The Coliseum hotel plan of Rui

" Wes, you are free for tonight" the hotel owner informed them as Wes and Rui walked up towards the luxury suite. " Well get ready to hit the hay, tomorrow we bring you home" Wes said before going into the bathroom for a shower. " Oh, but who said we will be sleeping apart tonight" Rui whispered to herself with a smirk before walking into your room with a bag of new cloths. Wes may have never shown any of his feelings for her she could detect, but she was going to set those feelings free

" Rui shower's open" Wes called as he stepped out of the shower in his pajamas. " Rui; Rui shower's open Rui?" Wes continued to ask for her. " Here" Rui said standing in the doorway to the shower in purple-blue lingerie. " Rui" Wes said disturbed. " Do you like what you see" Rui said walking over to him and touching his chin seductively. " Yes, but this isn't like you" Wes sputtered half worried and half impressed. " So you actually start to act like an inhabitant of Pyrite" Wes teased back at her lustful appearance which was truly out of character for her. " Oh my dark knight" Rui said before capturing his lips in a kiss while un buttoning his shirt part of his Pajamas. It revealed his well-muscled chest with a bit of hair on it. " Oh la I like what I see" Rui teased as she ended the heated kiss for air before diving back in for another one. She felt his hands move onto her back to where the buckles to her very tiny top were located. He quickly removed it and then moved his arms towards her now exposed medium creamy breasts and began to squeeze them. "Wes, more please more" She sputtered in her lust filled haze. He then answered by pushing her onto the bed as she managed to move her hands to his pants and pulled them down also by mistake removing his boxers. He had a pretty big penis. " Well I think we forgot something my little sidekick sweetie" Wes said before removing her panties revealing her nice pussy. " So do you really want to do it" Wes said before he lost control. " I know I wish to lose my virginity to you Wes, so do it" Rui said with strength as she locked her long slender legs around his waist and thrust him into her and broke her virginity. Tears welled in her eyes that were quickly kissed away by Wes. " Should I stop," Wes asked concerned. " Please don't stop" Rui said desperate. Wes obliged and began to thrust into her deeply and with massive power. He went slow enough and continued for a while until Rui was about to release. " Wes" " Rui. As Rui squeezed him Wes finally ejected before they both had their organism before they fell asleep still connected. " Love you"

Or will they really wake up in that hotel Muhaa haa haaa, well just read Island of love