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Chapter 11

The pavilion was crowded with costumed Italians.

Everywhere people had donned on their colorful, ornamental masks and capes, and raced to the massive Courtyard in front of Venice's royal palace in order to celebrate some obscure holiday that neither Trevor nor Hector were familiar with.

Having been caught in the middle of the sudden soiree while out on a stroll through the city, they had been given no choice. The couple had been instantly swept along with the crowd and given masks and capes to disguise themselves in order to join the festivities.

Adequately dressed, the couple had merged into the throngs and blended in. They had tried to remain together, but with their features hidden beneath their new disguises, it wasn't long before they had lost sight of one another.

Still they tried to enjoy themselves and hoped to stumble across each other while languidly wandering between the denizens. The night was long and there was plenty of time, and even if they failed to find one another they could always return to the inn where they were staying.

The bells rang indicating midnight, and both men had yet to come across one another.

Tired of the commotion, Trevor weaved his way through the dancing couples till he reached the outskirts of the crowd and ascended the marble steps of a nearby museum to sit down at the bottom of a monolith. From his position, he could see the whole gala that stretched from the bottom of the steps till the edge of the water canals which were black in the night.

The colorful tapestry of colorfully clothed individuals was surprisingly delightful to watch. And the Belmont racked his eyes over the moving mass, futily hoping to spot Hector.

It suddenly occurred to Trevor that, should Hector try to escape, this would be a perfect opportunity for him. Not only were they in a foreign land, but they were also near the harbor were hundred of ships sailed in and out on a daily bases for far off countries.

The thought that the silver haired man would try to escape gave Trevor unpleasant sensations.

He tried to shake the idea from his head, and tried to convince himself that Hector would never attempt such an act. The other would not be so treacherous as to abandon him and make an escape. The very idea was ridiculous.

But then a vivid image came to him. He imagined going to their room and going to bed, where they had made love for the first time, and lying there alone. And he would still be there when the sun rose, and he would still be alone. And then, he would finally come to the realization that Hector had indeed betrayed him.

Unpleasant feelings stirred in the vampire hunter's stomach. He felt his insides ache with apprehension and doubt. His intestines knotted from anxiety and fear.

With the cover of the night it would be all too easy for the other to slip away undetected till dawn, when he could bark on any ship and disappear over the horizon, forever.

Trevor was now sweating. Underneath his clothes, cape, and mask, a thin sheen of perspiration had formed, leaving his skin clammy, and Goosebumps rose all over his body.

He snapped up from his seated position. He had to find Hector. He had to assure himself that the other man did not leave that the other had not abandoned him, had not left him alone, unloved and betrayed.

He had just taken the first step down the stairs when a large flash of light erupted in the sky. He froze, startled, and looked up, thinking that they were being attacked. But then he relaxed as he took in the gunpowder smell, blazing fires, and colorful flames in the night sky as fireworks exploded against the darkness.

He ignored the night display and the sheering crowds that watched them avidly, and was about to continue on when a hand suddenly wrapped around his wrist and pulled him back into the dark, behind a nearby statue. He nearly went falling but quickly regained his balance, but not before he felt someone rip his mask off his face and attached their soft lips to his.

Too surprised, he did not respond at first. But soon he remembered the familiar mouth, and the identity of the other became apparent. Closing his eyes, he began to reciprocate, deepening the kiss till both of them broke away gasping.

"I thought I had lost you," Hector said, wrapping his arms around Trevor's neck. His own peculiar mask, which he had been given to wear for the night, was pushed up to the top of his head, his cape thrown back behind his shoulders.

"How did you find me?" Trevor asked as he threw his own cape back in order to wrap his arms around the slim waist. All his prior anxiety washed away in an instant as he felt the lighter body pushing against his own.

Hector smiled flirtatiously, eyes half mast, as he leaned in to run his lips up the brunette's corded neck to kiss and lick the underside of the strong jaw.

"I'd recognize a handsome, desirable vampire hunter I'd had the pleasure of bedding, no matter where I am and what said vampire hunter was wearing." He teased in a low voice.

"Oh?" Trevor raised an eyebrow, "And have you bedded a lot of vampire hunters? Will there be any need for me to hunt them down? Because it could quite awkward if they happened to be Belmonts as well."

"Is that because they are your kin?" Hector asked humorously, still not ceasing his ministrations.

"No," Trevor responded as his hands began stroking the silver haired man's back, "It's because they'd be that much tougher to kill."

The brunette could feel the other's body vibrating in silent laughter.

"If all the Belmonts are as handsome as you, I might take up climbing to better acquaint myself with the family tree."

Trevor snorted, his arms tightened around his lover.

"I will actively seek out to keep your fantasies that; fantasies."

Hector pretended to be disappointed.

"What? No handsome brothers for me to woo?" he teased. "Not even-"

But Trevor was kissing him again. Hector, silenced, kissed him back, all thoughts of mock infidelity lost. Being devoured and devouring this handsome man before him, the silver haired Devil Forge Master could think of nothing but getting his handsome lover back to their chambers in order to make love again.

They continued kissing under the dazzling lights of the fireworks display, ignoring the festivities, people, and the world in general, completely wrapped up in each other's touch.


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