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Anthony D. DiNozzo, better known as Tony, jogged out to his mailbox, looking for an envelope. He pulled the mail out of the metal mailbox and looked at what he received while walking slowly up to his front door.

Bill, bill, bill, magazine, bill. Maybe he didn't write back Tony thought sadly. Oh, wait! Stuck between two bills, was a hand written letter to one Tony DiNozzo from Washington, his old address marked down in the corner.

He back inside his house that was in the middle of LA. He sat in his chair, one he had in his living room. Tony ripped the paper that was encasing his letter open.

He pulled out lined paper that was folded into three sections, so it could fit in the envelope. A CD fell out. Written in red sharpie, 'Family' was across the front of the disk. He frowned, but proceeded to unfold the note.

"Dear…You." It read.

"I don't know what you expected to be reading. I mean really? After ten years, you just write a letter saying 'Hey, it's Dad! How are the four of you and Mom? Here's my address, write back!' I'm writing to ask: Are you fucking stupid? What fucking right do you have to fuck up our family? You left us ten years ago!

I was seven years old! And Mom told me that Dad left. I was so heartbroken. I asked her if I had to be the man of the house now that you were gone, she just smiled and hugged me so tight, telling me that I could, but only if I wanted to be. I did. So I am. I offered to do chores, kept my brothers in line, cheered them up, and watched them siblings when Mom had to work. She worked a lot.

But she was always there! Even though she took care of us on her own, BY HER-SELF, I might add, she was still there making breakfast every morning, every lunch, every dinner, came to every game, dance recital, parent-teacher conference. Always there to help with homework or project. You were never there. You just left.

And yes you did read right, dance recital. Mom was pregnant when you decided to make like a banana and split. My little sister's name is Ariel Abigail. Mom wanted to name her after Aunt Abby and Uncle Ari. I thought I'd tell you because you hate him so much. I thought it was funny.

Why after all these years, after leaving your wedding ring on a note that said you couldn't do it anymore, why contact us now? Mom nearly collapsed when she say the letter, ya know? She cried. CRIED! I took it from her and Robbie, Elise, and Jason held her. Ariel didn't know why Mom was crying, but hugged her too. It's just like old times. When you left, Mom cried all the time. We just piled into her bed and we all cried together.

Did you know that Mom had to beg Grandpa Eli for money so that she could feed us? She did, and you know how Mom is about her Dad. He wouldn't do it at first, give us the money, but when he found out it was for food, he and Grandma jumped on the first plane to make us meals. Mom and the rest of us were so excited.

They were mad, Grandpa and Grandma, because we didn't have any food in the house. Mom told them that we went to Aunt Abby, Uncle Tim and Grandpa Gibbs' to eat, which we did sometimes, but Mom use to go skipping meals so we could eat.

She got sick; Grandpa Gibbs had to take her to the hospital. Her blood sugar was too low and she passed out. That's why Aunt Abby and them started to make us go over there for dinner every day.

Mom hates getting money from Grandpa Eli, but I heard him telling her it was okay to do so, he just wanted to see us more, Grandma did too. He comes over on Birthday's, even Mom's, with Grandma. They get along better now. Mom calls them every Friday and sometimes we have video conferences. It's fun.

Aunt Abby and Uncle Tim got married a few years back. Have a son and daughter. T.J. is named after Uncle Tim and Katie, after Kate. T.J. is eight and Katie is five. Little Goths they are.

Do you remember how old we are? I'm seventeen, Robbie's fifteen, Elise is thirteen, Jason is eleven and Ariel is nine. You never wrote cards to us, but Mom made up for that. For you being gone. She's the best. Sometimes I hear her pray, thanking you for giving her us. That's Mom, thanking the fuckface that abandoned us.

Remember when I use to say I wanted to be just like you? I don't, not anymore. I'm going to be a tattoo artist. Mom let me give her one with the kit she and Aunt Abby bought for me for Chanukkah/Christmas. She loves it.

I even got to give one to Aunt Abby. It's pretty cool if I do say so my-self. Grandpa Gibbs' is letting Ariel, Jason, Elise, Robbie and I help him build a boat. We're almost finished on our third.

Look, I didn't write this letter to tell you what you missed. Just that we don't need you. We don't even like you.

Sometimes, I forgive you. Some days, hating you just takes to much energy, but then, I remember, and the hate comes back. Just leave us alone. We've been doing fine without you.

Hate you,

Tyler David

P.S. Yes, we changed our name back to David. You're the only DiNozzo, Dad. Fuck you.

Tony dropped the letter on his lap. That's really how his own son feels about him. He hates him? Why didn't he leave an address? Or a number at least. He just picked up his stuff and left.

He, then, remembered the CD. Tony jumped up, grabbed it and rushed over to his PC laptop. He put the disk in and the DVD movie player popped up.


A/N: Yes, I know Tony would never do that, let's just say for the sake of the fic, he had a middle life crises and left Ziva pregnant and with their four sons.