Some people seemed interested in what the kids were up to after breaking out of Kure-Ji-Kira, so, here's a story just about them:

Epilogue: Sorry it took so long

My name is Mei. So far, my life has been pretty darn good. I'm smart and really pretty, plus I'm unique and not scared of anything. I have two loving parents and a group of their closest friends who've spoiled me from the moment I was born. My fiancé and I, with my two best childhood friends travel all over with no worries or problems. Together, we make a very nice living and are pretty well-known throughout the world. I sometimes miss my parents and the rest of our family when I'm traveling, but luckily, I'm attending a huge get-together this week for my wedding and I get to see everyone I've been missing! All-in-all, I think my life turned out pretty good for someone who was born in a jail.

Oh, did I forget to mention that part?

How about that my parents are both guys and that I was the product of some weird experiment to make men pregnant? Dad actually wanted to kill me when he first found out he was pregnant; he didn't want to get fat. See, Dad likes to kill people, it's an important part of our religion; Jashinism. I don't usually like to kill people, so I show my love for Jashin-sama by sacrificing goats and other animals like that. Dad says that's ok as long as I understand the pain too. Daddy doesn't mind killing people either, but not because of religious reasons. Daddy is completely obsessed with money. He likes to have money and to get more money and to not spend his money. I kinda know how he feels, having money is totally a great thing! I don't really freak out about spending it though, since there's always more if you work hard enough!

Dad and Daddy met in this prison, Kure-Ji-Kira, for people who were especially freaky kinds of criminals. I think you had to be crazy to get in, but I never met one crazy person from Kure-Ji-Kira! Well, maybe Uncle Zetsu, but both of his personalities are pretty normal now that I think about it.

A lot of crazy things happened before my dads were in love. Even now, they don't show affection like normal people do. But, it's ok if Daddy hits Dad, because Dad likes pain, and I think it's good for their sex lives if they aren't too happy. Even though they have their flaws, my parents are the best in the world! When I was little, they spoiled me rotten, giving me anything I wanted, but they weren't the only ones. In the jail with us there were a lot of people, but only about a dozen of them were like my family.

Uncles Deidara, Naruto, Kisame, and Tobi were the ones who spoiled me the most. All I had to do was smile and they would do anything for me! I bet I was a really cute kid. Of course, they also love to tell stories abut how troublesome I was when I was a baby. I've always loved anything sharp and shiny; glass, knives, nails, and I would always find things and swallow them or accidentally cut myself. I caused my Dad a lot of stress when I was a baby from all the times I nearly killed myself with sharp things. Once, I even sliced my cheek under my left eye. I've still got the scar. Dad hates it but Daddy likes it because he thinks it makes me look like him. I kinda like it too, it makes me look dangerous and cool. My fiancé says it looks sexy, but he kinda has to say that, especially if he's marrying me.

My fiancé's name is Orochimaru, but I call him Orochi because it's shorter and that's what everyone else calls him. See, Orochi came from the same experiment I did. He had two dads too, but his was a little different. The father who gave birth to him tried to clone the man who had impregnated him, the original Orochimaru. It kinda worked, except Orochi still has some of the genes from his mother-father. Plus, I heard he turned out a whole lot differently than the first Orochimaru, and he's better looking too. I guess that's a good thing, although I wouldn't really care what Orochi looked like. I love him no matter who he is, because he's always protecting me, no matter what. He hates to see me hurt, which is funny because I don't really mind getting hurt, sometimes I like it. Orochi is really smart. He's the brains of the operation.

See, along with Orochi and I, my two best childhood friends, annoying twins by the names of Aki and Ueno, make up a team of crack con-artists, traveling the world stealing and conniving away anything that catches our fancy. We call ourselves: The Children of Kure-Ji-Kira, because we were all raised there, and it was our first home, the place where we met. Kure-Ji-Kira is a part of all of us, even though none of us even remember it that well. It's the place where our parents all met, and where we learned to be strong, clever, and to fight for what we want. Kure-Ji-Kira made us who we are.

Aki and Ueno weren't born with two men as parents, even though their dad and their grandpa like to screw each other all the time. Aunt Karin let Uncle Suigetsu rape her so she could have kids because she really wanted them(I guess that doesn't really count as rape then). Funnily enough, Aki and Ueno are the only kids that turned out gay! Orochi and I are together, and besides Aunt Konan and Uncle Nagato, we're the only straight ones in the family!

And Aki and Ueno aren't just gay, they're gay- together. Now I know what you're thinking: with two gay parents and a ton of gay friends and relatives, why would I be so specific about Aki and Ueno being gay? And no, it's not because they're brothers, frankly, I could give a flying frick about their incest. Kisame and Suigetsu are even worse then them, they're father and son, and they still have sex all the time. Trust me, I don't care about any of that. I've been around homosexual relationships all my life and never had any strange kind of reaction to them; except for Aki and Ueno.

I don't know what it is that makes me feel so weird whenever I see them kissing, or worse- completely nude and in the middle of a very vulgar act after accidentally walking in on them while I was trying to get them to come down for dinner. And, usually, if I see something that makes me feel weird, or that I don't like, I can just kill it, or get rid of it some other way. But, the only thing I ever seem to be able to do when I see Aki and Ueno together like that, is run away, blushing like an idiot! I get so peeved at myself! They aren't shy about their relationship in public either, which is even more annoying. Do you know what it's like getting a nosebleed in the middle of the street after your two best friends started openly flirting and grabbing each other's bums? ORO HAD TO STOP THE BLEEDING. It was not a pretty sight.

They don't feel bad about it either! They know full well that's my only weakness, but they never stop! They're as horny as rabbits! When they aren't arguing, they're screwing! You would think however many years I'd known them, I would get used to it, but, no such luck, I'm still just as susceptible as ever, especially if they pop out at me when I'm not prepared for it.

I really do love them though, and without them, I sure would get bored a lot easier. Plus, they came in handy when Orochi was going through that strange time back on one of our earliest con jobs...

The group of young criminals had travelled to a tiny and ancient Mayan village in South America just outside of a deserted ruin of an even older Maya civilization. It was not as well known as some of the others, but just as rich in treasure and mystery. They went with their eyes on the mountains of gold inside the tombs, but stealing that was the easy part. The tricky part was getting inside the tombs, that was the con.

Pretending to be archeologists, Orochi explained to the tribe who lived near the ruins that they wanted to get inside to take a look. At first, the villagers refused flat out, casting suspiciously glances at the unique looking travelers, not entirely convinced they were really who they said they were. But, with some clever plotting on Orochi's part(and even better acting on Mei's), they were told that they would be permitted inside, but warned that no villager would accompany them.

This surprised the group of young con artists, as they had already expected that they would have to kill whoever was sent with them to the ruins. The villagers then explained why no one went near the ruins,

"There is a curse." They repeated over and over, as if trying to convince the children not to go inside.

Orochi tried to get more information on the so called 'curse,' but the people of the village would say nothing further. On the day they finally left and headed up towards the ruins, Aki and Ueno were sufficiently spooked.

"What if there really is a curse?" Ueno whimpered, glancing around the forest trail they were climbing towards the top of an incline, at the top of which stood the ruins and the treasure the children were after. It was a humid day, but none of them seemed to be very hot. Aki and Ueno were positively shivering, although it was less from the cold and more from the eery sense that they were being watched.

"It's adventure!" Mei giggled, hopping ahead of the rest of them and skipping along the overgrown path they were following. "I hope there is a curse, so we can face it and tell everybody back home about we 'survived the curse!' "

Orochi smiled at her as she jubilantly smirked back at them, full of bright energy as always.

"What if we die, Mei!" Ueno continued, his slightly more reserved brother holding onto his shoulder as they followed after their other two companions up the hill.

"That isn't how curses usually work," Orochi corrected him. "They more often cause one to go mad, or to slowly deteriorate from the inside out. But even still, curses don't hold very much store in reality. It's just superstition."

"Orochi's right!" Mei called back from quite a ways ahead of them. "Just forget about the curse so we can do what we're here to do."

A few minutes later Mei and Orochi reached their destination; the ruins of a long lost city hidden in the depths of a thick and dangerous jungle. The city was comprised of one gigantic pillar that was still not so tall as to tower over the massive trees surrounding it, and about 20 smaller, tent-shaped building that resembled houses. The pillar in the center looked as if it had a very old, very worn red clothe hanging from it. There was a rope connected to the clothe and to the pillar, and it gave it a look like a flagpole.

Aki and Ueno caught up to their friends soon enough, and Aki was the first to give his opinion on the place,

"It isn't as big as I thought it'd be."

"That's what she said." Ueno added so all three of his friends turned to give him reproachful looks. Orochi turned back to the ruins and said,

"They do leave a bit to be desired, I must admit. Perhaps this is why they aren't as well known as many of the other South American ruins."

Aki, Ueno, and Mei were already examining the buildings and surrounding areas. Orochi began looking for some sort of clues behind what the village may have been particularly known for. He knew there would be something of value, he just didn't quite know what, as of yet. Not very long after(his friends were still within sight, all three of them treading rather slowly and carefully around the mysterious grounds), Orochi found a warning sign that, luckily enough, gave a history of the ruins. He read them(having learned this particular language at the ripe age of 9), then hummed thoughtfully to himself.

"This could be an issue..." he muttered to himself, thinking of the hyper-sexual twins he was traveling with. He then called out to the other three who were still in range, "You don't have to stop what you're doing, but listen up for a moment." he started reading from the sign,

"This land marks where the unique city of 'Dolor Agradar' lies in ruin. The cause of the sudden and terrible demise of every single inhabitant is unknown still to this day, although not many have ever tried very hard to find the truth, because of the curse that is said to "infect all men with the mind of a beast." This curse is feared very highly by the nearby village, for many have succumb to the horrible punishment and had their fates cut short. Many believe the curse somehow relates to the death of the villagers, but none have lived to uncover what really happened."

Orochi stopped reading for a second then muttered, "Seems like a shame no one has ever been able to examine this place thoroughly. There could be many ancient secrets to uncover here if someone looked properly."

"Does it say what the village was known for? We're here for treasure, remember." Mei called back to him as she began climbing up the pillar for a better look around.

Orochi returned to reading the sign out loud,

"Dolor Agrada was a rather well known village in it's prime, even thought it did not last long. In fact, the village was deserted only half a year after it was founded. But, in that small time, it became infamous to the surrounding tribes who would travel far just to visit and receive the 'special services' offered only in Dolor Agrada." Orochi paused and read ahead silently to himself. His eyes grew beneath his round glasses as he reached the end of the information on the sign. "Oh boy..." He muttered to himself, then called up to Mei,

"Mei, come back down here."

She seemed curious as she effortlessly held onto the rope at the top of the pillar and used it to slide down.

"What's up? Did you find something?"

He nervously glanced around for Aki and Ueno but knew they couldn't have gone far, they'd have been to scared. As Mei approached him and placed a hand gently on his shoulder he started to translate the last sentence of the warning and informational sign,

"Dolor Agrada was inhabited by people a multitude of people who liked very strange se-"

"WOAH!" They suddenly heard from inside one of the biggest buildings. It sounded like Aki and Ueno had made the same exclamation at the exact same time.

"-xual fetishes."

Orochi and Mei exchanged a nervous glance then they turned towards the entrance to the building Aki and Ueno's voices had come from. It only took a moment for the two pink-haired twins to appear in the doorway with matching, mischievous grins on their faces. Aki was holding up something black, long, and unmistakably phallic as Ueno exclaimed,

"Look what we found!"

Aki added to his brother's statement,

"You'll never believe what they have in their basements, you have got to come see!"

Mei and Orochi quickly followed the twins into the strange huts. Their giddy and childish behavior gave no clue to either of the followers of what could be waiting for them inside, the twins acted in such a way more often then not. Before disappearing through the doorway, Orochi cast a nervous glance back at the vine-covered sign that gave clear warning against the ruins they were now treading upon. It was clear to him that there was no turning back now.

Basements seemed an odd thing for ancient ruins to have in the first place, what would the people need them for? Even in modern times basements were most often used to hold the useless junk people didn't have any more room for in their garages; extra refrigerators, old and unused bored games, or maybe some past hobbies of whoever lived in the residence above the basement. In the past, though, people didn't hold as much in store of objects. They weren't very important. The people from history were very good at using up everything they had, because they actually needed it. They didn't have the luxury of having things that they could just leave laying around, such as the type of things that ultimately end up in the basement.

Mei was particularly curious as to what could lay in the ground beneath her, and hoped that perhaps it was the valuable object(or objects!) they had come to the ruins looking for in the first place. It was a habit she had possibly inherited from her father to always keep her eyes on the prize, especially when the prize involved something of monetary value. Orochi found it endearing.

In truth, he found everything about Mei endearing. She was sometimes childish, but other times very mothering, like when she reprimanded the twins for doing something stupid. Her enthusiasm only made his own enthusiasm grow and he knew she was the glue who held their group together. As he watched the back of her head descend into the dark basement after Aki and Ueno, he felt something stir in his gut that he usually only felt at weak moments late at night. He adjusted his glasses farther up his nose, ignoring the feeling in his stomach and focussing on the other nervous feeling he had about whatever what in the darkness of the ruin basements.

"We won't be able to see much with the flashlights. Gimme your lighter, Ueno." Aki said as he held hand out to his brother.

It was almost pitch black in the chilly and damp basement. All the three could see were strange outlines of whatever the twins had been so shocked to find. None of them turned on their flashlights, waiting instead for Aki to light the torches that apparently lines the walls of the dungeon-esque lower room. After a minute of bone-chilling silence in which Mei had leaned on Orochi for a bit of comfort and warmth(causing his heart to flutter in a strange way), they heard a click, and the first torch was lit.

"Oh Jashin..." Mei muttered, distancing herself from Orochi to investigate their findings.

As the twins went around the room lighting the rest of the torches and cascading more of the room in dim light, the other two stood at a loss for what they found. When all the lamps were lit, Aki took a closer look at the smooth black dildo his brother was holding.

"I didn't even think they had things like this back then."

The others nodded their heads in silence. Mei was still unsure as to what to think of the place. It wasn't very dirty for being hundreds of years old, and the many tools and instruments that lined the walls and floor seemed well taken care of. There were ropes with pulleys, whips that hung on hooks, shelves of more like the one Aki and Ueno first found, vats filled with a strangely sweet smelling liquid, and machines that Mei could only guess the uses for. And although it was very interesting and gave her no impression of disgust or fear, it was still plainly obvious this was a torture chamber for people who favored that type of sex. The painful, kinky kind. Mei was no history genius, she barely cared for learning about the past, but even she was intrigued by the discovery they had made, and new the impact it would likely have on society if it got in the news. She had a momentary vision of her and her friends receiving money and awards for their discovery, but quickly dismissed it as being too easy.

"I'll bet..." Ueno began bashfully, "this is what the Black Room looked like."

"Yeah." came two hushed replies from Orochi and Mei. Aki looked thoughtfully at the dildo then murmured,

"I'd always wished we could have gone in there at least once."

"Yeah." came the same hushed replies. Orochi and Mei turned to stare at each other with slightly shocked expressions on their faces.

"J-just to see what it looked like!" Orochi quickly added.

"Y-yeah!" Mei conitnued, flushing slightly. "The others were always going on and on about it. Of course we would wanna check it out."

Mei the quickly busied herself with appraising the more valuable looking sexual objects in a far distant corner. At the revival of the strange feeling in his gut, Orochi approached Aki and Ueno seriously, motioning for them to come closer to he could talk without Mei overhearing.

The two brother's exchanged a curious glance as they leaned in to hear what Orochi had to say. His face was grim as he waited for Mei to go far enough out of ear-shot for him to be sure she wouldn't be listening. He didn't want her to worry.

"On that sign outside," he began, capturing the twins' attentions, "It said that the curse, "infects all men with the mind of a beast," which means, if my thinking is correct, which it usually is, that, as men, we could all be 'infected' by the curse. But," he added at the twins' shocked faces, "I get a strange feeling you two won't be affected by this curse, whatever it is. Just take my word for it, I'm smarter than you."

Aki rolled his eyes but Ueno nodded his head loyally to Orochi as the clone continued,

"Now, if, and this is just IF, I start acting strange, you guys need to assume it's because of the curse, and, most importantly, you need to keep me away from Mei."

"How come-" Ueno began to question him but Aki cut his brother off.

"What do we do if you really do go under the curse?"

Orochi's glasses glinted in the flickering firelight as he said in a low voice,

"Call my father. He'll know what to do."

Aki and Ueno nodded firmly then the three of them broke apart as Mei drew nearer to where they were standing. The brothers turned away but before they could get very far Orochi stopped them by saying,

"Oh, one more thing. I know you guys are going to screw but don't use that," he jerked his thumb over towards the vats of mysterious liquid in the corner, "stuff. We don't know how long it's been sitting there and it might be dangerous."

Any rebuttal the twins could have been preparing to say was drowned out by a loud crashing sound behind them. The three males turned to see an entire rack of ancient dildos spewed all over the floor and a red-faced Mei standing right behind it. She quickly marched over the mess she made and towards the twins, grabbing each one by the collar of his shirt and glaring down menacingly at them.

"We didn't do anything, Mei!"

"We haven't done a thing yet since we got-"

"AHA!" She exclaimed angrily. "Yet!" You just haven't done anything yet! You're just waiting until I'm not around and then you're gonna- you're gonna-" she took a deep breath in and continued glaring with a red, flushed face.

"Of course we're waiting until you aren't around Mei!" Aki said, trying to sound reassuring.

"We don't want you to get mad at us or to have another nosebleed or someth-"

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" She said as she shook them until they were dizzy. Then, she flung them to the ground and turned on Orochi, her anger seeming to be completely vanished. She used her sweetest voice as she pulled him out of the basement by his arm and muttered,

"Oh gosh darnit, now I've got a headache. Oro, can you make me some of that tea like last time?" her voice faded as her and her fiancé disappeared up the stairs.

Aki and Ueno lay on the floor of the strange sexual room until they were entirely sure Mei would not be returning for some time. As if reading each other's minds, they turned to face one another at the same time, smiling knowingly as they did so.

Then, Aki smoothly rolled over and on top of his brother, straddling him and smirking down with a look that absolutely screamed, "fuck me. now." Ueno caught the message and thought he was completely prepared for anything his brother threw at him. Until, that is, Aki pulled the familiar black dildo from behind his back and held it up to his mouth, kissing the tip as if it were the real thing.

"A-Aki!" he gasped, his eyes widening and his pants growing just a little bit tighter, " Orochi said not to use this stuff, remember?"

"He was just talking about the stuff in those barrels over there." Aki defended. "Besides, if we use this it'll be just like the Black Room. You said you wanted to go in there."

"Yes, but-" Ueno averted his eyes as he tried to ignored the pressure building up in his groin.

"Ueno," Aki said in a slightly more commanding tone, "Do I have to do like when we were kids and make you fuck me? Look, i've been horny ever since we got here and I know you have been too."

"How do you know?" Ueno asked with a blush, knowing full well what his brother would say next.

Aki giggled, also knowing exactly what his brother wanted him to say. He leaned down and placed a fragile kiss on lips that were very similar to his and said,

"Because we're the same."

That was all it took to dissolve Ueno's already weakened resistance and cause him to flip his brother on his back and lick at his lips for entrance. It seemed as if the temperature of the room was increasing rapidly as the brothers on the carpeted floor embraced the same way they usually did. Ueno loved the way Aki's hair felt went it was clasped between his fingers and he never got tired of the familiar taste on his brother's tongue no matter how many times they kissed. After a few minutes they broke apart for air and Aki pushed Ueno back onto his knees then said,

"Since we don't have any lube, I'm gonna make you cum and we can use that."

Aki's vulgar words(which would usually make him at least blush) didn't phase Ueno now that he was in his 'sex' state of mind. Aki began to notice very soon after they started fooling around that Ueno's personality changed a little once he got sufficiently turned on. Not that Aki didn't like his brother's normal personality, but it turned him on more than he liked to admit when Ueno threw him down and ravished him without pausing to even think. Of course eventually, Ueno noticed this about himself as well, and figured out a way to calm himself down.

He put a finger up to his mouth and used his sharp teeth to bite down, causing just enough pain to clear his head so he could say,

"No, Aki. It'd be better if I do it to you."

Aki smiled deviously then whispered,

"Why don't we both do it then?"

Ueno returned his smile and laid down, propping himself up with his arms and watched as Aki placed himself in the right position. Mirroring his brother who was doing the same to him, he unzipped Aki's khaki pants and pulled them down just enough to reveal his already fully erect member. He flinched slightly as Aki had already unclothed his and was sliding his talented tongue along the shaft. Not to be outdone, and with his 'sex state of mind' returning fast, Ueno lifted his head and wrapped his mouth around his brothers scalding flesh.

Their matching moans rang out inside the dark, cave-like room, echoing off the many strange instruments that filled it, and ignoring them all. Aki and Ueno were a very good match in bed, and even when they were just giving each other blowjobs they went together very well. Aki was better with his mouth, making Ueno prepared faster, but, Ueno could hold out longer than Aki, so, when Aki was feeling so good he almost couldn't take it any longer, Ueno was very close behind him.

Aki was the first to give in, squirming away from Ueno's vulgar tongue and laying hands-and-knees on the floor in anticipation for his brother to enter him. Ueno's eyes were completely covered over with lust for his brother. It seemed as if it was more intense than usual for them, especially with the way Aki said,

"U-Ueno, I don't care if there's no lube. I just want you in me now!"

Showing real care and love for his brother(or just his own perverted desires), Ueno refused and told Aki, while letting a rather sly grin slip onto his face,

"I don't wanna hurt you, so you have to prepare yourself at least."

Aki gulped and shiver raced down his spine as his brother waited for him to do as he requested. Knowing his brother was watching him only added to Aki's excitement as he reached back behind him and entered his own fingers inside himself to prepare just like Ueno told him to. After quickly passing one finger and adding two to start he pumped them in and out in order to fully spread himself so it would hurt less when Ueno entered him. He was about to stop at three but then he spread himself with a fourth finger, knowing not to underestimate his brother's size, which was nothing to sneeze at. He remembered his dad complaining about it once because he was only normal sized and apparently their grandpa, Kisame, was huge. Suigetsu, their dad, said it must have skipped a generation after he saw his sons in the showers when they were still kind of young.

Aki finally got used to four fingers but he curled them a little just for good measure and accidentally bumped his prostate, sending him ever closer to the edge. He whimpered from the sudden stimulation and then the next thing he knew his fingers were being yanked out and he felt something hot and hard brush his hole. Before he entered, Ueno wrapped his arms lovingly around his brother's chest, kissing the top of his head and between his shoulder blades softly. Aki melted under the gentle touches from his twin and when he finally pushed into the uke twin, Aki couldn't help the loud cry that escaped his lips,

"Aaaaah! Uenooooo! Hn, faster!"

"Fuck!" Ueno cursed. His brother was so tight and warm around his length that he was afraid he wouldn't be able to last long enough.

All the sounds Aki was making were like music to Ueno's ears. it was at times like these that he was really glad his brother had kissed him the first time they realized they could and did love each other in a sexual way as well as a brotherly way. As he fulfilled Aki's request that he went fast he held onto his brother's body that was so much like his even tighter. He pulled lightly on his brother's cute pink nipples and left more than a few lovebites on his neck and back, all the while endlessly assaulting the special spot inside Aki.

"Brother I'm- I'm coming!"

Ueno smiled. Aki always, without a thought, always called him brother when he came. And, in return,

"Me too... Brother!" Ueno replied as he felt Aki's muscles constrict excitedly around his member. He came right along with Aki, their bodies just as in sync as ever.

They collapsed on the ground, the various toy and machines left completely forgotten.

They only had a moment to catch their breathes when they heard a scream coming from outside. Normally, they would ignore it, having complete confidence in Mei and Orochi being able to take care of themselves, but... Mei was the one who was screaming.

"Oro- Orochi please stop!"

Aki and Ueno exchanged scowls, both of them remembering what Orochi had told them earlier. They hurried to get their boxers on and just as Ueno was about to grab his pants Aki called from the bottom of the stairs,

"Just forget it! We've gotta save Mei!"

They rushed out of the basement and out of the strange ruins of the hut, into the fresh night air that was still a bit warm and humid even for night time. They glanced around the ruins and, by the light of a campfire Orochi had most likely made after they left the twins alone in the basement, a terrible scene met their eyes.

Orochi was on top of a shirtless Mei, clawing at her pants and trying to rip them right off her body, his glasses on the ground a few feet away and his eyes glowing with something feral and inhuman.

But the worst thing of all... was seeing the tears that flowed down Mei's cheeks and the fear in her eyes as she struggled against Orochi's blind lust for her.

And that's how Aki and Ueno saved me from my sex-crazed, cursed fiancé. It took both of the twins together to pull Orochi off of me and get him contained so he wouldn't try again. Ueno called Kabuto while Aki explained why Oro was acting so weird, enough to try and rape me. I cried a lot, and I blamed myself when I found out that the only reason Aki and Ueno didn't get affected was because they were already insanely horny and could have sex easily. I thought it was because Orochi and I had decided to wait that he'd been caught in the curse.

When Kabuto arrived in two days(luckily, he had been nearby) he found a way to get Orochi under control and we left the ruins without looking back. Orochi was probably the most upset out of all of us, even though I was the one who was assaulted and Aki and Ueno were overly distressed about the fact that I had cried, saying something about my Dad killing something if he ever knew what'd happened. Oro wouldn't look at me for days, let alone touch me. Finally I got so mad I started yelling at him, which led to me crying again. For some reason it seems like all the guys I know are weak to my tears. Orochi finally realized that I wasn't mad at him and stopped being such a baby.

See, even though that memory should be one of my worst, I usually remember it as one of my favorite.

For the short time that we had to keep Orochi chained up otherwise he would attack me, one of us would have to watch him at all times because even though he had the sexual determination of a beast, he still had the mind of Orochi, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Aki and Ueno thought I wouldn't want to be around Orochi when he was like that, but I actually liked it. He was looking at me with a kind of hunger in his eyes that made my blood boil and my hair stand on end. When I was guarding him he tried every mind trick in the book, and I almost fell for some. I had a strong desire to get very close to him, almost touching him, and making his craving for me even stronger, then backing away and watching him struggle. Call me sadistic if you want, but even when I think about it now it makes the tips of my fingers and toes curl in a very happy way.

This story also made Orochi and I think seriously about our idea of waiting to have sex until after we were married, which we had planned to be when we were 18, or at least somewhere around then. We wanted our attraction to each other to build until it could finally explode at a time when we decided. And, at that time, it's going to be amazing. Aaaaaand we also wanted to wait because we didn't think any of our family would live if we told them we'd had a baby before 18.

I'm really happy with how my life turned out. I got everything I wanted so far. For someone who was born and almost raised in a prison for insane criminals, I think I did pretty darn good!

And, since I'm on the way to my wedding day, I only have more good things waiting for me!

My name is Mei, and I am the one and only daughter of Hidan and Kakuzu. I sure hope I make them proud!

Well there it is. Kinda long, huh?

For old times sake: REVIEEEEEW! XD