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Matthew peered at Alfred worriedly, he knew very well this wasn't going to work, even if they pulled out their family crests, it wasn't going to work. To the world, the Americana kingdom was dead, and he knew damn well that anyone fleeing the kingdom would actually have the guts to say that they were the Prince and his cousin. They hardly looked like the happy teens that had been before.

A war torn eighteen year old and calm sixteen year old who was always ignored. Those were not the last two members of the royal family. No they were a bubbly, loud sixteen year old and the little timid shadow that followed him. This wasn't going to work; Matthew just knew it, especially with Ivan having come to ask for an alliance, it would be pure luck if they got anything.

Yet when Alfred came out, even though his arm was in a sling and simply finishing its healing, he had looked the part. He was in an army uniform of the Americana kingdom, the rich cobalt blue of the coat, red lining the collar and the cuffs on the sleeves. He had an assortment of weapons as well, his coat decorated with metals and things, obviously he had managed to get a hold of his old uniform and get them. Though it was for a general, Alfred made it look like that was what royalty wore.

Matthews was redder then Alfred, same thing, Alfred had managed to get it somehow, and it was clearly outshined like everything else Matthew did. He didn't have as many weapons, he was more of the peacekeeper, his whole family had been, Alfred's had power to back up what they said…hardly anything was a compromise.

"You can really clean up you know that America." Gilbert's voice came behind them, and the twin like cousins turned to the voice, finding Francis, Ludwig, Feliciano, Gilbert, and Kiku standing there. "So does…uh…what's his face over there." Gilbert said pointing.

"Matthew." Matthew said with a small smile and Gilbert shrugged him off, muttering to himself about how he was too awesome to remember. Matthew sighed, but didn't say anything else.

"I hate wearing this thing though." Alfred said, picking at the uniform and not the sling…like always.

"You really think this will work?" Kiku asked, his voice soft and gentle like it always was. The two twins glanced at each other, and Matthew noticed even Alfred was unsure, though he didn't show it.

"We have to try." Alfred said finally, his uneasiness working through his voice.

Alfred was always way to optimistic it seemed, there had been times when even he saw the bitter end and yet he smiled and said it would work out when he very well knew it was useless. Yet it had always been in his mind set, that if one thought the better outcome, they usually got something close to it. However here, there was hardly anything that assured they were even going to get past the castle gates, much less see the King, and he did not need the guards looking at him funny to tell him that.

Matthew had confirmed that everyone knew the two were from Americana, but they had been two mere citizens of it, not the royalty they were. The fact that they walked there didn't help either, people at looked at them funny, and it was a known fact guards had them in more then just the corner of their eye. Yet they got to the gates, waiting as the two guards quarreled about who was to be the messenger. Alfred was finding it harder and harder to smile, and there was a crowd gathering.

"We really need to speak with the king." Alfred insisted putting his foot down.

"He has a very important guest…boy." The guard snarled, leaning forward and gripping his double sided axe. "There are more important things then you little dress-up party."

"Dress-up." Alfred shrieked, wincing slightly at the pain in his arm, he noticed the quick concern that flood Matthew. "This is just about everything but that!"

"Alfred, calm down." Matthew cautioned, though Alfred heard, he really wanted to punch the guard in the face.

"Look…can someone just go and tell the king we're here." Alfred snapped lowly, watching as the guard was about to object again. "I don't care if he's with someone fucking important we need to talk with him." Alfred was not going to walk away so easily, his blue eyes were dangerous, Matthew knew that.

"Oi, Norway!" The guard yelled, looking up at the higher up wall, receiving a blank start form some pale blonde man. "Go tell the king he's got impatient guests." The man didn't say anything, still staring blankly, before turning to someone else and muttering something watching as the other scurried of. The guard turned, "happy now."

"More then what I was a minute ago." Alfred said with some posed smile that was just beaming with extremely pissed aura to it. Matthew touched his arm and it disappeared faster then ever, much to both their relief.

"I assure you I'm completely healthy." Arthur said with a bored expression on his face…why did their king have to be so worried about him….there was a bloody kingdom to be worry about. He rested his head in his hand, taking a sip of tea as he did so. His fingers brushed the last bit of the wound, causing him to scowl darkly. "Please tell me you declined that man's bloody wished for alliance."

"Why would I form an alliance when some kingdom's official attacks my most powerful nobleman?" The king informed, causing Arthur to snort slightly, remembering the man had only wished to know if he was okay, and did nothing else. "Why did he attack you again?"

Arthur smiled, few people actually knew it was because Alfred had been under his wing for a while, the king was not one of them. "Something I did indirectly." Arthur said, muttering it into his tea, causing the king to look at him with a questioning look. "Were you familiar with the Americana Royal family?" Arthur asked, placing his cup down.

"They were nothing but a bunch of wild cards…not many choose to get to know them." The king said, in a way that told Arthur that the king didn't bother to get to know them. "Heck that whole kingdom was a wild card."

Arthur went to speak when there was a knock at the door, which caused the king to sigh and mutter a small 'come in'. A servant entered, hurrying over to the king and Arthur. He bowed gently, obviously more worried about getting on Arthur's nerves then the kings. "Pardon my interruption…but there seems to be someone at the front gates demanding to see you." Arthur noticed the surprise written on the king's face, as he did his best to figure out what action to take.

"Do you know who they are?" The king questioned, sending an apologizing glance at Arthur.

"Twin blonde teenagers in Americana Kingdom uniforms sir." The servant said, and Arthur just about chocked on his tea, quickly composing himself like a gentleman should, cursing under his breath…so that's what Alfred had been working on.

Arthur had seen very little of Alfred in the month after the attack, most of it was the to avoiding the other like there was no tomorrow, but the past week Alfred seemed to have been extremely busy, even Matthew had little clue what he was doing. Arthur had of course worked the guts up to actually ask the teen what he was up too. The nobleman had found Alfred hovering over some extremely worn uniform, as working about it with his only good hand. Of course then he was shoved out with a smile and few other words.

It had bothered him…but now he understood. "The bloody twat." Arthur muttered into his hand, coughing a bit, both King and servant were looking at him with wide eyes.

"You know those two?" The king asked.

"I was attacked because I did something indirectly…right, they happened to be the indirectly." Arthur muttered, getting up from his seat gracefully. "I would suggest listening to what they have to say. Besides it's not like we can avoid a war with the Soviet Kingdom now that he knows they been living here."

"Who are they?" The king demanded getting to his feet as well.

Arthur looked at him with a raised eyebrow, he smirked. "A huge wild card." He headed to the door, more than ready to take the back door out of the castle.

Yao sighed slightly, squirming under Ivan's curious childish looks. He had met the man when he was a child, when both of them were mere children. He remembered running around and being a kid, usually stopping Ivan from killing something or kicking the brains out of someone. Unlike his cousin's, Yao knew him at a young age, while the other's had meet him when he wasn't being the Ivan Yao remembered.

Still their childhood friendship still lingered, maybe grew into something more, judging by a few moments in their past. As a friend (lover), Yao knew he had duties to Ivan, but his younger brother (cousin) Kiku held some of Yao's duties as well. Family against each other always ended badly, and friend against friend might end up being like fighting against family with Ivan.

Ivan's purple eyes were trained on Yao, waiting for his answer, and he wasn't going to leave until he got one. It was a simple question, why was it taking so long to answer the question; Ivan was clearly showing his patience was wearing thin.

"I don't know if I can pick a side, aru." Yao said looking down at his robes, beautiful blood red silk. "Kiku and I seemed to be getting on better terms now, aru." Ivan's eyes narrowed dangerously low. "I don't want to betray years of friendship as well, aru." Ivan's eyes widened just enough to show Yao he might not die yet.

"Are you saying you want to be neutral?" Ivan said making it seem like that was the worst thing someone could even think of doing.

"If it's what I feel I must do then, yes, aru." Yao said bracing himself, waiting for the giant hands to shove down his small little frame. But it never came; in fact there was the sound of someone getting up. Yao looked up sharply, to see Ivan was on his feet, peering down with a creep, but loving smile.

"You will come to, da?" Ivan said with a small laugh at the end, his whole face smiling as he turned, leaving Yao in his room. "You will see family is nothing." And with that he was gone.

The King hardly came out of the castle, usually he opened the castle up when it was needed, but he rarely ever sat foot outside of it. So when the huge gates opened and the front guards turned in shocked to find the king making extremely good time towards them, everyone took a huge step back. Matthew took a small step back as well; more then ready to do more if it was need. Alfred didn't move an inch, if anything he stood up straighter; like he always had been his father had called him to court.

"Who sent you?" The king asked before Alfred could even get a word in.

Alfred snapped his head to Matthew, who had sent them here? Ivan? Kiku? Their family? Themselves? None of them seemed to make much sense at all. Their people hadn't sent them either, there was hardly a way to say who sent them and have it make sense. Yet Alfred went with the whole thing, wondering the worst that could actually happened.

"We sent ourselves." Alfred said watching has the king just looked at him. "We're here on royal business…I think." Alfred said looking at Matthew who was looking as if to say 'don't ask me!'

"That makes no sense at all, do you know that." The king said shaking his head; Alfred nodded with a small 'of course'. The king sighed, "You're lucky I was told to listen to you two, if I am right about what you came to talk about, then we best get inside." Alfred and Matthew exchanged looks and hurried followed after the man.

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