A New Heaven


Pit was woken from his light sleep by a movement in the bed. He slightly opened his eyes to see Zephyr had snuggled up closer to him, resting his head on his chest. Slowly reaching up, he gently stroked the boy's bare back, right between the wing-roots, an action that resulted in the boy giggling in his sleep. A smile crept across Pit's face and he felt that tightness in his chest that he experienced any time he thought about how dear his family was to him.

It was still dark outside and their room was illuminated by the faint glow of a small nightlight. Pit took a second or two to realize that they were back at the Smash Mansion. The room they were in was a special larger one, easily able to fit a king-sized bed. Ike and Pit had both agreed that for a while, the children would sleep with them.

Closing his eyes, Pit thought about how the last weeks had been such a blur. He thought back to that day when Ike had become an angel and he had received his two children as a gift from Palutena. She had explained to Ike and Pit that the children were a result of their combined souls, thus bonding them even further. This easily evident as both Ike and Pit had instantly felt a deep connection with the children, even thought they had just met.

That morning had been spent at the temple, with Pit teaching Ike and the children how to use their wings and fly. To his surprise, Ike had been a quick learner and within a matter of hours was taking off, landing and even doing basic aerobatics. The children were almost as good and by mid afternoon everyone was ready to go down to the main sky island.


"I can't believe it!" Mist exclaimed, staring at her brother. She walked around his back and reaching up, slightly running her fingers through his feathers. "You are an angel!"

Smiling, Ike nodded. "I needed to become Pit's equal in order for us to be bonded." he explained. Then, he reached out and took her hand. "Mist, let's go for a little walk. There is so much to discuss." He led her out of Xera's house and walked with her toward the main park.

"Pit! Your children are so adorable!" Xera squealed as she spun Azure around, making the girl laugh wildly.

Pit looked up from showing Zephyr his bow and laughed as Azure dizzily wobbled around after being set down.

"Look Daddy! She can't even walk straight!" Zephyr giggled as he watched Azure stumble into a wall.


Pit smiled to himself in a state of near sleep. He remembered how Blayze, Mist and Xera had instantly taken to the children. Azure had immediately jumped to the center of attention while Zephyr shyly stood by his fathers' sides. Eventually, the boy had opened up to his aunts and uncle and, before long, was talking and playing with them.

Later that day, while the children played outside with some of Xera's neighbors, Pit and Ike met with their siblings. They discussed their plans on permanently moving to Sky World. This immediately brought tears to Mist's eyes.


"Ike…I'll never see you again will I?" she quietly said, on the verge of crying.

Ike smiled and shook his head. "Actually, you will be seeing a lot of us. I promise you that even though SkyWorld will be our home, we will be visiting Crimea quite often. In fact, Pit and I talked it over with Palutena and we will be leaving for Crimea tomorrow morning."

"The mercenaries are going to be surprised. Who will lead them?" Mist asked as she dabbed her eyes

"They already have the best leader they could have. Titania has done wonders…she is a natural leader." Ike replied.

"We are going to have to find the four of you a home." Blayze said quietly to Pit. "I'll talk with Queen Karine tomorrow and look into getting you a nice home, something befitting two war heroes." He winked at that last comment, bringing a giggle from Pit.


Pit felt movement next to him and, looking over, saw Azure get up and groggily walk toward the bathroom. Chuckling to himself at the half-awake girl's walking, he thought about how life was going to be as the father of a girl.


"Pit…Ike…" Xera said pointedly. "You two don't know the first thing about girls."

"I agree." Mist interjected. "I remember growing up with you Ike."

Pit and Ike were sitting on the couch while Mist and Xera stood over them. Blayze stood to the side, trying hard not to laugh as the girls talked down to the new couple. It was evening, the children had already been put to bed, and they were finishing up their talk from earlier that day.

"Azure is going to need a woman in her life." Mist said.

"A woman who can help her grow and be there when needed." Xera added. "Mist and I have done some talking and we are going to insist on helping you two when she becomes of age."

Ike looked at Pit who was sitting, wide eyed as the two girls lectured them. He then turned and looked back at Mist and Xera. "I…take it we don't have any say in the matter." he said with a smile.

"Sorry dear brother, but I'm afraid you don't." Xera replied, now sweetly. "Your kids have two aunts in their lives that plan on helping you, like it or not."


Azure walked back into the bedroom and climbed back into bed. She looked over, saw her father watching her and instantly smiled. "Is it time to wake up daddy?" she quietly asked.

Pit smiled and slowly shook his head. "No Azure, the sun isn't even up. Try to go back to sleep." he whispered.

Azure laid down, nuzzling up next to Ike. "Ok, daddy…I'll see you in the morning."

Pit couldn't help but to beam as he looked at the girl as she rested her head on the pillow. He slowly reached out his arm and gently ran his fingers through her long blue hair.

The girl looked up at Pit and smiled broadly. "I love you daddy." she whispered before laying her head back down, nuzzling back into Ike's shoulder.

"I love you too Azure." Pit whispered with tears in his eyes. He laid his head back down and closed his eyes, returning to softly rub Zephyr's back.


"Daddy…Daddy…wake up!" Azure exclaimed as she bounced on the bed.

Pit opened his eyes and saw Zephyr sitting on the bed, giggling at his sister. The girl was jumping up and quickly flapping her little wings so she hovered for a few seconds before softly landing back on the bed.

"Let me try!" Zephyr said as he stood and using the springing action of the bed propelled himself a few feet into the air, just to hover a few seconds before landing on the bed. He then fell over backward onto Pit, giggling out loud.

Ike, who had been feigning sleep, sat up quickly and grabbed onto the boy's waist. He then proceeded to tickled Zephyr, making him howl with laughter.

"Get him dad!" Azure shouted excitedly as Ike tickled the helpless boy.

Looking to his daughter, Ike gave a menacing growl. "Why don't I get you?" he said as he leapt up and chased the squealing girl around the room, his brilliant white and blue wings flapping menacingly.

Still laughing, Zepher watched as Pit sat up in bed. He immediately crawled into his father's lap and kissed him sweetly on the cheek.

Pit wrapped his arms around his son as they watched Ike pretending to stalk Azure. Resting his face against his son's head he thought back to the family's return to Crimea and how Ike's new family was all the talk of the town.


"…and that's the story. I am now a father, husband and angel." Ike said as he addressed his friends. They were in Elincia's private parlor, the family having just arrived earlier that day. Ike was standing in the center of the room while Pit and the children sat on a couch. Elincia was in her favorite chair with Mist standing next to her. Roy and Marth were lounging on another couch and, to Ike's surprise, Link was sitting in a plush chair with Soren nestled on his lap.

"It's still hard to believe." Roy said chuckling. "I mean, you think you know someone. They go off on a little vacation somewhere and they come back as an angel…and with kids!"

"I think it's wonderful," Elincia stated. "We are all very happy for you." While initially shocked at the sight of Ike and his family, she had quickly recovered and congratulated him and Pit, genuinely happy for them both.

"So, living in SkyWorld huh?" Link asked, his arms wrapped around Soren.

"Yeah, we are going to be living in SkyWorld, but I have already promised Mist that we would be visiting Crimea a lot. I don't see why we can't visit the mansion as well."

Soren looked at Link and smiled broadly, something that surprised Ike even more, "Actually Ike…Link and I have decided to stay in Crimea." He then looked at Elincia. "Our loving queen here has offered us both positions with her royal guard."

"That's wonderful!" Ike exclaimed. "I know that the guard would benefit from both of your gifts."

Zephyr startled everyone by laughing out loud as Azure had reached out, grabbed one of his ankles, and started ticking his foot.

"Azure!" Pit said smiling. "Leave your brother alone. Your father is talking."

The girl giggled as she bounced off the couch and ran to her aunt who immediately picked her up.

Zephyr climbed into Pit's lap and held onto his feet just in case. He then stuck his tongue out at his sister making her giggle in Mist's arms.

Ike chuckled at the exchange, as did everyone else.


Elincia had insisted on throwing an elaborate dinner in Ike and Pit's honor. All the local dignitaries attended as did the ambassadors to the surrounding countries. Pit and Ike sat at the head of the table next to Elincia, answering an endless amount of questions. Ike heard many comparisons between him and Pit with the few remaining heron. These were quickly dispelled as Reyson himself made an appearance to congratulating the couple.

"Wow daddy…" Zephyr whispered to Pit as he stared at Reyson talking with his father. "His wings are even larger than dad's!"

Pit smiled at his son. "I know, they are quite large." he quietly said to his son. Looking back at Ike and Reyson talking, he now knew why so many people had mistaken him for a heron when he first arrived in Crimea.

The next day, the family, along with Marth, Roy, Link and Soren, had traveled on horseback to a location were they would be transported back to the smash mansion. Saying their goodbyes, and promising to visit soon, the group vanished./i


It was afternoon and Pit stood in the doorway leading to their balcony. He was watching Azure and Zephyr flying around the grounds of the Smash Mansion.

"Tomorrow is another feast in our honor." Ike said from inside the room. "Peach insists that we even hold another ceremony, marrying us together…again."

Pit giggled and walked into the room. "That's Peach alright." he saw Ike sorting things into boxes.

"I pretty much have all of my stuff packed from my room." Ike said, putting a small handful of books into a box. "Hey…look at this…" he said reaching in the box and pulling out a small book.

Pit immediately recognized Ike's journal and his eyes grew wide.

"I used to write down my thoughts and stuff in here." Ike mused, thumbing through the book. "The doctor told me as it would help me get organized." He then looked up at Pit with a smile. "I am a different man now. All my thoughts are of you and my family." he said, tossing the book into the waste basket.

Pit smiled knowingly at him and walked back to the balcony door. Looking out, he saw Azure and Zephyr flying with Kirby, who somehow had a set of wings. He giggled to himself as his children played and flew around, chasing the winged, pink ball.

"They are having so much fun aren't they?" Ike quietly asked as he walked up and embraced his life-mate from behind.

Pit nodded, "Yeah, they are having a great time." He sighed as he leaned into Ike. "Any regrets?" he said, breaking the silence.

Ike squeezed him gently. "Pit, you and my children are my life. I wouldn't give up any of it for the world." He then turned Pit around so they were facing each other. Leaning his head down, he gently kissed his life-mate on the lips. "What about you? Your life has changed a lot in the past few months as well."

Pit looked up at the man he loved, a warm smile across his face. "Ike…in you I have a life-mate who I will spend the rest of my days with. With my children I have my dream of being a father come true. All of us living together as a family…it's like a new heaven." He then leaned into Ike, a tear of joy slowly running down his face, and embraced his love.

(The End)