A New Heaven

Chapter 1

The door to the room slowly opened and a figure tentatively made his way in. He had never been in Ike's room before; he was simply there to return a book for a friend.

The room was the typical dorm-style room. It had a single bed set up against the wall, a dresser with a mirror and a bookshelf/desk combination. It reminded him of his own room, but a lot messier. The bed was unmade, some overfilled drawers had been left opened, and the desk was littered with papers.

He walked over to the desk and laid the book upon the papers. When he turned around to leave he noticed the corner of a book poking out from underneath the bed.

"Ike must have left that one on the floor, I'll put it with the rest." he thought as he made his way over to the book. Reaching down, he pulled out the book. Standing back up he turned it over and read the title: JOURNAL

He stared at the book in his hands. "This is Ike's personal journal…his diary." he thought to himself.

Still rather new at the mansion, he hadn't had the opportunity to get to know Ike. Sure they had brawled against one another and sometimes he would sit near him at lunch and dinner, but the blue haired swordsman was still a mystery to him. Walking over to the window he looked out upon the training field where he saw Ike and his best friend Marth engaged in sword training, they would probably be at it until dinner which was hours from now. Quickly ducking back in as not to be seen, he sat down on the floor and opened the journal. While he knew he shouldn't…something was urging him on.

Opening the book to the first page he began to read.

February 1 – Dr. Mario insisted that I start this journal to better manage my time and my thoughts. I think it is kind of stupid but he is the doctor I think its best to humor him. I am going to have a hard time remembering to put something in it every day. I will start tomorrow.

February 2 – Marth and I practiced a bit today. I had a brawl against Wario – beat that jerk into next week.

February 3 – Link decided it would be a good idea to teach some of us defensive skills. That guy is awesome with a shield. I have never known anyone who can take an opponent's blow, and with just a sheet of metal, deflect the energy back onto them. Amazing!

The reader smiled at this. Link was indeed a gifted swordsman and archer. He also had a knack at defensive skills and genuinely loved to teach.

He flipped the book back open and scanned a few pages.

March 12 – Peach surprised everybody by defeating Sonic. He literally ran full speed into her super kick. What an idiot!
Surprisingly I am finding it easier to concentrate now that I can organize my thoughts. Sure I might miss a day here and there, but I think the doctor actually got one right here.

March 14 – The expected new group of fighters arrived today. I was amazed that there were a few kids in the mix. There was also a wolfman, a midget astronaut and mercenary that obviously has had some military background. There was supposed to be another, but from what I hear he was going to be arriving from the sky instead of by the bus…weird.

March 15 – I finally got around to meeting all of the newcomers. The kids are Lucas and Ness, the wolfman likes to be called Wolf – very original if you ask me, the astronaut is named Olimar and the mercenary likes to be called Snake. They are all pretty nice and all, but can they fight? I have my reservations about the kids. It will be tough for me to brawl them – I feel that I might find myself pulling my punches. Still no word on the sky fighter.

March 17 – Today the oddest thing happened to me. I was carrying a basket of laundry and rounding a corner when I bumped into the sky fighter – literally. He was running to get to the training field on time and collided with me, making me drop all of my clean clothes all over the floor. I have to admit, I was royally pissed at first, but he wouldn't stop apologizing and insisted in picking up all of my laundry. As I watched him pick up my stuff I couldn't stop staring at his wings. That's right…he has wings.

March 18 – Today the newbies get a taste of brawling. I was tasked with fighting Snake, whom I easily defeated. The surprise of the day was the new fighter Pit, the sky fighter, he defeated Marth! He had some amazing moves and interesting weapon techniques.

March 20 – Link talked me into helping him set up targets for some archery training. To our surprise Pit asked to tag along - it turns out that he is an accomplished archer as well. I ended up watching them both take turns hitting the bulls eye. Looks like the budding of a strong friendship between them both.

March 22 – Used today's time off to go canyon exploring. Went with Marth, Link and Pit (Link invited him). While Link, Marth and I were doing quite well, Pit was going a lot slower because he wasn't used to rough terrain. I stayed behind with him while Marth and Link explored ahead of us. This gave me an opportunity to get to know him. It turns out he is an angel from a place called Skyworld and is a general in his goddess's army. He has a very open nature and is almost always smiling.

The reader jumped as he heard a noise outside in the hall. He jumped to his feet and shoved the book guiltily back under the bed. Running to the window he looked out at the training field and saw that Ike and Marth were still training.

Breathing a sigh of relief he went to walk out and stopped as his hand was about to turn the doorknob. Looking back under the bed he saw the corner of the book. Thoughts were racing through his head. While he desperately wanted to read more, he knew that it was an invasion of Ike's privacy. Waiting for a few moments, he made up his mind. He made sure to close the door all the way as he left Ike's room and walked down the hall.


It had been a few days since he had read those few excerpts from Ike's journal. Why were they playing on his mind? He desperately wanted to sneak back in and read some more, so much that he found himself secretly watching Ike, waiting for him to go down to the training yard. That would give him time to sneak a few more peaks.

One morning he found himself walking into one of the common rooms of the mansion. There he saw Ike and Marth sitting and playing a game of chess. He found himself immediately drawn to Ike's face, chuckling to himself when he saw it scrunched up with concentration. Not watching where he was walking, he tripped over something on the carpet causing him to trip and fall.

Almost instantly he felt himself being pulled upright. Strong but gentle hands helped him to his feet. Looking up he saw Ike's face.

"Are you alright?" Ike asked.

Staring into Ike's eyes he tried to speak but somehow felt his voice caught in his throat so he simply nodded.

"Good." Ike said after a slight delay, their eyes still locked on one another. He reached down and picked up a red toy car. "Probably belongs to one of the kids."

"Th…thank you," he managed to say. "I gotta go."

At that he turned and quickly walked out of the room. "What was that all about?" he thought to himself. "What got me so distracted…and how was Ike there so fast to pick me up?"

He walked until he got to his dorm room. Closing the door behind him he fell face first onto his bed. What's wrong with me? he thought. I am still new here, don't have many friends yet and now people will think I am a klutz! Behind his closed eyes he saw Ike's face materialize and for some reason he felt better.


His eyes flew open. Oh no! I must have fallen asleep! he thought as he jumped off of his bed and ran down the hallway toward the main dining hall. Slowing down he came to a walk when he realized that he wasn't really hungry anyways.

Walking by the dining hall he saw that it was deserted. Missed it! he thought as he continued to walk. He ended up in a common room that was also deserted. Everybody is out training. Looking out the large picture window he looked down onto the training field where he saw some brawlers testing their abilities and learning new ones. Looking closer he saw that Ike was down there, talking with Link and Marth. His eyes lit up and he immediately dashed to Ike's room.

Quickly opening the door he zoomed in and closed it behind him. Looking down at Ike's bed, his spirits fell. He didn't see the book poking out from under Ike's bed. Getting down onto his hands and knees he peered under the bed just to find that it was not there either.

"No!" he cried out loud.

Frantically, but not to disturb anything, he looked around the room. Finally, he found the book wedged between Ike's mattress and box spring. He checked once more out the window and saw Ike watching Marth and Link sparring. Satisfied, he sat down and tried to find where he had left off.

March 28 – I made the mistake of telling Link that I thought that Zelda looked really hot in her new dress. Now he is taking it upon himself in trying to set us up. Zelda is great an all, but I can't see me and her as a couple.

March 29 – I watched Pit brawl against Kirby today. He set a Brawl record and knocked him out in less than 30 seconds - amazing. For such a delicate looking guy he sure packs a punch. We had a good time after his battle talking about pretty much everything. I really enjoy his company. It's like he can lift the weight of the world off of my shoulders with just a smile.

March 30 – Had a confrontation with Link today. He is one of my best friends but this Zelda crap is starting to annoy the hell out of me. What's even more annoying is trying to figure out why I feel this way. She is wonderful, and we have even dated once or twice before, but I just don't love her like that. He promised to stop.

April 1 – Reflection time. Today I thought about all the women here at the mansion and which would be right for me, which one should I make a play for? The answer…none of them. For some reason I don't find myself attracted to any of them. Training is picking up now that it is getting warmer outside.

April 2 – Link and I faced off today in a brawl. It lasted for quite some time until something strange happened. In the middle of the battle I glanced out at the crowd and for some reason I found Pit's face. I don't know why, but when I saw his eyes, his smile and heard him cheering me on...I lost it. I was distracted enough for Link to make the final blow. I still want to know what the hell happened.

April 5 – Yesterday and most of today I stayed in my room. I wasn't up to training, playing chess, or messing around with the guys. I stayed in my room to do a lot of deep, inner reflection. I kept coming up with the same thing. It would explain my dreams, my actions, why I haven't been fighting as hard, and why I keep getting distracted. I can't believe it's true…but I am in love.

The reader gasped. "Ike in love?" he thought. "He wrote earlier that none of the girls here did anything for him. I wonder who it is."

He turned the page and was surprised to see a few missing pages. The date at the top of the next page was April 5, but he noticed that the page had some light smears on it, like it got a little wet.

April 7 - I am a fighter, a brawler. I have fought in epic battles and have led the Crimean Liberation Army. Though I have done all of this, I am fighting an inner battle now that might consume me. How can I be in love? The more I think about him the more I feel this emptiness inside, knowing that it would be impossible for us to be together. Maybe I should leave, go back to Crimea. There the emptiness would eventually wither and die...but would it take me with it?
Maybe I should talk with Marth about this. He has been in love before and knows what it is like to have had love and then lost it. Even though he swears that he and Roy will one day reunite, I have my doubts.

April 10 – Now that I have accepted that I am in love I find myself seeking him out. Not to talk to him, but to admire him. He has the most beautiful blue eyes, a smile that would even turn the Black Knight around. His laughter is like bells playing on a breeze. Damn, I am crying again...getting all poetic. This is not me! HE does this to me. I sometimes find it hard to act normally around him.
He is perfect in every way. He is literally an angel. I...am in love with an angel.

The reader stared at the last word…Angel.

He felt numb, his arms felt heavy and his heart was racing.

Tears began to well up in his eyes.

One trailed down his face and fell upon the page, joining the smears that Ike's tears had made.

With lower lip trembling he continued to stare at the word...Angel

He didn't remember standing up or shoving the book back between the mattress and boxspring, but as he closed the door and numbly walked toward his own room, the angel Pit had a lot on his mind.

(end chapter 1)