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Mais ne vous appartiennent à moi?

Chapter one

Light found L where he usually did on these warm summer's evenings, out in the garden with his jeans and hands covered in soil, his face shaded by a white straw sunhat, as he tended to the flower beds. A small smile played across L's features as he listened to a programme on the radio at his side, his hands still moving through the bed before him pulling out the weeds. Light stood and watched L for the briefest of moments, smiling as he saw the intent way L was working, he seemed enthralled by his task, and Light knew if he asked, that L would know the Latin names of every plant that surrounded him and the conditions each one needed. The once great detective had turned his mind to other tasks, and seemed genuinely happy in his life here, a happiness Light found himself unwilling to destroy.

It had been a good two years for the both of them, Light now had a nearly unshakable power base with every world government reporting to him when necessary. He even had a house in Geneva of all places where he could attend the UN summits, and by sheer force of the power he had over people had begun to force certain world governments to behave. Surprisingly they did, bowing down to his power and listening to his suggestions; but then Light knew he was supported by a world class team of diplomats and lawyers, easing his way into the upper echelons of world power.

Nothing though could compare to the time he spent with L, he had never truly believed L's promise about not trying to escape or work against him. Yet every day seemed to prove him wrong as L did nothing at all that could be taken as rebellion or revolt against the rules he had to obey. Light had asked him about this only once and had been surprised by the look of genuine shock and hurt that had passed over L's face, he had quickly soothed away L's sudden bout of sadness and had vowed to himself never to bring it up again. He knew that somewhere inside L the detective still resided, but it seemed the great man himself had buried it in favour of his life here with Light. Light wasn't about to begin digging around for answers, he might end up with more than he bargained for.

Light chuckled as L rose up from his knees and wiped at his brow with his hand, smearing soil onto his forehead in a large black streak below the hat. He knew that L was, well had been, as meticulous in his cleaning habits as he was himself; but the dark haired man seemed to make an exception with soil. He raised a hand in greeting then as L's head turned in his direction, he must have heard his laughter.

L smiled as he saw Light, a hand waving, mimicking Light's greeting. The gesture was only marred by the weeding knife he was holding. L realised what he was waving as he saw Light's slightly pained expression; with an almost sheepish expression L dropped the knife to the ground. He knew anyone would feel a little out of sorts to see someone waving a knife at them, and with their history it must affect Light even more, but then L had never needed a weapon to harm Light. The scars on Light's hand attested to that.

Light had reached L before the knife had even impaled itself in the dirt at L's feet, his gentle kisses of greeting removing any worry in L's mind over Light's reaction to the knife. L's hands tensing as he resisted the urge to embrace Light, ever conscious of the sheer amount of soil present on his hands.

"Good evening Lawliet," Light whispered in L's ear as he finally broke the series of kisses he had been laying on L's lips. He smiled at the customary barely hidden shudder the use of his name elicited from L, since his release L had gone from hating Light saying it, to revelling in the sound of his name falling from Light's lips.

"You're late," L replied, raising a grubby finger and poking Light in the chest, leaving a neat black circle on Light's white shirt; he couldn't resist it, the programme he had been listening to he usually listened to with Light. They always took advantage of everything they had in common, the comedy programme was precisely that.

"I had a meeting," Light not minding in the least that his shirt was dirtied, then his humour vanished as he remembered the contents of the meeting. It seemed his power base was not as secure as he had thought it was.

"Light," L asked, his own smile fading, "What's wrong?"

Light's mood darkened further, L was always so good at judging his moods nowadays; sometimes it was a good thing, but tonight it wasn't. Light paused in his reply, his mind turning over the potential difficulties of telling L what he knew as he crouched down to investigate the flowers that had just begun to bloom, a hand reaching out to caress the soft petals before him. He knew if he told L that he would be breaking their agreement, the one verbal contract they had formed which kept their relationship together, and this would definitely hit L hard and test his want to stay uninvolved with world events. But he knew he had to tell him, to not do so would probably cause more damage in the long term… probably.

He had hoped to leave this until later, but he should have realised he would not be able to face L and not think of the meeting. Light sighed, he didn't want to do this, but he knew he needed the information, and knew L needed to know. He straightened up, L still stood immobile next to him, hunched over slightly as his worried face looked at Light.

"L," Light murmured, his tone serious as he looked at L grimly, "What is Wammy's House?"

To Light's surprise L jerked completely upright before collapsing back onto the ground; his shaking knees rising up to his chest, Light hadn't seen him adopt this position since his release from the cell. This just made him even more worried, especially as L's fingers dug into his jeans so hard the tanned skin went white. He crouched down next to the stricken man, wondering whether his help would be accepted or not. He had the sinking feeling that he had dropped a larger bombshell than he had anticipated. He almost felt like swearing.

"What happens if I don't answer?" L said suddenly, his face still hidden from Light's view, but he could hear the discomfort in L's tone. Light sighed and reached out with a gloved hand to turn L's head towards him, he hadn't expected that question. He was even more surprised by the undisguised worry in L's face, but then L had been locked away for over 8 years; it was only to be expected that he would be worried about what Light would do.

"Nothing L," Light said with as reassuring a smile as he could manage, "I would appreciate information, it would certainly increase my chances of finding who I am after. You obviously know something about this, and I think I know what it might be. But I promise you I won't do anything to you if you don't answer. You know I always keep my promises L."

L stared at Light in silence for many minutes, both frozen in place. Then L's legs finally straightened out and he turned away from Light and with sudden force pulled a flower that was beginning to wilt from the plant next to him.

"Wammy's house," L whispered, his fingers playing over the flower before deftly shedding it of its petals, "that's a name I had never expected to hear again. Its purpose was simple Light, it was to produce heirs to replace me was I to die or become unable to continue my work… I had assumed you had already found them or no-one was able to replace me. It had been so long and you have all this."

L gestured with an arm at the surrounding area.

"No," Light murmured, "no one was able to replace you."

"How many?" L sighed, waiting for the evening to get that little bit worse.

"Four," Light replied, rising back up to his full height. "We think anyway. Mikami has only been able to find out that much from his sources."

"Do…," L began then paused, he knew if he continued on asking questions he would then be placing himself in an impossible situation. He wanted to stay with Light be he also wanted to continue to serve justice in anyway he had available. Aiding Light would not be doing that, but Light won over everything. Of course he did, he had won against L the detective ten years ago, and had won L completely on the day L had finally left that cell. "Do you know any of their names?"

"If I did," Light sighed, "we wouldn't be having this conversation."

Light saw L flinch and he sighed. L really didn't seem to be trusting him at all, he knew L had no way of knowing just what Light would be capable of now, and whether he truly trusted L in return. But L still flinching at this stage was disheartening.

"I am not about to kill them out of hand," Light sighed, "they haven't done anything wrong, but if I had the names they could be more easily apprehended. You don't have to tell me though…" Light held out a hand to L, "Let's go back to the house. I am sorry I brought this up, I just didn't want you to find out in the future and think I had purposefully not told you."

Light smiled as L hesitantly reached out then took the hand, before gripping it more tightly, a sudden smile appeared on L's face. For a moment Light couldn't fathom why, then he realised, he now hand an excessively soiled hand, the hesitance had had nothing to do with touching Light per se. With a sigh he pulled L up, and then groaned as L's hands rose to place two neat soil imprints of hands on his shirt. L always alleviated his stress by teasing him, L needed he could at least fight back in a little way at least. He didn't even think L knew he was doing it.

Then L stilled before him and the small smile faded.

"I need time to think," L said softly, "I can't I-"

L stilled as Light's hand covered his mouth.

"Take as long as you wish," Light said smiling, he wished L would tell him straight away, but he knew Wammy's must have been close to L's heart; and Light didn't want L to break. Broken he wouldn't be L anymore. He wasn't surprised L was finding thought difficult either, Light had ensured L didn't have to think overly anymore. "Now we need to head back, else we will have a rather flustered Mikami come searching for us, and despite how much I enjoy seeing my aide ruffled I am rather hungry and would prefer to eat without him glaring at us."

"He's rather good at that," L murmured, letting Light lead him back towards the house, his gardening equipment would be safe he knew. "I still don't think he likes me in any way at all."

"It's because he can't classify you," Light laughed, "you don't fit neatly into his vision of the world, and that annoys him."

"Oh," L said with a smile, "good."

Behind his smiles L's mind was a whirl of activity as it began to gear up once more. He had thought Wammy's long destroyed or defunct, so to hear that there were still remaining students who would fight against Kira, against Light. L was afraid, and he wasn't sure whether for the students, or for Light. It seemed his time of being happy had ended.

One thing was certain though L now had to pick his side.

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