mean park

xXnightmareninjaXx: I know wht u mean :) yeah, it totally rocked!!

Ringgurl201: south park stinks

scarymoviefan17: so do u

halloweenluv3r: guys, stop making fun of each other

ChainsawBoi: michael's rite. At least pretend thtu like each other

HockeyMaskManiac: can't :(

xXnightmareninjaXx: awww, jason. Go cry emo kid

scarymoviefan17: XD

Ringgurl201: both of u r really rude. Jason, u rock!!

ChainsawBoi: we like u jason:)

halloweenluv3r: ur machete is awesome!!

HockeyMaskManiac: :D

slasherdoll has entered the room.

xXnightmareninjaXx: baby doll s here. Run for ur life!!

slasherdoll: haha, u suck.

Ringgurl201: no one likes u freddy :(

HockeyMaskManiac: yeah XD

ChainsawBoi: I give up

halloweenluv3r: yeah, u guys r hopeless

slasherdoll: it's not our fault freddy is such a douche

scarymoviefan17: u blow

slasherdoll: ur mother

scarymoviefan17: *sarcastic* awesome comeback

Ringgurl201: so, who here saw the dark knight

Kayako-chan has entered the room.

Kayako-chan: I did!!!!!! It wz ttly teh greatst mvie evar!!!!!!!1111!!!!!111!!!! I men, srsly, tht wz awesme!!!!!!11111!!!!!1111 3333333 i h8 b&r bt ths wz so ttly amzing!!!1111!!! XDXD

xXnightmareninjaXx: kayako, I can't understand u in real life. Y do u think anyone on AIM wil understand u

slasherdoll: I hav 2 agree with fredy on tht 1

Ringgurl201: kayako is more technology oriented than u guys r. HEY KAYAKO!!! HOW R U DOING????? I WISH I CUD SEE TOSHIO!!!11!!

HockeyMaskManiac: hi kayako

Kayako-chan: thanx samra. 3 ding fne. Tosho s gr8!!! hi jason:)

ChainsawBoi: my eyes hurt

halloweenluv3r: same

scarymoviefan17: woah, I went to get a drink and kayako arrives. Sh!t

xXnightmareninjaXx: yeah, I no

Kayako-chan: wht dd u hys thnk f tdk??

xXnightmareninjaXx: g;lakgakhgkalhgaghahg

scarymoviefan17: lol

Kayako-chan: stp mking fn f me!!!!!!!1111!! :(

Ringgurl201: I loved the dsrk knight

slasherdoll: its dArk knight, not dsrk knight

Ringgurl201: I was just typing fast

halloweenluv3r: chucky, you are far from flawless, leave samara alone

Ringgurl201: thanx

HockeyMaskManiac: where did leatherface go?

ChainsawBoi: right here, just went 2 bathroom

Kayako-chan: hw cm lthr nd michl stnd up 4 samra nd nt me???!!!!

ChainsawBoi: becuz ur text hurts our eyes

halloweenluv3r: well put

slasherdoll: fredy, u haven't been on xbox live recently

scarymoviefan17: yeah, wht's the deal?

xXnightmareninjaXx: srry, been busy. A new famly moved in2 town and I have been working nonstop.

scarymoviefan17: cool. Wht r their names?

xXnightmareninjaXx: the cullens. Their weird.

HockeyMaskManiac: ur weird:(

slasherdoll: aren't those teh peopl in that book twilight?

scarymoviefan17: maybe

Ringgurl201: yeah, they totally r

HockeyMaskManiac: wht is twilight?

ChainsawBoi: woah, vampires

halloweenluv3r: I'd like to meet a vampire.

xXnightmareninjaXx: dude, they're vampires!!?? I killed some vampires!!??

Kayako-chan: r thy nmed edwrd nd rslie nd alce?

scarymoviefan17: who r edwrd, rslie, and alce?

Ringgurl201: ghostface u suck. She means Edward, Rosalie, and alice. My god, freddy I will h8 u 4ever if u killed Edward. 3 twilight!!!

xXnightmareninjaXx: no their not. Aww, I wanted them to be vampires. Yeah, andi agree with json. What is twilight?

Kayako-chan: jst teg mst awsom bk n teh whle wrld!!!111!!!! twlght rles!!!!!! 33333 edwrd nd blla. boo blla nd jcob!!!!

scarymoviefan17: will some1 other than kayako explain?

xXnightmareninjaXx: lmao. i agree

halloweenluv3r: it's a book. It's really good. I would read it if I were u.

ChainsawBoi: yeah, seriously. It;s great.

xXnightmareninjaXx: what's it about?

scarymoviefan17: I'd like 2 know 2

HockeyMaskManiac: me 2!!!!

Ringgurl201: vampires nd romance

HockeyMaskManiac: ???

xXnightmareninjaXx: gross

scarymoviefan17: yeah, tht doesn't sound tht gr8

slasherdoll: it's actually pretty god. Give it a try

scarymoviefan17: pretty god?

slasherdoll: u knw wht I mean

Kayako-chan: u gys shld srsly red it!!! So gd!!!!!11!! XDXD

Disciple_of_Pazuzu has entered the room.

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: woah, peple r talking about twilight!

Kayako-chan: hi rgan!!!!! Hw r u doing gurl!!!!!!111!!! I mss u so mch!!!

Ringgurl201: regan!!!

xXnightmareninjaXx: sup regan!!

scarymoviefan17: yeah, regan!

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: nice 2 know I am well liked.

HockeyMaskManiac: yay regan!!! :D

halloweenluv3r: how have you been doing? We haven't heard from you in forever!

ChainsawBoi: yeah, whre u been?

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: following Hannah Montana around. My niece is obsessed with her.

xXnightmareninjaXx: that sucks.

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: why did u change ur name freddy? I liked the old one

xXnightmareninjaXx: my account got delted.

Ringgurl201: yeah, ur not a ninja

xXnightmareninjaXx: well, ur a man.

slasherdoll: oh owned.

scarymoviefan17: U GOT PWND!!!!! OH!! HUMILIATION!!!!

HockeyMaskManiac: no she didn't

ChainsawBoi: r u high ghostface?

scarymoviefan17: possibly.

halloweenluv3r: we are having a very interesting conversation.

Kayako-chan: sama s nt a mn!!!!11!!! samra s gorguz!!!!!!!! I luv u sarma!!!!!!

slasherdoll: freddy, get on xbox live 2nite.

xXnightmareninjaXx: u were calling me a douche earlier

scarymoviefan17: yeah, u were

slasherdoll: well, I want 2 play u nd ghostface in COD4

scarymoviefan17: ok, I'll be on. Wht time?

slasherdoll: 7

xXnightmareninjaXx: alright. Nobody is asleep 7

Ringgurl201: ZZZ

scarymoviefan17: if ur bored go somewhere else

slasherdoll: yeah

Ringgurl201: I can be here 2

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: yeah. Gurls don't play COD4 or whtever the hell it is

HockeyMaskManiac: can I join?

xXnightmareninjaXx: ask ur mom first.

scarymoviefan17: LMAO!!!

slasherdoll: gotta admit tht waz funny

Kayako-chan: nw tht s jst men frddy!!! U shld apolgze 2 jsn!! Json, u r gr8!!! :)

xXnightmareninjaXx: no. michael and leather do u hav xbox live accounts?

halloweenluv3r: no, I have a playstation

ChainsawBoi: I live in rural Texas. Why the hell would I have an Xbox live account?

scarymoviefan17: he was just asking

Ringgurl201: waz a dumb question

slasherdoll: how do u have a computer anyway, leather? U 2 samara

Ringgurl201: killed a guy and am using the computer

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: smart girl

ChainsawBoi: I recently got a computer. I can't get xbox live anytime son.

xXnightmareninjaXx: poor guy. U stole his computer and looked at him. That's terrifying.

HockeyMaskManiac: samara is pretty. :) Ur ugly freddy.

xXnightmareninjaXx: least I hav an excuse jason

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: aww, freddy. That's cold

scarymoviefan17: no it's not. It's the truth. Jason you're butt ugly

Ringgurl201: no he's not. Freddy is 500 times more ugly.

slasherdoll: uh, hav u ever seen jason's real face

Ringgurl201: yeah

xXnightmareninjaXx: yeah, well, 500 times less butt ugly, is still butt ugly.

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: u took that from Emily

Kayako-chan: stler!!! :(

ChainsawBoi: u shouldn't steal other people's ideas fredy

halloweenluv3r: yeah, that's bad

Ringgurl201: who's Emily?

HockeyMaskManiac: girl

xXnightmareninjaXx: she realized that dumb ss

scarymoviefan17: she's the author's friend.

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: the author is running out of ideas. See how Emily was mentioned?

Ringgurl201: yeah. Guess we better go.

Ringgurl201 has left the room.

Disciple_of_Pazuzu: bye every1.

Disciple_of_Pazuzu has left the room.

xXnightmareninjaXx: k, bye guys.

xXnightmareninjaXx has left the room.

scarymoviefan17: bye peoples

scarymoviefan17 has left the room.

ChainsawBoi: yeah, this has gotten pretty boring.

ChainsawBoi has left the room.

halloweenluv3r: bye Kayako, Jason and Chucky

halloweenluv3r has left the room.

slasherdoll: alright, bye illiterate pig and retarded mama's boy

slasherdoll has left the room.

Kayako-chan: by json!!!11!!! I hp we see ech othr sn!!!!11!!!! luv u!!! 33333 XD

Kayako-chan has left the room.

Two Hours Later…..

HockeyMaskManiac has left the room.