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Arthur sigh, he was being dragged back here. Did his assistant really have to bring him here of all places, it was filthy and old, run down. It was nothing but poverty here. People watched as the carriage was pulled along, amazed to see something that high end be here. His assistance shifted nervously, Arthur smirked, he knew why he had been brought now.

No one messed with Arthur Kirkland, at least not without a death wish. He had more power then the actual Prince and King, he could simply lift a finger and everyone would grow quiet. He was one of the three; however he was the one with the most power. There as Francis Bonnefoy, and Antonio Fernandez Carriendo, those were the other two, not as powerful as Arthur, but they were close.

His assistant shifted again, obviously noticing the smirk on the powerful nobleman's face. Though his green eyes were peering out the window, the assistant had a feeling Arthur was watching him. The man stiffened and looked out the window. Arthur wondered where he was going this time, hopefully it wasn't Francis house, if there was one thing that was known, it was that Arthur and Francis didn't get along. Antonio was too carefree to notice any grudge much less hold one.

There was little Arthur could do though if they were going there. He let the horses trot along, not speaking with his assistant, who was smartly keeping his mouth shut. Arthur wasn't in the mood for much conversation, neither was the assistant. However the assistant was growing uneasy with the silence and broke it, wrong move.

"These poor people." The assistant pointed out, gulping loudly in the process.

Arthur didn't reply, keeping his eyes out the window, which was slowly turning into farms and plantations, the country was setting in. Forest started to line and shade the left side of the road. Arthur looked out at the farms and fields with boredom. The assistant was about to make another comment, he glared sharply and the man swallowed his words.

The ride was smooth and silent for a good while longer. That was, of course, before it came to a rather sharp stop and sent Arthur towards the seat in front of him. He grumbled and fixed his hat and appearance, blonde hair was in the right place. The assistant had left quickly, rushing to the driver who toppled from his seat. Arthur growled, but left like a proper noble man. He spotted the two men, both afraid and confused.

"What the bloody hell?!" He snapped at the driver who cringed, getting to his feet as quick as he could.

"Some boy ran into the road." The driver defended, Arthur of course thought it was some excuse. He huffed and turned on his heels, heading to inspect what was there.

Indeed there was a boy, much to his shock, at least the age of sixteen, staring up at the horses in utter fear. He was frozen, blue eyes wide, blonde hair mattered and messy. His closes were ripped and dirty, he was ripped and dirty as well. As if the sound of Arthur caught his attention, his eyes only grew wider with fear.

"Are you an idiot!" He snapped at the teen who was now scrabbling to his feet, shaking his head so hard he stumbled dizzily. Arthur would admit he did look rather pale, and blood had crested on him. The boy backed away slowly, observing Arthur at the same time. "What's you're name?!"

"Alfred." The boy blurt, shaking, he really was afraid.

"Why the bloody hell are you running in front of my carriage?!" Arthur snapped, the boy cringed in a familiar fashion as everyone else.

The boy looked at him, suddenly becoming mute, he shook his had, as it was to terrible to say anything else. Arthur asked him the question again, and he didn't reply at all, no head movement or anything. He grew dizzy and stumbled bit, slowly getting out of the road, but without taking notice Arthur had a hold firmly on his arm. Alfred's eyes were the size of saucers, looking at Arthur, pleading and begging to be let go, and at the same time searching.

"You're coming with me!" Arthur snapped dragging Alfred back towards the carriage doors. He through him in, Alfred quickly found the darkest spot and took refugee for the time being. Arthur turned to the other two men who were staring. "Stop gawking and take me home, you bloody twats!"

Everyone filled in and the carriage headed for home. Arthur found Alfred looking out the windows in some sort of panic, looking like he was almost praying; begging God that something would go right in his life. Arthur watched him, wondering what he was going to do with a sixteen year old boy, one who was almost his height.

Alfred would admit it was stupid to run out into the road in the middle of the day like he did, much less split with Matthew, who was hopefully safe and not caught. Alfred couldn't help but hope the same thing for himself as he sat in that carriage with the mean looking nobleman. Alfred hoped he wasn't being taken to the police or anything, he didn't know where he was, and he didn't know who to trust either.

He was watching the other two men in the carriage, as far as he could tell, they didn't have weapons, but had news reached here, did they know who he was. He regretted telling them his name, if they didn't know what he looked like, surely they knew his name. He noticed the nobleman was sizing him up, and Alfred wished he was somewhat more presentable, he wasn't very use to people looking down on him.

He shifted slightly, looking out the window more, watching where he was going. He watched as they passed through the poor section of town, he frowned at it slightly; however found it wasn't a rather big part of town. They came to the middle class section, and to Alfred's relief he was safe for the time being. If the nobleman was going to turn him in, someone would have to fetch him, he would have time to talk someone into letting him out.

He gulped as they headed towards a rather large palace, he knew where he was. The Kingdom of Europa. With luck he was safe.

Arthur pulled Alfred out of that carriage, finding he didn't want to come out. Alfred didn't fight much though, merely looked around like someone was going to reach out at take him far away. Arthur pulled him into his house, grumbling and complaining about what a pain Alfred was being at the time. He told himself it was fear that was driving the boy to be like that, complete and utter fear. With a sigh he pushed him into the bathroom.

"Clean up, you grit." Arthur snapped throwing him a towel. He closed the door and yelled orders for his assistant, Kalida, to fetch the boy some clean clothes and help him look presentable. He stormed off to his room and made a quick pot of tea, and seating down in his study. He still had no clue what to do with Alfred. There was two choices, make him work for him, or care for him like a father or member of the family would.

There was one thing he had to find out though, and that was what had happened to Alfred to make him become so edge and fearful of just about every surrounding.

"They slipped away sir." Toris said his voice was shaky, as well as his body. He did not want to be the tell their leader the news, but he had drawn the shortest straw.

"Both of them?" Ivan asked, raising an eyebrow. Toris nodded quickly, swallowing air, his mouth was a desert. "How did they manage that?"

"We were noticed, I believe. The oldest lead us away, course was yelling nothing but 'GO!' and 'Run!', most likely to the other." Toris said quickly, like Ivan would get it if he went slower.

"They are rather stubborn children." Ivan said, turning away from Toris looking out the window. "I want them without fail, do you hear me Toris." Toris nodded quickly, making an agreeing noise as well. "Good, you can go now." Toris didn't need to be told twice.

"I wonder what Master Kirkland wants to do with you." The other man from the carriage, Kalida, as Alfred learned. Kalida was a tan man, obviously not native to the Kingdom. He had dark hair and eyes to match the dark skin, Alfred could only place him in the area close to Kingdom of Indi, which was a small kingdom.

Alfred didn't say anything, as he changed behind some screen. He tossed his old clothes to the side, putting on some what itchy clothing; it didn't bother him too much. He fished through his pockets in his old clothes, finding what he wanted and quickly hiding it away before handed Kalida his clothes.

"Master Kirkland usually doesn't do this for people." Kalida continued as he led Alfred down the beautiful hallways, decorated and fancy. "He must see something in you."

Alfred's blood ran cold, but he still followed Kalida like a duckling to its mother.

"I'm sure, it's nothing bad." Kalida said smoothly and levelly. "You don't talk much do you?" Alfred nodded no, but other then that stayed quiet.

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