Come on, step inside, and you will realize.
Tell me what you need, tell me what to be.
What's your vision? You'll see, what do you expect of me?
I can't live that... lie.

-Korn, Dead Bodies Everywhere

What truly drives a human being to crave power? What words are echoed through the soul that screams "I must change these actions for a greater good!"? The grace of a higher light is the most common blame for these actions and racing thoughts; however, there are a select few who desire to cease this capability in the name of the sins Greed and Gluttony. Continuing, there is an even smaller population of beings that follow this initiative by pure blood instinct. Animals, they are usually defined as. Nonetheless, some of these nonhuman beasts utilize a strong sense of intelligence that more than often overpowers the fragile mind of simple human thinking.

It is a rare happening that two of these elitists come face to face in a clamor of logic and instinct. When this event does cross our timeline, though, the physics of existence and the mechanics of daily thinking are forced to be twisted and bent to accommodate newly born dangers and threats.

Periodically, a human is swiftly outwitted by a beautiful beast

And by our own instinct, said human ruthlessly strikes back

Who is to be celebrated as a God?

And is there a certain classification of murder that can be considered justifiable?

These are the heirs of the generation