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Chapter 5

Eventually Neville and Draco staggered back into the house, hands linked and with petals, leaves and dirt tangled in their hair.

Neither Severus nor Harry made any comment but just began the correct proceedings towards alerting the ministry to Draco's sudden reappearance in the world of magic.

In general, reinstating himself as a wizard was a long, tedious process but surprisingly easy. Especially when he realised who the minister was. Arthur Weasley was incredibly kind even after all the conflict between both their families and the dreadful way Lucius had been with their youngest child.

It took two months but Draco was allowed the luxury of twisting a wand through his fingers.

He stood in Severus' kitchen: summoning items, transfiguring them and just exercising his new wand.

This new wand meant a rainbow of various things, Draco could get a job, he could have a home, he could have functioning relationships. It symbolised being back home, being involved with people who knew him and although some of them hated him he found he did not really care. He had Severus, he had Neville…hell he even had Harry Potter.

He could even start calling himself Draco Lucius Malfoy again.

Draco remained with Severus and Harry, only for the reason he believed Neville did not really have enough space for the two of them and he did not want to impose himself. Forcing himself on family was one thing, and secretly he kind of enjoyed putting a slight damper on his godfather's romance with Potter, but he did not want to make Neville put up with him.

Although he had tried to stop himself from thinking too positively, Neville still felt a stab of rejection when Draco told him he would rather stay with Severus and it caused their tentative relationship to dissolve.

Neville found himself unable to even visit Harry, not feeling comfortable with being presented with Draco every few seconds.

Subtlety, he would often ask Harry how Draco was fairing but he would never respond with anything that would satisfy his curiosity. His friend would normally tell him to ask Draco instead.

He did know that Draco was working with Severus, doing potion orders and that he had received a small fraction of his family's fortune as an apology for being classed as an outlaw. Neville was also aware that he was being forced to go to a therapist to discuss the events that happened while he was working on the streets.

What he didn't know was how he was actually feeling.

Draco knew things were looking up, before he had seen Longbottom's blurry face in the rain he had never even dared to hope he would be able to be a functioning member of society again. Now he realised he had allowed himself to get a bit carried away, he had believed that he shared something with that face.

But by Longbottom's reluctance to even accept Draco's existence, they clearly had no connection.

Potter, irritating as always, loved to slip in whenever he visited his friend.

One particular evening Draco snapped.

"Shut up Potter! No one gives a fuck that Longbottom bought a coat today!"

Harry sighed, "I'm bored of this now. If you would stop insist being so pathetic and actually go visit him yourself you might realise why I am being so bloody annoying."

"What are you on about?"

"You and Neville. It's clear you have feelings for each other but you both have to run about before you can do anything. It's annoying. Just go sort it out!"

Harry grabbed Draco and disapparated them into Neville's apartment block.

"You know where his flat is, go and talk to him and don't come back until you have sorted this out!" exclaimed Harry, disappearing before Draco could demand that he take him back.

He considered his next plan of action, knowing there was no way of going back to the cottage without Potter or Snape taking him there as the floo would be closed. Although incredibly irritating and conceited, Potter was anything but lacking in the brain department.

Finally he accepted his fate and knocked on Longbottom's door.

He answered in those horrible red pyjama bottoms and a faded black top, his hair ruffled and sticking up wildly.

"Hello…What's wrong?"

Neville was panicking, he had no idea why Draco was here but he could sense it was not good…

"Potter deserted me here," snapped Draco, walking past Neville and straight into the apartment.

It was a state, there were piles of unclean dishes on the coffee table and clothes lay scattered about. The blanket that would normally be thrown over the couch was balled up on one of the armchairs and about six mugs were standing on top of an unstable pile of newspapers and gardening magazines. The coffee table was littered with potted plants and dark earth lay scattered between the green.

"I haven't had much time to tidy…" mumbled Neville.

"You have a wand don't you?" Draco said, sarcastically.

Inside he still delighted in the graceful swish of his wrist so he decided to demonstrate exactly what he meant by organising the room himself.

"Erm…thanks…You want tea?"

"Please Longbottom."

The use of his second name stung slightly as Neville went about making the tea, wondering why Harry had decided to punish him.

Behind him in the living room, Draco watched Longbottom potter about with an odd expression on his face. Through the bitterness that he had just left him with no explanation, he could still sense that familiar sense of comfort while being in his company.

During those ridiculous sessions he was forced to attend with that stupid therapist, the man insisted on confronting the sexual issue. Strangely enough, according to that man, Draco's seemed completely unphased by the though of having sex again. It was not that he trusted men again, he just trusted himself to make the correct choices.

Then again, he had chosen Longbottom and he had spectacularly let him down.

They sat in a stifling silence as they uneasily sipped their tea for too long before Draco finally managed to say something.

"Why didn't you come and see me?" he asked.

"I didn't wanna impose…You had other things to think about."

"You could have just said you weren't interested Longbottom, would have been so much easier."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm damaged goods, enough to put anyone off but especially someone with no backbone like you."

"That's not fair! I don't care about that."

"So why did you disappear?"

"I didn't. You were pretty clear when you said you didn't want to come here."

"I wasn't going to force you to look after me…"

"It wasn't going to be forced…"

Throughout this Draco came to two conclusions: either Longbottom was an idiot or he was. Perhaps they both were but he still would not allow himself to quite believe him yet.

"You could have tried to talk to me…" Draco said.

"I didn't wanna put myself in that situation. I know it's pathetic but I wasn't able to watch you be happy without me when I wasn't without you…"


Sometimes Neville did manage to live up to the house he was placed in.

The vision of complete composure, Draco delicately placed his mug on the table and skirted around it. Leaning over, he took the mug from Neville's hands and put it on the table, beside his own. Then he straddled the other man, took his face into his hands and pushed their lips together.

Neville's brain stopped working and his vision went black as the missed sensation of Draco's lips on his blocked his senses. Naturally, he pulled the other's body against his, noticing happily the unyielding firmness which was not there the last time they were so close.

They kissed until the lack of skin contact grew far too difficult to handle and reluctantly they separated.

"Bedroom?" Draco offered.

"If you want…we don't have to, I mean I don't mind just kissing. I know it must be hard for you…"

"Shut up, please." Draco sighed, impatience clear in his tone.

He grabbed Neville's hand and pulled him up, leading him into the bedroom and pushed him onto the bed.

He fumbled over his buttons, the curtain of lust rendering him a jittery mass as he undressed as hastily as he could.

Neville watched him, his eyes burning as he longed to touch the ivory skin just feet away…

"Get undressed," Draco urged Neville through his haze, not in the mood to wait.

Doing as he was ordered, Neville squashed any uncertainties as Draco smiled at him warmly.

Draco covered Neville's body with his own, his hands gliding over the warm, damp skin as his lips desperately latched onto any piece of skin available. Nothing was all that clear but Draco was determined to enjoy this, to make Neville enjoy this.

In his travels of lust filled kisses, Draco found himself centimetres away from Neville's erection. Hungrily, he licked up the shaft, sweet mewling noises from above making it through his barriers and encouraging him further. Hoping to be awarded with louder and more delightful noises Draco swallowed Neville into his mouth, his tongue lapping up and down as he sucked.

Neville was unsure if he was still alive but he did not really mind. His hands had managed to anchor themselves by grabbing onto his sheets. Futilely, he tried to control the continuous stream of moans that slipped from his lips but any form of self-discipline seemed so impossible under this attack of pleasure.

An awareness that he was seconds away from exploding, gave him the power to pull himself away from that beautiful heat.

"What's wrong?" Draco asked, his voice deep but soft.

"Close," he mumbled, pulling Draco up to him and kissing those full lips.

Neville finally allowed himself the opportunity to explore the body he had imagined so many times as he dusted the skin gently with kisses.

Soon he found himself in-between Draco's thighs, his tongue stroking the insides leisurely as he twitched above, his breathing harsh and sharp. Reaching his hand up he held it out and amazingly understanding his signal, Draco placed the tube in Neville's hands.

This was when the nervousness began to sink in. They had never gotten to this stage before, in fact Neville had never been to this stage with anyone.

He looked up, Draco just winked at him and nudged him with his knee.

Placing a pillow underneath Draco to prop him up, Neville coated his fingers thoroughly in the gel and stroked on of them over Draco's entrance. The sharp intake of breath above him, instilled Neville with more confidence and he slid it inside.

Before long, he had managed to work himself up to three fingers and Draco was frantically pushing back against him. The sight of Draco, eagerly pushing himself onto his fingers was causing Neville's chest to tighten and his mouth to dry. He had never needed anything the way he needed to be inside that heat surrounding his fingers.

"Are you ready?" he asked softly.

"Yes!" Draco exclaimed.

The earlier worry over, Neville prepared himself and pushed himself into that gut-wrenching heat.

He had never experienced something so wonderful; nothing that could kill him so easily had ever felt this breath taking. Slumping over Draco, he kissed his shoulder lazily as he allowed the other to adjust.

"Move or I will rip you to pieces," ordered Draco, his voice quivering deliciously as his fingernails dug into Neville's lower back.

Not wanting to upset, Neville began a gentle rhythm that was soon discarded for one with more speed.

All too soon, he could feel the rapid approach of his orgasm so he took Draco's erection in his hands and moved in time with his thrusts.

Then it happened.

Draco tensed, his release covering Neville's stomach but he didn't notice as that heat tightened around him, pulling his orgasm straight out of him.

Defeated, Neville rolled off Draco and buried himself in his pillow, panting.

"You alright?" asked Draco, chuckling softly as his arm looped around Neville's waist.

"I dunno…" he sighed, turning over to face Draco.


"You can't tell," laughed Neville, nuzzling his nose into Draco's sweat damp chest.

"It was amazing," said Draco gently.

Neville handed Draco his wand.

"What's this for?"

"Cleaning charm, I'm tired."

Draco smiled and flicked it easily, placed it on the bedside table and kissed Neville softly on the forehead.

"Stay…" mumbled Neville into Draco's skin.

"Of course. Potter will be glad to get rid of me anyway."

Neville giggled slightly but it was quickly cut out, seconds later Draco could feel the rhythmic puff of his breathing as he slept.

Affectionately, he tucked stray strands of hair behind Neville's ear and settled to sleep himself.

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