Communication Breakdown
General/light angst
ChigusaxRakan implied
Because you're a very precious creature - how long would it take for Rakan to see the underlying meaning of those words?
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Rakan had seen Chigusa wrenching weapons out of his body before, smiling the whole experience off, waving aside his worried look with a shrug and the words, "I told you, I don't feel anything. I'm fine." Touji and Narushige had certainly taken his assurances to heart and barely spared him a glance when he was hit. They seemed more concerned about which direction the arrow had come from rather than the person whom it had struck.

For some reason, Rakan had never been able to develop whatever buffer they had. Even now he reached out in concern, his lips parting to ask if he was okay. Before he could say anything, Chigusa had opened his jacket with an amused, indulging expression to show him the blood-red bandages that had already covered the wounds.

Swallowing, Rakan tried to ignore his pounding heart and the damp chill that settled in it every time Chigusa got hurt. What the hell kind of messed up world was it that this man – already carrying the weight of his own burdens – had to put himself through lethal injuries to constantly protect him?

He forced back tears, knowing they would only prompt a maddenly-calm explanation from the person now re-buttoning his bloody jacket with a smile. There was a swish of clothing as Chigusa shifted his gun to his other hand and held out his free one to Rakan.

"Get up, it's safe."

"No, it's not."

"Yes it is," Chigusa insisted. "I've delayed the marksman who shot the arrow."

"No," Rakan replied. "I didn't mean that. I meant…I'll get up, and we'll go someplace else and someone else will take a shot at me and you'll dive in front of me again–"

"But I have to protect you," he said, his expression behind his goggles perfectly relaxed. "You're–"

"Yeah, I know, I'm a very precious creature," Rakan muttered, getting up without help and turning away, leaving Chigusa to stare after him in confusion.

"Did I…say something wrong?" he asked, glancing over at Touji – who, quite frankly, looked alarmed at the fact that Chigusa was speaking to him at all.

"No, it's more like what you did," Narushige said quietly, joining them. "You ought to know by now how much it upsets him when you're injured."

"But I have to," he replied. "Rakan is–"

"Yes, we know, he's a Sanome," Narushige interrupted. "We're all aware of how important that is to your immortality."

Chigusa's smile slipped as frustration crossed his face. "No, he's a very precious creature."

Narushige sighed. Touji, seizing his chance, sidled away to join Rakan. Koh, returning to his snake form, coiled himself around Narushige's neck and sing-songed something that earned him a bop on the head from his human partner. They all seemed oblivious to Chigusa's failed attempts to communicate, leaving him to stand there alone and try to puzzle out what he was doing wrong.

How long would it take, he wondered, before Rakan would figure out that he wasn't talking about his Sanome abilities?

Notes: I'm sure that when Chigusa first used that phrase for Rakan, he meant Rakan was a Sanome, and therefore valuable. I'm also sure that after a few volumes in, when he uses it, the Sanome abilities were the last things on his mind. ;3 Oh Chigusa, your emotionally-stunted attempts at explaining your feelings are so cute. 3

I have no explanation for why I use the 'oh' in Koh's name and yet the 'ou' in Touji. I guess...the 'h' just looks better for Koh?