By: Emo Fox


Indescribable pain.

Naruto couldn't even sum up what he was feeling in this one horrible moment.

It was raining.

Of course it would be raining.

He was soaked to the bone yet he didn't feel it. Didn't feel anything at all, he felt numb except for the vice that was crushing his heart.

Everyone was gone.

The eulogy was never spoken and only Sakura, Kakashi and Iruka had even offered anything for Sasuke's grave though Naruto was sure it was probably only because of him that they had even came.

This wasn't how it was supposed to end.

This wasn't the way Naruto had wanted to bring Sasuke home.



Sasuke wasn't those things!

He wasn't!

Naruto was on his knees, broken, no more tears left to cry. The name was etched on the Uchiha monument in the middle of the cemetery.

Uchiha Sasuke.

There were no additional words, no personal texts.

Everyone had stopped caring.

Everyone but Naruto.

It didn't matter now, it was all over – his devotion hadn't mattered.

Sasuke had attacked the village, had tried to destroy it.

Konoha had won.

They killed Sasuke.

The threat was gone.

The last Uchiha dead.

Only Naruto would mourn him.





Naruto carved all those things in the stone, carved everything Sasuke really stood for.


One thing he wished he could have been.




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