Naruto now stands expecting in front of the Kyuubi. Sudden the Kyuubi appears to mutate into something smaller. Soon after Naruto obviously looks into an invisible mirror because the Person who now stands before him looks exactly like Naruto when he has fox eyes. "So that's what I looked when I engulfed myself with your chakra, somehow creepy with this eyes but also cool as well. However, you wanted to tell me about everything about the past and your origin." "Yes…" and somehow painful up looking the Kyuubi begins his story. "As you probably know Naruto, chakra consists of body- and spiritual energy. This means each life form with a body has chakra and all chakra originally is bound to a vessel, a body." "But aren't the tailed beings only made of chakra, Ero-sennin told me about it once and according to you, chakra needs a body to exist because it is made of body- and spiritual energy?!" Naruto interrupts while stepping back a little. Soon the Kyuubi resumes his story still looking up." That is true so far but some beings, like we Demons or Madara have such a strong will, with very different ideals and urges that they can exist without a body though very limited in their abilities of their former bodies. Nevertheless, they even more powerful with spiritual chakra based techniques. Hitting them is also only possible with spiritual chakra itself. Body damaging techniques have no effect." The Kyuubi takes a break here and Naruto states his observance from his fight with Madara a while ago. "So that is probably the reason why my Rasengan could not hit him back then." "That seems the reason. Therefore the only way to damage him is if we work together. However, the existence of spiritual beings is very time limited as well." "And that is why the Bijuus in their original form only show up for a short time span in a while." Naruto notes and looks down thoughtful. "The more powerful you are the longer it takes you as such a being to materialize, if it has no body source it can draw energy from." The Kyuubi ends and after a few heartbeats of thinking Naruto takes the word again looking right in the demonic but friendly eyes of his mirror image. "I believe I understand enough for now but now what, has this to do with Gedo Maso. Don't tell me…" he suddenly surprised stops. "Good analytical skill, As Madaras original body before he became a spiritual entity, the Gedo Maso statue is the original body of us demons or rather tight related to our bodies." "What does this mean…" he thinks hit. "This story goes way back in time, centuries, before your birth, before the villages and even way before the time of wars. In fact it is even before the today known Ninja world even existed…" Naruto is totally baffled now and it is clearly written on his face expression. The shock made him even sweat.

"Rikoddu the Sage founded the Ninja world. He first saw chakra on the mortal level because he had the eyes of a god, the Rinnengan. Back then the gods fought to become the Lord of your world. Some wanted to make this world to another hell and others stood against them to found a paradise. Then once a god wanted to fight with a creature native to this world in hope it would grant him an advantage. This was the birth of Rikoddu the sage. With his help he could drive back many but with each foe he defeated, a stronger one appeared to take the place. The other gods then made the same and so the today known Kekkai Genkais were firstly created. Meanwhile many of these bloodline limits died out but the remaining are still blessed with the power of these gods. The future should bring more such powers developed from human themselves by using the chakra who remained from the gods in different ways. Anyway, this were not important back then and not even I know all who outlast to today… Back to the task at hand. In the end he had to face the last and strongest of all of them. This cost many of the good god's life and with time more and more gave up. In the end only few deities remained but just four of them were even to the forces of evil. Nevertheless, the counts spoke against the good forces and the god who posses Rikkodu found a new world out of all and this one was somehow untouchable for the gods." Naruto listens to all very attentive and concentrated like he never ever was before. He wanted to learn everything so it could maybe help him to bring peace and to understand things. He can see all what the Kyuubi tells him in his spiritual eye such as if he would witness it in reality and live.

"The reasons for this were the living beings within. They all were too powerful to even let gods try to lay a hand on them; these beings were me and my relatives. He tried and tried to find ways to use us for good and eventually discovered Gedo Maso which allowed him to summon and hold part of the powers we had. The best and also the worst was the person who syncs with the statue can control it and with it the might within. In exchange for this power the user, if he or she is not pure enough gets crippled as long as he posses and uses them. Since the power was great enough he thought it is a fair contract. With these forces at hand he destroyed the devils but died during the fight and the good gods came in control. This ended the fight. However, Rikkoddu wanted the use of this world's energy as he named it to use in a peaceful way. He hoped his following gods and goddess would guide the humans to use Ninjutsu as a tool to assist in their needs and daily works. He also wanted us to be viewed as what we are, guardians of peace but time changed human and human hated us out of fear. Then, unfortunately human started to use Ninjutsu for fight and war at some point in history and then completely forgot the actual mean Ninjutsu has. This ended in the great age of war. This events eventually led to us to loose more and more faith in you humans and corrupted us. We got disappointed over and over again and it ended in us to hate human as much as they hate us. More and more hate in an unending circle of killing and avenging." As the tailed said this, bad feelings echoed in his voice. "Even when the human found a way to seal us within them we only got used as tools for war, just like an extremely powerful weapon. It was big time luck that a few of the most powerful Shinobi came back to senses and created the village system. It didn't bring back the old peaceful times but it at least lessened the wars and therefore was a step in the right direction. Madara instead is one of the legacies the hating gods left. He is even powerful enough to destroy everything and bring back the dark times. He may even want, if he knows about what I just told you, be able to resurrect the fallen gods or work for their advantage without knowing. Still, as long as at least one of us guards is active and not sealed within the Gedo Masu it should be impossible to bring them back though I don't know how our imprisoning in humans affects this whole story but a Jinchuriki can access our power to fight back. What ever it is we shouldn't try to find out and stop him as soon as possible." Then the fox stops while turning away and back to Naruto.

"So that is were you and you comrades come from, your part of beings from another world who are meant to guard our world and the original intention for Ninjutsu was assisting tools and not ways to attack and kill each other. I have no idea how this worked back then but it sure helped me to find an answer for bringing peace. Yet, the current biggest thread to peace is Uchiha Madara and Sasuke obviously follows the same path for now. First I have to safe Sasuke from becoming such a monster as Madara is and with the knowledge and understanding I have now, there may be a way to still safe him. I hope I meet him before it is too late. Madara already influences him to much. Thank you Kyuubi for sharing this story with me I will show the world that peace is possible without violence and bring back peace with you help and your age old knowledge."

He now leaves his inner to be back in the world taint in hate. He still sits on top of the cliff and wakes up from his trance. He shakes his body a little to loosen his stiff joints and neck. As he opens his eyes he does not realizes his sage eyes who are now permanent just with a more human and knowing touch and must discover that the sun is about to rise. He stands up to let the gentle morning breeze cuddle his face and hairs. The valley in front of him, down before his feet's, sparkles in a beautiful morning light which makes it look precious and priceless. The first birds chirp to greet the new day and to find food for their valuable children. Naruto remains there for a few heartbeats to swallow the fresh and sweet morning air and to view this wonderful sunrise in a landscape untouched and peaceful. No drawing, not even from the best artist who life today could catch this sight at its fullest beauty. "It would be so nice if Hinata could see this together with me as well now…" A few seconds pass before Naruto turns around to find back to his current traveling companions.