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Goosebumps Adventure and AKH: Curse of the Mummy

3000 Years Ago

Thebes, Egypt

Ancient Egypt in all its glory and splendor in the time of the Ancient Kingdom. The time in which the Great Pyramid was as fresh and splendorous that when the sun touched the tip of the pyramid, it gleamed. The Sphinx was still in construction at this time, so it was only apparent that there would still be workers finishing the final touches. That and it still had fresh paint on it that hadn't faded with the passage of time. That and its nose was still on its face.

The royal city courtyard of Thebes were thriving with its people. Statues of the Ruler of the Dead, Anubis were placed in key areas of the City Square. People were walking to and from their daily lives; either shopping or walking/playing with a dog or two. Truly, a prosperous time for the Kingdom and its people.

Thebes… City of the Living

Riding in a chariot, at fair speeds down the road, was a prominent royal figure. It was evident to his cone shaped beard, his jeweled Egyptian crown, and his splendorous tunic. It was also evident that he was royalty, for whenever he passed a soldier, they would bow and place his spear tip to the ground. In that time, it was a prominent way to show respect to someone of royal blood.

Crown jewel of Pharaoh Seti the First.

Inside the Palace

The royal palace was extravagant in its design; paling the city's beauty in its comparison. However, the focus of attention was the figure standing on the balcony overlooking the city of Thebes. The figure was male, Egyptian Caucasian, probably in his mid twenties or thirties, and bald. He was wearing what appeared to be a simple waist tunic, but a black robe, depicting symbols and patterns of the Scarab Beetle, a sacred insect sign of Egypt's ancient magic, as well as a necklace of scarab and Anubis design on it. The man looked down at the courtyard, stern at what he was witnessing.

Home of Imhotep. Pharaoh's high priest; keeper of the Dead.

In the courtyard, a young Egyptian, who appeared to be royalty as well, was training with soldiers in the courtyard. the boy appeared to be sixteen and a half, slim but athletically built, brown skin, short blackened brown hair, cut in what appeared to be a surfer's hairstyle; shaggy and spiky in some areas, but with a small braid bang on the left side, and brown eyes sharpened with serious determination. He was dressed in only a white tunic around his waist, golden sandals, and had two gold arm wristbands as he wielded two Egyptian style scimitar swords. He parried against a few sparring guards, some of the best the kingdom could provide him.

However, in the end, he had beaten them all, showing only one slash mark on his left arm, and just a few drops of sweat.

Birthplace and training ground of Prince Khoru; guardian of the Sacred Books.

Inside the palace, walking down the torch lit, and statue filled hallways, walked a figure towards a bed chamber. The figure was female, early twenties almost, beautiful with raven black hair going down her back and front, and aside from the one piece tunic around her waist, the rest of her was completely bare. But all over her body was body paint of gold and black designs, giving her a complete stunning look.

And birthplace of Anck-Su-Namun, Pharaoh's mistress. No other man was allowed to touch her.

She walked down the hallway, passing a few statues that resembled holy men of Egyptian lineage. As she passed them, they suddenly moved, indicating that they were actually men, just painted gold and robed in gold as well. The men silently moved towards the opened gateway door, carefully and quietly trying to close the door, as Anck-Su-Namun entered the bed chamber.

As she entered the chamber, her pace slowed down a bit, and she smiled as she saw who was waiting for her. Standing in the middle of the room, was Imhotep. She stopped as the two were now six inches away from each other.

But for their love… they were willing to risk life itself.

And in that moment, the two shared a passionate kiss, that nearly washed away all the dullness that they showed in public. However, as they did, Imhotep had foolishly touched the Mistress's arm, not realizing he was smearing the body paint on it.

Back at the door, as the holy men began to close it finally, it burst open. The priests stepped back, bowing their heads in penitence, as none other than Prince Khoru stepped in. freshly bathed and dressed accordingly for a prince, he had come in to speak to his father's mistress on some urgent and distressing news. However, he looked confused as he looked and saw his father's priests in the room. He looked to them and asked in Ancient Egypt, "What are you all doing here?"

The young prince then paid them no mind, as for now he had to confront Anck-Su-Namun at this point. He strode forward to the bedchamber, not even noticing the priests closing the door this time. As he entered the chamber, he saw Anck-Su-Namun standing casually, leaning on a cat statue petting the head of it. Khoru stopped only one foot from her as he looked at her questionably. Something was… amiss about this; she had seemed normal, but from the way she was standing, she was obviously hiding something.

He then looked angered for a moment, as he pointed to her left shoulder, "Who has touched you?"

Anck-Su-Namun looked at Khoru puzzled, until she turned to look at her shoulder. She then looked to Khoru in fear, but then that subsided in one for relief.

Khoru sensed someone behind him at that point as he turned around. He had thought it was his father, either finding out about this, or figuring it was he who had touched her. But that came to not as he came face to face with his father's high priest, Imhotep. He pulled out one of his scimitars as Khoru looked at him in shock and disbelief, "Imhotep?" Imhotep just looked at him, unfazed by the prince's surprised expression, "My father's Priest and trust friend?"

Suddenly, he turned around sharply, as he felt a presence about to attack him from behind. He stopped the attack from none other than Anck-Su-Namun, grabbing her by the wrist to prevent her from stabbing him with a dagger. However, he had not taken notice of what happened next.

Imhotep had taken the prince's sword, and stabbed him in the back. Prince Khoru yelled out in pain; and had let go of the Mistress's hands, allowing her to stab him in the front. He yelled again, as the two continuously began to stab him profusely as Imhotep's priests continued to do so.

But it stopped as they heard banging from the main chamber door. They stopped, allowing Khoru to crash on his knees and his head hang as he kneeled there, bleeding to death. The banging continued as Imhotep's priests hurried into the room, as Imhotep had deduced what it was, "Pharaoh's bodyguards."

Anck-Su-Namun looked to Imhotep as she pleaded to him in desperation, "You must go! Save yourself!"


"Only you have the power to resurrect me," Anck-Su-Namun persisted, catching Imhotep's attention as he looked surprised by this decision.

Suddenly, the doors burst open as Pharaoh Seti marched in. he had heard the cries of his son, Khoru, only moments ago as he had returned from Cairo. As soon as he heard them, he ordered his body guards, the Maji, to come with him immediately to where he heard the screams. Behind him, tanned and tattooed strong men, carrying bladed weapons at the ready to kill whatever had caused the strange ruckus, and to help their prince.

But as soon as they entered the room, Seti's face went pale in shock at what he saw. His son, on his knees, nearing death as blood seeped through multiple slash and stab wounds on his body. The Maji stopped behind the king, as he and his loyal bodyguards saw Mistress Anck-Su-Namun, standing behind the young prince, and still clutching the murder weapon dripping with blood. But before any interrogation or explanation could begin, Anck-Su-Namun announced to the King, "My body is no longer your temple."

But before anything else could happen, the Prince, with his last ounce of strength, got on his feet, turned around, and in a flash, ran his blade through Anck-Su-Namun, killing her instantly.

The two slumped to the ground, now fully dead, and oozing out blood from their dying corpses. Hidden in the veils, was Imhotep as he saw the whole thing, silently vowing to do as she had asked: resurrect his fallen love.

That Night

Several chariots made their way in the darkened desert, going faster than any at all. Imhotep leading the way as fast as he could. Behind them were two chariots, carrying two sarcophaguses.

To resurrect Anuk-su-Namun, Imhotep and his priests broke into her crypt and stole her body, as well as Prince Khoru's.

The chariots raced fast until they made their final destination. A city, covered in darkness but lit up barely by torches, but was silhouetted by the moonlight.

They raced deep into the desert, taking Anuk-su-Namun's and Khoru's corpses to Hammunaptra, City of the Dead, ancient burial site for the sons of pharaohs, and resting place for the wealth of Egypt.

Inside the City

Beneath the Dark Caverns

Imhotep led his priests down a darkened stairway, as they prepared for the Resurrection. Imhotep, had in his arms as he walked down the stairway, a black stone tablet book of sorts. For his love, Imhotep dared to cause anger by going deep into the city, where he took the black Book of the Dead from its holy resting place. The book contained within it all the sacred ancient spells of the Old Kingdom… and within it, the spell to resurrect Anck-Su-Namun.

The two bodies had been placed side by side on separate sacrificial tables. Both of them cleaned up and prepared for burial. However, Khoru's body had one piece of jewelry around his neck. The jewelry was a pendant of sorts, with golden string and tied to it, a pendant shaped like that of a mighty hawk, and embedded into it a perfectly cut triangular blue sapphire. This was known as the Falcon of Ra, to some, and was said to contain mystical properties of sorts. What they were, was unknown at this time.

Boht Anuk-Su-Namun and Prince Khoru's souls had been sent to the dark Underworld. Both their vital organs removed, and each were placed in five sacred Canopic jars for them both.

Imhotep had begun the ritual, starting with Prince Khoru's body. He had never performed a resurrection of this magnitude, but by testing it on the young prince, he was sure to get it right. He recited the incantation of the spell, and out of the pool that was close to the altars, a misty form began to slide out of it. It then glided straight towards Khoru's body as it floated upward, and slowly merged with the body. The priests and Imhotep began to chant aloud and even faster, until the soul completely merged with the body.

Suddenly, Prince Khoru shot up, gasping for air as he hunched over, coughing.

Prince Khoru's soul had come back from the dead.

But before Imhotep could being with the ritual, Pharaoh and his royal bodyguards rushed into the room, and surrounded him and his priests.

but Pharaoh's bodyguards followed Imhotep and stopped him before the ritual was complete on Anck-Su-Namun.

Preparation Chamber

The room was filled with screams and the sound of organs being removed from bodies. It was evident that Pharaoh Seti had brought along torturers, but by the looks of things, it was completely different. The priests, Imhotep's priests, weren't being tortured… nay, they were being mummified alive… with nothing to kill the pain or to put them to sleep. This was their punishment, as their leader was being held by the bodyguards.

Imhotep's priests were condemned to be mummified alive. As for Imhotep, he was condemned to endure the Hom Dai, the worst of all ancient curses. One so horrible had never been done before.

As the guards held him, an embalmer took a blade, while another pried open Imhotep's mouth, and pulled his tongue out. And with a slow motion, they cut out his tongue with his mumbled scream. Afterwards, they had him wrapped up in bandages and placed in a sarcophagus, but before they closed the lid, they had one last act to perform on him. One of the embalmers walked up, and with an urn he carried, poured in what were dozen of scarab beetles… very hungry scarab beetles.

Imhotep's screams were muffled as they crawled all around him. Then as fast as they could, they sealed him inside a locked sarcophagus, and another one to be sure that he stayed locked up.

Later On


The Medjai hurried fast as they buried the sarcophagus deep within the sands. And they buried him under the base of the statue, Anubis, Keeper and Ruler of the Egyptian Dead.

He was to remain sealed inside his sarcophagus, the undead for all eternity.

The Medjai would never allow him to be released.

For he would arise a walking disease, a plague upon mankind, an unholy flesh-eater with the strength of the ages, power over the sands, and the glory of invincibility.

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