This is a random HM story that I've been wanting to make. The entire thing will be in Vaughn's Point of View, so bare with me when it comes to the male mind.

Harvest Moon (c) Natsume (not me)

Chapter 1

My first thoughts about my invitation were "fuck no" and "you've gotta be kidding me". My boss, Jake, had told me to go to this island twice a week for some 'fresh air'. Not to mention that I would be supplying the island's new rancher with animals. The worst part was that the name of the god forsaken island was Sunny Island. Why me?

I was forced aboard that ship to the island, however, by six o'clock the next morning. It was a two hour trip; not that I cared. If the sailors left me alone and the animals stayed calm, I'd be just fine.

To my relief, the only time I was spoken to, was just before I boarded. They needed my name to be on some stupid ledger to make sure that when the boat sank, they could give me a headstone.

"Vaughn," I had said, not caring that my tone was its usual coldness.

The sailor nodded and moved on to the next passenger. I walked past him with my bag slung over my shoulder. I headed right to my room and shrugged the bag off, placed my black Stetson on the corner bedpost and fell onto the bed. It was way too early for me to be conscious.

A voice came onto the loud speaker saying that Sunny Island was in sight; most likely the captain. I groaned as I remembered where I was and where I was going. What a dumb name for an island; Sunny Island. It sounds like an Island resort, not a deserted island that was just inhabited. I sighed and snatched my bag from the chair by the bed and put my hat back on my head. I made my way to the deck and saw that I was one of four people on the boat. A woman with pink hair was there talking to a foreign looking guy. Next to them; looking as if he was bored; was a child who looked much like the man.

The ship pulled up to the dock and the horn sounded. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was five after eight. I had plenty of time to do as I pleased; sleeping mostly; but I'd have to check in with my aunt before I could do anything.

I smirked to myself. I hadn't seen my aunt and cousin since I was fifteen. Julia was such a whiny child and I definitely enjoyed getting her to cry. Mirabelle wasn't as keen about the tears though and I was almost always punished for it.

I walked down the dock after the other three passengers and stopped at the end of the dock. I looked over my shoulder at the boat and weighed the chances of going back to the city and getting fired versus staying on the island and wasting two days a week of my life. Wasting my life was unfortunately the better option, so I trudged off to the pass the other people had walked through. I stopped and groaned as I stepped onto the sand however.

"Vaughny!!" a loud, squealing voice called.

A blonde woman ran and hugged me, snatching my hat off of my head. Julia hadn't changed at all; still using my goddamn nickname she came up with when we were kids.

"How was the ocean, Vaughny?" she asked.

I took my hat back and glared at her. She squeaked and followed me as I walked off.

"Are you goin' to see momma? She has a customer right now, so I wouldn't walk in," she said, running ahead.

"You run like a girl, Julia!" I called. She tripped on something and I laughed at her as she got teary eyed.

"Are you ok, Julia?" a geeky looking kid asked her, rushing to her side.

She blushed and nodded, looking up at him as a tear ran down her cheek. She then glared over at me. "My cousin is just a jerk."

The guy looked up at me with a glare on his face, but it quickly faded when I glared right back. He swallowed hard and nodded at Julia.

"H-Here, lemme help you up," he said with a stutter.

Rolling my eyes, I headed to the building that had the animal shop sign by its door. As I opened said door, a cowbell rang overhead. I couldn't help but smirk slightly at the familiarity. A red-brown haired girl looked up at me and I felt my face go blank. She had stunning blue eyes and a rather childish looking face. She was about five foot or so with her hair tucked under a bright red bandanna.

"Hi," she said, smiling broadly.

I regained my lost composure and rolled my eyes. "Whatever," I said coldly, as usual. "Do you have a room back there, Mirabelle?"

My plump aunt frowned at me. "Vaughn, be nice to our guest."

I looked at the short girl again and back at Mirabelle. "Why should I?"

"She's the rancher."

I scowled at the girl. She looked like she could barely lift a chicken, let alone a barrel of milk. She scowled right back at me, surprising me momentarily.

"Obviously, this cowboy was never taught manners, so I won't take offense. I will be back again tomorrow," she said, brushing past me in anger. I could've sworn she was even sticking her nose in the air like a snobby little brat.

As the girl left, Julia and that dork walked in. The girl smiled at the pair and said hello before turning to me, glaring and walking out. I frowned.

"You've known her a whole twenty seconds and she already wants to rip your face off," Julia said with a laugh.

I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen. "So do you have a room here I can stay in or not?"

"Go through that door and you can have the first door on the left," Mirabelle said pointing to the door at the end of the kitchen.

I walked through it and went into my designated room. I tossed my bag on the bed and stepped out of my boots. I took my hat, my vest, and my gloves off, followed by my belt. I then shoved my bag to the floor and flopped onto the bed, going unconscious quickly.

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