Cups of Tea

By: The Glorious Cheshire Cat

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing related to Batman. Any and all one-shots in this collection of one-shots were inspired by Charlotte A. Cavatica's lovely ideas from her Waiting on the Shingle, chapter seven, unless otherwise stated. Anyway, thanks to Ms. Cavatica for making it possible for plot bunnies to attack me. Please enjoy.



The day had started out so well.

She had woken up ten minutes before her alarm was set to go off, breezed through her morning routine, and arrived at work twenty minutes early to get a jump on the day's work.

Dr. Cates had dropped by, and for once had nothing to yell about since Jervis was making progress on his project.

Alice hummed to herself as she typed up more of Jervis's notes.

Jervis couldn't help but smile as he came out of his office so he could get more tea. "Having a good day my dear?"

Alice smiled at him. "One of the best days of my life. You must be pleased since Dr. Cates didn't yell at you."

"It was a first in the long time I've worked here. I'm expecting some papers from the Biology of Small Mammals Department, but I'm out of tea. Would you be so kind as to put them on my desk if they get dropped off while I'm getting more tea?" he questioned.

Alice smiled brightly, setting poor Jervis's heart to a faster rhythm than normal. "Of course Jervis, I'd be happy to."

Jervis smiled back, but before he could walk out of the office, a beautiful woman with shining black hair, a short skirt, and slightly unbuttoned blouse entered with a stack of papers in her hand.

She smiled coyly at Jervis. "I've brought the papers you need, Mr. Tetch."

Jervis blushed bright red as Miss Edith Dilleld came to a stop very close to him. "Th..thank you, Miss Dilleld. If you'd just give them to Alice, I…I need to go make some more tea."

Edith's smile grew and she leaned closer to Jervis.

"Why don't you let me make that tea for you? From what I hear, you've been hard at work on your project and making good progress on it. I think it would be horrible to break your streak." Edith practically purred.

Alice surprised herself by eyeing the letter opener on her desk with faint intentions of violence when she watched Edith walk her fingers up an uncomfortable Jervis's chest. She fought the urge to grab it and searched for some way to get rid of Edith politely.

Just then a miracle came in the form of Alice's new friend Arianna Fields, who was the new secretary over in the Robotics Research Department.

"Edith, Jack Bowerby's looking for you. He was just over my way asking if anyone had seen you. He mentioned something about lunch?" Arianna stated.

Edith straightened and quickly left, thanking Arianna over her shoulder.

Arianna just smiled at Jervis and wished him a good day as he went to go make his tea. She put her hands on Alice's desk and leaned on them once he was out of earshot. "All right girlie, spill."

Alice looked at her in surprise as she straightened the pile of papers Edith had just dropped on her desk before going to find Jack Bowerby. "Spill what, Ari?"

"I want to know exactly why you were staring at Edith Dilleld as if you wanted to rip her hair out by the roots and push her off the roof of the building when she was standing so close to your boss." Ari shot back.

Alice turned back to her typewriter. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Ari smiled smugly as she stood up. "Boy, do you have it bad."

Alice looked at her. "Have what?"

Ari just shook her head, her smile getting smugger. "No way, Alice. If you can't figure it out yourself, who am I to burst your little bubble? When you figure it out, I'll be ready to listen. See you at lunch." She left Alice alone, humming a song that Alice didn't know.

Alice sat at her desk and wondered what Arianna had meant. She smiled at Jervis when he walked by on his way to his office.

He smiled back and it suddenly hit Alice like a ton of bricks.

She had a crush on her boss.

Alice sighed quietly and started typing up Jervis's notes once more. It'll only come to naught, so I'll just have to get over it. And besides, Jervis only thinks of me as his secretary and a friend. He'd never fall in love with someone like me, who has to have everything about his work explained to her, Alice thought to herself sadly.

Her thoughts distracted her enough that she never noticed Jervis peeking through the crack he'd left in his door just so he could watch her.