I stopped, I could not continue. I could feel Morrigan trying to speak to me, to encourage me to continue but I just could not. Time slipped by and I found my voice again.

"But I also lost love, and had my heart ripped out in the process, and then being left to tie up his loose ends. You see..." My voice broke. I couldn't speak the name I once carried. I could feel Jasper pushing encouragement my way but I refused.

"My given name was Isa... Isabella Marie Swan." My voice was the tiniest whisper.

Chapter 14: Blindfolds Aside


I looked around at the shocked faces that seemed to crowd me. They all stared at me and all I wished was to be invisible, to avoid the sharp looks clouding everyone's face. Then I realized that I could make it true. With a few quickly spoken words I cast a cover spell and held still, I could not risk moving in fear of breaking the spell.

"Goddamn it where the hell did she go?" I heard Emmett say behind me.

"She'll come out when she's good and ready Emm." Peter spoke gently, he, Charlotte and Jasper knew that. Fuck why the hell does Morrigan have pull this crap with me now.

"I have a better question. What is going on with Edward, shouldn't he be here for this? The woman he pined over is now here and he runs off." Rosalie said. "He claimed to have left her for her own good, but yet she seemed to find a way around it. Or better yet, she has been alive for the last what twenty years and we have not caught wind of her."

I watched Esme sob in Carlisle's arms while Rose went on her tangent about me. In all honesty I could care less as to what the blonde thought about me or any of the group, if I was being completely honest or that's what I told myself. She never really mattered to me in the first place it might have been her cold nature to me in the beginning or just she and I had conflicting personalities. It hurt more to watch the woman I had loved as a mother figure sob.

"Rose," Jasper started, "you should not be so harsh on her. You show some compassion, Edward made his choices and so did Scarlet. That is who she is now. She told us, the Bella Swan we once knew died a long time ago." I felt my heart burst with pride as he spoke of me. It warmed me. I saw Jasper's head turn in my direction. Shit, he must have felt that. As quickly has the word shit registered in my brain I knew I was hidden no longer and I found myself on the floor, completely visible.

"Mother fucker!" I shouted, and I knew the Cullen's where looking at Jasper and I on the floor again with shock. "Seriously, stop the staring. Yes I was Bella, and I guess a part of me will always be but that part is deep within me and I do not care to become the girl that I was because in all honesty I grew up. I had too, I accepted my responsibilities." I took a deep breath

" As I said before Morrigan decided to help us out, you have a choice to make and I need answers. And to your question about Edward, Rosalie, he and I came to our peace. Well more so I did. We spoke, myself as the naive seventeen year old girl and he as the same ignorant boy I knew him to be."

"How did you do that?" Alice finally spoke.

"Alice, it was nothing more than a spell. But you need to believe, truly believe that I am the person and Edward did. He believed it almost more than I did. It was nothing more than an illusion, my dear." I quickly conjured some coloured lights that lit up the ceiling. "Dime store magic really."

"But regardless as to what went on with Edward and I is not important, just know he has left to find his own path. I know there is much for you to discuss and honestly I need to go and pack. I can give you two hours to discuss and I will be back."

I left without another word I knew this was a lot for the lot of them to come to terms with everything that I had told them and the fact that I was n o longer the girl they once knew. I was a very strong and powerful supernatural being and that only proved to me that I was meant to become a part of their family from day one. As I sped down the highway back toward my condo in the city I was vaguely aware of the three presences following behind me. I knew it was Peter, Charlotte and Jasper. I knew that their loyalties to me would prove to be invaluable.

"Once we reach my home we need to speak. We have much to discuss also." I spoke in my normal tone knowing very well that they would hear me. I turned the radio on and shuffled till I found the dark sounding music. It helped me slip into the cold and detached person I was for so many years after leaving Pete and Char. It felt like flipping a switch and I knew my features had taken on the cold and cruel that I was and in a sense I still am. I allowed my speed to slow as we neared the city. I felt an evil smirk grace my features as I allowed the car that was following me to overtake my own, I wanted them to see my face, to take notice I was not to be fucked with.

I watched them out of the corner of my eye and saw Charlotte's form in the front seat shudder, and whisper something. It was too quiet for me to hear over the rumble of the vehicles that started to surround us. It was rush hour in the depth of the city, and the majority of city streets were packed with people. I knew this from experience and I had a rented parking spot for my car for such occasions. I smirked at the three in the car ahead of me that had just missed the exit I was about to take to a small garage a block away.

I quickly nodded to the guard and showed him my pass and I entered the lot and flew into my designated spot. I could almost felt as if I had adrenaline pumping threw my veins and my heart would be racing.

I had lived such solitary life where I was the only person in my circle. Which I was in all honesty. I could not allow anyone to get close to me in fear of finding out my secret and I would never be able to live with myself if I allowed anyone to get hurt just because I was lonely, like I was all those years ago. I had plenty of time to plan this with or without help but now that I had found some help, no matter if it was not the full help that was apparently important to my success, but right now it did not matter.

After sitting in the front of the car for who knows how long I finally reached behind my seat and grabbed my small bag I slipped out of the car and began my journey home. It would take Jasper, Peter and Charlotte at least half an hour to reach my home in the thick traffic where it would only be a five minute run in the subway tunnels. It had to be one of the best things about living in a large city, to be able to run the tunnels during the day because sewers just didn't cut it. Quickly I made my way to the underground entrance and to my home.

It did not take me long to make my way to my home, and I headed upstairs without much thought. I did not bother with taking the elevator and headed straight for the stairs and went up. I entered my apartment and looked around the place. Most of the furniture was mismatched and worn with age. The small spare room had become my ritual room. I headed in there without any thought, it was as if my body had been taken there, I knew there were things in there that I would need. I had made potions recently that would prove to be useful and I had a letter that needed to be read. I would need as much help as I could get. I went over to the small lock box in the rear of the room, freed the key from my necklace, slipped it into the lock and turned. Slowly lifting the lid I slipped my free hand into the box and pulled the old envelope from the inside. Then I closed the box and held the letter to my chest. My fingers were on auto-pilot and opened the envelope. I pulled a single sheet of paper from it and opened it slowly.

A photograph fluttered to the ground. I could make out the elegant script that read 'sometimes we have to do things for the greater good. Give up on hopes and dreams so that those meant to further the greater good can move forward.' I reached down, grabbed it and turned it over. There was hope in the words. I would stand strong and complete what my grandmother had planned for me. I knew that I would require a great deal of help but deep down I knew that I would get all the help I needed.

I pondered about this collector and I thought I knew who it was but I was not sure. There was a large possibility that it was Aro but it did not seem likely or logical. Then there was Clayton. I was so unsure of what his end game was. When he started his whole 'project' I was not sure at all of his plans he complied data, that I was sure of, but the purpose of this data? That was lost on me. It could have been for a number of reasons. To see how various species reacted to clinical trials and similar situations. Or maybe he wanted to cross breed us? Or fuck maybe he just wanted to keep us for his own amusement. I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard a slight rasping on my door.


I opened the door and there stood Charlotte, Jasper and Peter.

"Glad you could finally join me?" I smirked.

"Traffic was brutalization you manage to get here so quick?" Peter was first to ask.

"I have my ways," I smiled and made a gesture for them to enter, which they did. "make yourself comfortable I just need a minute and then I have some stuff to run by you to get your thoughts on."

I went back to the ritual room and put the items back where they belonged and left for the living room again. The three had made themselves comfortable and watched me enter.

"As you can guess I want to figure out some sort of plan of attack." I started.

"But you are unsure of how to go about this?" Peter said and I nodded. Unsure was definitely the right word. "Well may I suggest we wait for the Cullen's because I think they will be of some help but phase two should be we head to your home town."

"Yeah, that would be a good idea the letter said there would be another one waiting for us." Jasper added. "We really don't have all the facts yet darling and I know that you want to be done with this, how should I put it," he paused. "This quest. But right now we have to get all of our facts together."

I thought about it for a little while and I had agree it made the most sense to wait for all the facts and not let my imagination run wild. I slowly nodded.

"Come on sug lets go get you a bag packed!" Charlotte spoke joyously. She pulled me from the chair I had unknowingly sat in during our brief discussion.

"I know you have ulterior motives Char." I laughed and I could tell the guys jaws had went slack. I smirked the entire walk to the bedroom. I would just have to wait and play it by ear right now and surprisingly I am okay with that.

A fly on the wall in the Cullen home.

The five remaining members of the Cullen family stood and sat very still for some time as they all digested the knowledge they had just learned. Most of them could not believe what had just transpired in front of their own eyes. They had believed that the woman that had stood before mere minutes ago was a long lost family member.

The first out the trance like state was Carlisle. He cleared his throat unnecessary and spoke slowly and deliberately. "Well this did not turn out like I expected." He chuckled nervously. He was unsure of his whole world at this moment. Rosalie was the next to speak out, but she was angered and spoke with hated.

"who the hell does she think she is? Forcing herself in our lives again and for what to fight in some war that we have no knowledge of." The blonde beauty stood up quickly and started to pace the room, her heels clicking on the polished floors. Her out break seemed to free the other three out of their own stupor.

"It seems we brought this upon ourselves. If we had not of left Bella or Scarlet or who ever she is now, in the first place we would have been prepared for this storm on the horizon. Honestly, I think we should put it to a vote right now and take it from there. Do you not agree Carlisle?" Alice spoke softly.

The blonde leader nodded his head in agreement with his physic daughter. He looked around the room the held what remained of his family members and they all slowly nodded in agreement with them.

"Alright then. All those who say we should stand beside her?" Alice, Emmett and Esme's hand rose in the air. "And against?" Rosalie's 'no' could be heard loudly as she stopped her manic circle.

"But did she not tell us to follow our own hearts?" Emmett interrupts. "Make our own choices?"

"Yes but it involves our family!"Rosalie shouted out.

"It might but we have to make our own choices now. Look what happened when we went the majority rule crap. We left behind Bella and that broke us! Look at what happened with Edward, now he's gone to follow his heart. Why shouldn't we?" Alice practically shouted. Her body was racked with dry sobs for her long lost friend. "I for one choose to stand by her no matter the consequences, I will not leave her in her time of need again."

"Here, here." Emmett joins in. Then he looks over at Rose and realizes that she is angry with him and he shrinks into himself.

"You are right Alice," Esme says softly. "Do what you wish my children, you need to follow your own hearts. You need too."

The motherly figure of the Cullen clan rose from her spot and went to the stairs to climb up and entered her room, she needed to think about what she wanted for once and not the needs of others. She needed to follow her own heart and it was telling her than she should call Scarlet soon and pack. She knew that Scarlet would need her and she would need Scarlet.

The remaining family members went off in their own directions with their own thoughts. Some where angry at the fact that it seemed like spouses and siblings would stand on a different side. The common feeling of loss and pain surrounded them all. They all knew they needed to make this decision on their own.

Alice had already made her way upstairs to pack her bags. She knew her lost sister would need her help and in all honestly she wanted a chance to rebuild the lost friendship between the two. She pondered about some of the things that Scarlet's grandmother had written. She wondered when she would get these 'guiding' visions the unknown woman spoke of. She thought about finding her own true love. She finished packing and by the standards that were completely Alice Cullen there was not enough things but she knew that it would be required to pack lightly. She lithely lifted the large bag and run down the stairs to await her other family members to make their own plans.

Emmett sat upstairs in the bedroom that he shared with his very angry wife. He could swear he saw smoke come out of her ears, that's how angry she was. He knew that she felt that her world was crumbling beneath her and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"Do you remember what that letter said Rosie?" Emmett asked softly.

"Of course I do!" she had stopped her pacing to face her husband. Realization hit her quicker than a ton of bricks. "Keep an open mind." she mumbled.

"Yes dear, you cannot place blame completely on Scarlet. She isn't the person we thought we knew, this woman seems to be tough as nails and won't take this laying down. She reminds me of someone I know well." The burly man smirked.

"I guess you're right." Rose had calmed down and joined Emmett on their bed. "I'm just scared. I do not want to lose you or my family and it seems like when Bella Swan is involved it puts those I love in harms way."

Emmett took her in his arms and comforted her. He already knew what his plans were concerning Scarlet, he would join her no matter what. He would make up for leaving her in her time of need for the rest of his existence if she would allow him to. He hoped Rosie would choose to follow him and help Scarlet.

Rose sat in her husbands arms and thought about her situation with a clear head. She knew that Scarlet had not forced them to join in her mad crusade she gave a very compelling argument and left the final decision up to them as individuals and she knew the big oaf that is her husband missed his little sister and Scarlet would need to her help to keep him in line. She could feel herself relax and she knew at that moment she had chosen.

For Carlisle and Esme there was no real thoughts when it came to choosing to help Scarlet. They would - their compassionate nature proved that. The two worked as a team to pack a medium sized bag for the two to share. Once finished they joined hands and headed down to the living room.

They found Alice waiting for them. They knew that soon they would be on their way. The group watched the stairs waiting for the last of their family members to decide their own fates. The seconds felt like minutes and the minutes like hours, but finally after what seemed like forever they two remaining members descended the stairs.

"What are you all waiting for lets get this show on the road!" Rosalie exclaimed and headed straight for the door without looking back to her shocked family.

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