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Summary: Hector loses to Dracula and Isaac and Trevor comes to his rescue. Yaoi.


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An Alliance

Chapter 1

Hector could feel his blood pooling underneath him as he lay motionless in front of Dracula's feet. Unfortunately he was conscious and aware of the agony that raked his body as Isaac pushed the blade into him again.

"How does it feel Hector?" the redheaded menace asked as he applied a bit more pressure, "How does defeat feel?"

The silver haired forge master gasped in pain. He was incapable of escaping as he was pinned under the redhead.

Dracula watched on seemingly amused by the redhead's taunts and the traitor's torture, but it was time to end the forge master's life and continue with their plans.

"Isaac," the lord of darkness called his minion's attention, "Kill him, we need to proceed with other matters."

Isaac pouted. He wanted his fun to last, but did not dare challenge his master. He pulled the dagger out earning another gasp from those bloodied lips and brought the blade till it was pressing against the silver haired man's throat. The silver haired warrior had lost unconsciousness on account of all of his injuries.

"It has been fun Hector," the redhead said as raised the dagger, "be sure to pass my greetings to Rosalie."

Suddenly before the dagger could plunge into his victim's neck there was the crack of a whip and the blade went flying across the room.

Isaac yelped and held his hand as blood began to gush out. He hissed in pain and glared at the other figure that had dared to interrupt them.

Standing regal and bold with his whip trailing by his side was Trevor Belmont.

"Belmont!" Dracula sneered, his face contorting into a grotesque mask and his eyes blazing with hate.

"I see that you've once again crawled out of your hellhole Dracula," Belmont replied and turned to look at Isaac once again, "and I see you've brought company."

Isaac bared his teeth in a growl and summoned one of his devils to engage the Belmont in combat. Trevor was unimpressed and took his fighting stance. He felt his blood boil as he recognized the man Isaac had been tormenting had been none other than the other devil forge master. The silver haired male appeared in bad condition and would require immediate medical attention. The fight with Isaac and Dracula would have to be brief.

"No matter what your powers or your numbers I will prevail," he stole one last glance at the broken man on the floor before he launched into attack.

A few hours later the darkness that had encompassed the land passed and the castle of Dracula was in flames. Trevor didn't halt to watch the smoke rising in the distance; he had other pressing matters to attend to. Checking one final time that the unconscious silver haired forge master was secure in his hold he kicked his horse's flanks and headed towards his home.


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