Little girls

Bella's POV

As I sat in my room I remembered me and my sisters past.

We were born in 1890 in Barcelona. My name is Isabella Marie Cullen. My sisters name in Kristen Estella Cullen. But everyone just calls us Bella and Krisy. My sister absolutely loathes her middle name. Our mother, Esme, loves it. When they were in Barcelona, Esme met a girl named Estella. The two became instant friends. When we were born Esme made Estella the godmother of us. She wanted to make our middle names her name, so I got her middle name, Marie, and my sister got her first name, Estella.

Our father Carlisle has made our large family which consists of our two older brothers Emmett, and Jasper and our sisters Alice and Rosalie. Each of them has a mate. Emmett has Rosalie and Jasper has Alice, but Krisy and I are alone. If you haven't figured it out already we are vampires. We never stay in the same place very long since we can't age. We move about every 3 years. Right now we are living in Denali, Alaska. We are moving in about a week. Carlisle hasn't told us where yet, he never does. Our home is nice and really big, I don't want to move but its all part of the routine (house on profile). Its practically a mansion.

A loud knock on my door interrupted my thoughts

"Come on Bella it's time for school" Krisy said

Ugh. School is so boring I've been in school for over 100 years. I see no need to continue going. Krisy doesn't mind it as much. Everyone just tells me it is to keep up appearances.

As I walked downstairs Alice was being her hyper self yet she seemed more enthusiastic this morning.

"Alice what are you vibrating for?" I asked truly curious

"I saw the future!" She chirped

I waited for her to tell me but I just ended up standing there for like 3 minutes waiting

"Alice" I said


"You see the future all the time" I stated

"I know but I saw where we are going to live!" She said enthusiastically


"Well I'm not exactly sure but I know its really rainy and barely any sunshine"

"Great" I said in a sarcastic tone

"Time for school" Emmett yelled

"Let's go everyone out the door" Carlisle added

Ah Carlisle he always looks out for everyone but they all know my sister and I hold a special place in his dead heart. We are his little girls, even though we are 119