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Author's Notes: This is just a one-shot Michi humor fan fiction. Just to warn you this is conversation only as well.

"Damn, Meems, you look horrible."

"Thanks, Taichi. I can always count on you to compliment me, can't I?"

"Lighten up. I brought you chicken soup and your dream guy in your hour of need."

"You brought me Robert Pattinson!"

"I meant me!"

"You are such a tease."


"Ow! What the hell are you thinking! You don't hit someone who's gravely ill like me with a pillow!"

"Gravely ill? Mimi, you just have the flu. You're not on your death bed!"

"Hmph. Says the guy who did this to me…"

"Mimi, I did not give you the flu!"

"Maybe, not directly. But you pushed me into a freezing lake while I was fully dressed and the next morning I was puking my guts out. So, yes, Taichi, you did give me the flu."


"Stop hitting me with my own pillow!"

"I will if you stop being such a drama queen!"



"Fine. Go make yourself useful and put on a movie or something. I think I have Twilight somewhere around here."

"Meems, I am not watching Twilight with you."

"Why not?"

"I'm not your boyfriend. Thus I am not required to watch chick flicks with you."

"Not even for the best friend who you're responsible for getting sick?"




"What if I wanted you to be my boyfriend?"


"If I want you to be my boyfriend will you watch Twilight with me?"


"I've made you uncomfortable, haven't I? You can leave, now, if you want to."

"No, I don't want to leave. I'm just surprised…"


"I guess…yeah, I'll be your boyfriend."

"Yes! Now put on Twilight!"

"I think this is the first time a girl asked me out just so she could watch a movie."

"Well, you know me. I have to do things differently."

"True that. Do I get a kiss then?"

"Sure. It'll be the perfect moment for me to infect you with the flu and make you as sick and miserable as I am."

"I have such a mean girlfriend."



"Ha! That's for hitting me with a pillow and this is for calling me mean!"

"Help! I'm being abused by my girlfriend!"

"Oh, I'll give you abuse all right."



"Okay, enough pillow fighting. I'm sorry."

"As you should be. Come here."

"Time to infect me?"




"You're a good kisser."

"Not so shabby yourself, soccer boy. Now shut up and watch Twilight with me."

"The things I do for love…"

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