I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho, but I do own this poem. Steal it, and you'll die…a very painful death. And no I'm not making money from this. It's for a challenge. 35fantasies at LJ to be exact. The challenge number is 1. Tears of a phoenix.

A/N: Yusuke/Suzaku is the pairing in this poem. Don't like that? Kiss my ass. Don't like unrhymed poetry? Again, kiss my ass. If you have a rough time getting this, think of it this way: it's a very abstract version of their final fight. I just distorted it to suit my pairing purpose. It's beautiful in its own way to me, and I won't change it for a single soul. Think of it as Yusuke having a really strange dream or something. Oh and I'm aware that Yusuke doesn't have a poetic bone in his body, but what can I say? +shrugs+

by Ainohimitsu on 6.29.09
at 184 words

Yusuke's POV

You rise before me, a demon angel.

Orange tendrils of flame, tinged reddish-gold,
curl around your form. Wavering sparks,
cautious, unsure of me, reach out to me.
You want to know if I'm yet your enemy.

Your energy, a caress of lightning
against my skin. A jolt of misery
clamors through my heart.

You whisper:
Stay with me.

I can't, I respond.

An angry visage, your fire mane lashes
about your head. Your violet eyes storm.
Tears fall, unbidden, from them.

My phoenix,
I have to kill you.

But I love you.

Wings of fire spread from your ethereal form.
I won't linger my thoughts on your beauty.
It's do or die. It's freedom or your bars.
I'll save us both. I'll break our gilded cage,
golden and red with rage. I'll save you, love.

You won't have to cry anymore. You'll be free.

You'll be reborn.
And I'll find my demon angel again.

The blast from my hand douses the light, and…
You disappear in my arms. Red-gold flecks
of light shimmer the world to black.

My last thought:
I love you, Suzaku.