Origin of the Demons ch 1

A sleepless Naruto sits a top of a cliff and is looking in to the beautiful night sky. The fresh air of the night sneaks into his nose. At the bottom to his feet's there lays a colorful jungle waving because of the strong wind blowing and sparkling in a silver shine under the moon. He must think to what his father told him short after re-sealing of the Kyuubi. The words Minato spoke now echoes louder than ever in his head. "The masked guy of Akatsuki, he was behind the Kyuubi attack 16 years ago. He could see through all my movements while he directed the Kyuubi from the shadows. He is manipulating Akatsuki as he manipulated the Kyuubi…" "Who or what is this guy, no one can tell me and how could he be able to control the Kyuubi like that and more important, what does he plan…" Naruto thinks plangent. "Is there no one who can tell me…" he wonders while sighting and looking in the abyss in front of him. Silence all over. Thousands of moths levitate above the huge forest under his feet now. "The Kyuubi was not responsible at all for that time. He may not even be as evil as I though so long, even if he appears to be and pleads to be so. Should I maybe speak to him if he can tell me about anything? Does he even know who controlled him? But even if, I doubt he will talk with me…" he thinks fearful while he slow shakes his head and breaths hard.

Naruto looks into the emptiness which now came upon the world. " … He might not talk with me but I have to try. This is the only chance I might have if I want to find something out and maybe I somehow can make a deal with him. The Fox sure is angry, as powerful as the Kyuubi is that the masked guy used the nine tails like a pet…" he thinks carefully. "What shall I do, shall I try my luck or not…" while he speaks this words he scratches his head facing the wind that mighty blows in his face up there where he is. Then sudden he remembers what his father told him "…because you're my son…" Father, I won't try to control the fox but I will try to befriend with him. Then he may tell me everything willingly." Confident he leans back close his eyes and searches the Kyuubi in his inner.

"All right, I'll do it I will visit the fox now and talk with him, not to him…" A few seconds later he stands before the cage and looks for the Kyuubi. Naruto can't see a thing in this darkness and steps nearer. Then he is next to the door, so close the fox could slash him now. Sudden something jumps out of the dark and hits the door. It makes a horrible tone, exploding and hammering on the bars. Naruto didn't move an inch. "You, YOU!!! cursed decent of the fourth who imprisoned me within you. Why are you here again?! Your father fixed the seal again but one day; one day it will weaken again and then, then I will finally control YOU!!!" the Kyuubi enraged shouts. "I'm here to talk with you." Naruto calm says. "You want to talk WITH me and why do you assume I want to talk with you?" still yelling the demon returned will slashing towards Naruto and the bars. "It wasn't right of my father to imprison you…" Naruto nice says. "What?!!!" the Kyuubi buffed comments. "It was not right from my father to jail you away, even if it was for the leafs sake. You were controlled by somewhere else, your innocent of the attack. You were used as a tool, nothing else." "And why do you assume I am not as evil as I'm really?" "I… don't know…" "…" "Somehow after learning you were used you don't feel as evil as you felt before anymore." Naruto compassionate states. "What does a pathetic human like you know?" The Kyuubi somehow different from the times before throws towards Naruto. "Not as much as I should but I can see your hate towards humans, especially my father for imprison you and the masked guy who controlled you. This dark hell, this dark, lonely hell black hell and the curse to be unable to do something, the longing for freedom… I see everything in you, this is the reason you wanted the control over my body, to be able to do things by yourself. Some may say the tailed demons are just rampaging chakra, only like a sometimes occurring natural disaster… but I, I see a consciousness of a normal being in you, not as a demon or a beast." Naruto with a few small tears says. "You know nothing…" the Kyuubi way calmer than before says. "Oh yes, I know, I know where your hate comes from. I felt the same in my childhood. Therefore I at least have a small imagination of what you feel." Naruto back ready states. "You can't tell, you didn't witness it for ages…" The Kyuubi with a sad voice and looking towards the side explains. "Yes, you are right. Human don't live so long but still, I feel it in you. You only want to be accepted for what you are and live normal life like others. You also just want peace for yourself and the other tailed…" This made the Kyuubi shut thinking. "We share a body or rather you are imprisoned in mine but I am able to allow you to share it with me and I know this is what you want to. This would allow you to also have a happy life, at least for some parts. However, I feel you're not that evil and I could allow you this but only if I know you won't go amok. I can see your hate and I understand it somehow because I also went through a similar kind of hate in my early childhood but I didn't kill all of them. Instead, I made them to realize that I am not as bad as the looked upon me, I found friends and you can do the same you just must overcome your hate." Naruto ended expecting an answer. "Kid, you're a strange kind of human. You somehow made me see the good in human again and I see you trust me. From now on we will be equal partner and I won't try to overthrow you as long as I have fate in you." The Kyuubi in a friendly and honest voice states. "I'm happy we became friends now. If I release the seal now father probably won't show up again to fix it… there will be no turning back anymore then but I trust you now so therefore I will do it." He ended happy and takes the seal away entirely. Soon before it is away complete again an image of Minato appears. "I feel it; I don't see anything sinister in the Kyuubi anymore. I'm proud of you my son. And Kyuubi, I'm sorry that I imprisoned you here all this time but back then I had no other chance against the guy who controlled you if I wanted to protect the village. Together you and my son will be able to stop him…" Then he vanishes once and for all. "Father… thank you" Naruto says eased.

"The masked guy… can you tell me anything about him my friend?" Naruto adds to the Kyuubi. "Yes and no" the Kyuubi answers unsure. "What do you mean by that?" he wonders. "Well, he is Uchiha Madara, besides Rikoddu who summoned us or rather the one synchronized with the Gedo Maso only the eternal Mangekyo Sharingan can execute some control over the Bijuus… The Kyuubi starts but Naruto wondering interrupts. "Gedo Maso?" "…Long story I will tell another time but the man behind the mask is this guy called like that" The Kyuubi tells. "But how is this possible? I rarely paid attention in history lesson or anywhere in school but one thing I know for sure is if he really is that one, he must have lived way above hundred years by now because he was already old when Konoha was founded and he is the founder, besides the legendary first Hokage. No one can live so long, at least if he or she is human." He wows. "I also don't know this. I only know that he is the same guy who already 'used' me fighting against Senju Hashirama and later again against your father." "The first Hokage…" Naruto astonished speaks. "I have no idea why he is still alive but he certainly is the same person, just more… shady. He may have something to do with the gods we were meant to stand against." The Kyuubi diagnosed. "What do you mean by that again?" Naruto totally surprised asks. "Well, since we already came to this point I think I can tell you the whole story about Rikoddu and us tailed beasts as well…