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As promised here is my latest fic. This one will center on Tony and McGee and will have some whumpage for both of them along with a nice helping of PapaGibbs.

This story is nowhere near finished and I'm actually going to let you guys sort of decide how long it will ultimately end up. If a lot of people like this story and want me to continue then I'll flesh it out a lot. If not, then I'll probably run through it faster and move on to my next Tony & Gibbs story.




Chapter One

Today was the day that the elevator finally got its sweet revenge.


"C'mon Timmy, don't you dare die on me!!"

Tony hollered desperately to the prone figure before him, pumping urgently on the unmoving chest. He blew another quick breath into the open mouth and, checking for a pulse, continued compressions.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" The Senior Field Agent chanted in time with his moving arms, his face a mask of worry.

After another minute of fighting, Tony sat back on his heels. Panting slightly from his efforts, he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand.

"No Timmy, you can't. Please don't do this to me…" he begged in a whisper.

There was nothing but silence for a few moments. Then….

"DiNozzo, do you have to keep calling that thing Timmy?"

The voice came suddenly from behind and the agent turned to the speaker with a smirk.

"What's the matter, Probie?"

"Well for one thing it's a CPR dummy…"

The Senior Field Agent's face broke into a wide grin, ready to jump in and explain exactly why that made his choice of nickname even more appropriate. Interpreting the look, McGee continued quickly before the other man got the chance to say one more word.

"..and for another she has breasts and her name, Annie, is written right there on her sweater."

Tony merely raised his eyebrows a couple times in response. Then, jumping lithely to his feet, he turned to his instructor who'd been standing by patiently with a clipboard.

"Well Ducky, whattya think? Do I pass?"

"Yes Anthony you pass, now please leave our fair Annie be so that McGee can take his test." The ME replied with a fond chuckle for Tony's antics, flapping his hands as if to chase the younger man away.

Tony stepped back, bowing grandly to let McGee through. "By all means, McGoo. She's all yours."

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, McGee knelt down beside the doll. He knew he should have waited to schedule his CPR re-certification at another time. Once he found out that Tony's test was right before his, he'd nearly changed it but hadn't had any other time available in his schedule.

Now he was sorry he hadn't. Tim was sure Tony was going to stick around just to torture him.

"C'mon Probie, don't worry. It's not a real woman. She won't scream if you touch her." Tony said from the door as he put on his jacket.

McGee realized that he'd been sitting there unmoving for too long and mentally cursed himself for giving the other man yet another opening. Momentarily distracted, he tried to ignore the Italian eyeing him from the entrance to autopsy and went to work on the doll.

"C'mon McStiff, you gotta put your arms into it," Tony said after a while, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and watching intently.

This time Tim completely ignored the comments and continued working, counting out compressions and timing his breaths carefully.

Once he saw McGee was fully concentrating on the task at hand, Tony nodded to himself satisfyingly and walked out the door. He pressed the call button for the elevator, idly tapping a foot and humming as he waited for it to arrive.

Teasing the younger man had been too good to resist but there had been a purpose behind it as well. Their job wasn't often kind enough to let them work without distractions. The more he messed with the Probie while they were in the safety and comfort in the office, the more he was preparing the younger man for being in the field. Tony took the training of his junior team members very seriously, despite all outward evidence to the contrary.

Tony remembered far too well the last time he'd had to perform CPR. It hadn't been under the easiest conditions. In point of fact they'd been some of the hardest conditions he'd ever dealt with in his life while trying to breathe for someone else. For one, it hadn't just been one other person, it had been two. For another he'd had to dive into that cold water not once, but twice, to get those people. And finally he'd had to go back and forth between each one of the unmoving bodies, trying to figure out which one to give up on first.

It still made his stomach clench whenever he remembered that awful moment. The one when he had to stop doing CPR on Gibbs in order to start on Maddie. Tony sincerely hoped that McGee never had to do something that hard but if it happened he wanted the other man to be as prepared as possible.

So if teasing McGee relentlessly before he had to give CPR to a dummy…enough so that it drove him a little nuts and made the other man want to kill him…? Well, that would be well worth the price if McGee ended up saving a life someday because of it.


Passing his re-cert with flying colors, McGee headed back up to his desk. They were in between cases at the moment but Gibbs had him doing upgrades on all their computer systems and he needed to check on them constantly. As he rounded the corner from the elevator to the bullpen, McGee saw Tony leaning back in his chair and talking on his cell phone.

Rolling his eyes at Tony again, the junior agent sat down at Gibbs' empty desk and checked on the various programs he had running. No matter how many times he reminded the man, the Boss always forgot to defrag his computer. So before anything else, McGee had started running that process earlier in the day. Seeing that the hard drive was in much better shape, he pulled up some menus and got started on updating other programs.

So engrossed in his work, the younger agent didn't notice the shadow standing above him for at least a few seconds. Thinking that Gibbs had returned and wanted his desk, he jumped involuntarily.

"Sorry Boss," McGee said nervously, standing up and nearly knocking the chair over in his haste to vacate the premises.

"Oh I do so love it when you call me Boss."

McGee looked behind him and found, not his boss, but one very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo grinning at him like an idiot. Mad at himself for letting the other man get to him a second time in an hour, McGee snatched the chair back from where it had rolled into the file cabinets.

"Dammit Tony, leave me alone. Can't you see I'm busy here? I realize you have nothing to do but some of us are actually working today."

"Au contraire mon fraire, I am busy. Very busy, in fact." Tony said smugly.

"Oh yeah?" McGee replied, sitting back down and not taking his eyes off the screen where he was busily typing in commands. "Doing what?"

"Well since our illustrious team leader is in MTAC talking to the Director, I am busy being team leader at the moment."

McGee rolled his eyes. "Team leader? You're busy being team leader? That's great Tony except that means that you're not doing anything at all."

"Is that really what you think a team leader does McGee?"

The new voice was cold and hard and there was absolutely no doubt to whom it belonged. Groaning silently at the timing of that last comment, McGee looked up into a pair of steely blue eyes staring down at him from across the desk.

"Boss…..I didn't mean it that way. Of course a team leader works. But Tony….," before he could say another word Gibbs twitched his thumb over his shoulder. Taking that at a tacit dismissal, McGee jumped up and went to sit at his own desk.

Shaking his head at once again putting his foot in his mouth in front of Gibbs, McGee looked up to find Tony smiling at him from his own desk. He hadn't even seen the other man move and wondered once again just how much Tony had learned from the ex-sniper on the art of sneaking up on people. The two of them together could move so quietly, it was crazy. Add Ziva to that mix and it was downright creepy.

Gibbs took a sip from his coffee and setting it down, looked across at his two agents. He'd given Ziva the week off to go to Tel Aviv and he was beginning to wonder if that had been the best of ideas. It hadn't missed his attention that the two men were beginning to drive each other a little crazy without the Mossad agent there to act as a buffer between them.

Hoping that it was just the lack of cases and a bit of "cabin fever" affecting them all, Gibbs went back to ignoring his two agents and catching up on some very dreaded paperwork. With a sigh, he picked up the first folder on his desk, pulled out his pen and got to work.


Later that night Gibbs wished he was still doing paperwork. Anything would be better than the situation in which he currently found himself. Before he could ruminate further though, a voice interrupted his thoughts and he was brought back the present.

A very annoying present…..

"How is this my fault?" McGee asked the question in obvious frustration. He looked at DiNozzo with indignation, his mouth agape.

"It just is, Probie. You were the one who pressed the button. Therefore it's your fault we got stuck."

Tony leaned his head back against the elevator wall, closing his eyes as if that were the end of the conversation.

"That makes no sense, Tony. By that logic then it's just as equally your fault because we should have been going down to Garage Level 2 first. But you wanted to get to your car on Garage Level 4 first. Maybe if we'd gone down to my floor first, we wouldn't have been stuck," McGee defended.

"That makes no sense whatsoever, McStucky."

Gibbs sat between his two agents, doing his best to ignore them completely. He chose not to dole out any head slaps for the current conversation. Firstly because he'd already smacked both of them more than he usually did in a week. Secondly, according to the shouted reports from the fire department, the crew didn't have high hopes for getting them out for at least another hour. So letting the two agents vent their frustrations on each other was about all he could do for them.

There was a third reason though.

Gibbs didn't want to think about it. Every time he did his face worked itself into a scowl that sent his two junior agents scrambling to sit as far away from him as possible in the cramped elevator. Unfortunately with all three tall men sitting on the floor with their legs stretched out, there wasn't much space left for them to go.

The third reason (the one he was trying not to enter his brain right then) was that they all knew full well just who's fault it was. Using the elevator as your private office and hitting the "off" switch every time you wanted to talk to someone under the radar tended to have an adverse affect on the mechanism. Apparently the wires, braking system, cables, etc had all had just about enough of one Special Agent Gibbs messing with their buttons.

Today was the day that the elevator finally got its sweet revenge.


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