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Internal Struggles

The girl, plain as paper,

Strolls into the room.

I mustn't let my expression waver,

As she nears me much too soon.

Her mind is silent and dark,

As she sits by my side.

And I feel that deadly spark,

Nearly losing control inside.

If I should let my mind slip,

My family's work will be waste.

So now my restraint mustn't trip

And class must end with haste.

She must start to wonder,

Why I act in such a way.

It's a force strong as thunder,

Deep within me to stay.

Again I remind myself,

A monster you're not.

I must put the urge on a shelf,

Before I get caught.

Why can I not go back,

To who I used to be?

To a time before this rugged track,

Where I was a different me?

I cannot hear her feelings,

Like she's inside a bubble.

While my special sense is reeling,

She must think I have mental trouble.

Finally I hear the shrill bell,

Signaling the end of my struggle.

In rush I don't utter a farewell,

While thirst and frustration I juggle.

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