by Valerie Vancollie

"Threepio, you tell that slimy piece of worm ridden filth he'll get no such pleasure from us," Han stated before turning to Chewie. "Right?"

At this Chewie roared his agreement.

Inside his sailing barge Jabba the Hutt laughed silently before he motioned for the guards to move Luke into position. Immediately the guards freed Luke's hands before they pushed him out onto the plank. Luke stepped forward and stopped at the edge of the plank before he looked down into the mouth of the waiting Sarlacc. Smiling silently to himself Luke looked up towards Jabba's sailing barge.

"Jabba!" he called out confidently. "This is your last chance, free us or die!"

At this Jabba, his guards, and his guests burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter. Standing next to Jabba Leia bit her lower lip nervously as she watched Luke. She desperately hoped that he knew what he was doing as their plan had long since fallen to ruin. When Jabba finally finished laughing he rumbled something to Threepio who turned to face the barge carrying Han and Luke.

"Push him in," Threepio translated before turning around. "Ow dear I can't bear to watch. My poor master!"

Han struggled with his bonds knowing that Luke was about to die. Calmly Luke looked down as the plank groaned under his weight. Quickly he looked over his shoulder and saw that the guards were getting ready to push him off the plank and into the open mouth of the hungry Sarlacc. Turning back he brought his hand up and saluted, a signal he had arranged with Artoo earlier, then he jumped off the plank.

Leia nearly gasped as she watched Luke jump, horror and fear taking her voice before she could call out. But then she saw Luke twist impossibly in mid air and grip the edge of the plank he had jumped off of. Leia was about to heave a sign of relieve when there was a sudden loud SNAP as the plank snapped in two.

With a small, startled, cry Luke fell down into the mouth of the Sarlacc still clinging onto the broken off edge of the plank.

"Noooooooooo!" Leia finally managed to call out just as Luke disappeared into the mouth of the Sarlacc.

"Luke?" Han asked with a sinking feeling in his stomach as he tried desperately to see what was happening.

Chewie roared an enraged response as he pushed Han down and attacked one of the guards. Instantly two more guards raised their blasters and fired at Chewie while Lando tried to take out the third guard. Lando struggled with the guard for a moment before he was blasted by one of the other guards.

"Chewie?!" Han asked as he was hauled to his feet. "Chewie?!"

"The Wookiee is dead," one of the guards said as he pushed Han onto what remained of the plank.

Inside Jabba's sailing barge Leia tried frantically to get away as Jabba pulled her closer.

"Let me go!" Leia exclaimed almost hysterically. "Don't kill Han! You've already killed Luke and Chewie!" Leia said totally forgetting about Lando.

Jabba just laughed as he licked Leia's face before he signaled for the guards to push the struggling Han into the Sarlacc.

"Let me go!" Han demanded. "When I get out of here you'll all be very...." Han suddenly stopped as the ground disappeared from beneath his feet.

He gave a startled cry before he too disappeared into the Sarlacc's open mouth.

"Nooooooooooooo!" Leia called out as she saw the last person she cared about literally disappear into the jaws of death.

Rising from his life pod on board the Executor Lord Darth Vader suddenly fell back into his seat as a wall of pain and agony slammed into him. For a moment Vader sat still, wondering where the pain and agony was coming from, before he realized that it was coming from his son. He was just about to reach out and touch his son's mind when the pain and agony suddenly disappeared along with the life of his only son.

Vader sat still for a few more minutes, wondering what had happened, how his son had died. Finally, being unable to figure it out, he turned his thoughts to the fact that Luke was dead and the implications it held. Now that Luke was dead there was no way for him to kill Palpatine and take over the Empire, he simply wasn't strong enough to do it on his own.

Telling himself that another opportunity would arise Vader stood, thinking Luke's death was no big loss. And yet there was a hollow feeling inside of him that just wouldn't go away no matter how hard he pretended that he didn't care.

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March 1999

"I have a very bad feeling about this" -Luke Skywalker