Here it is as promised. I just had the inspiration somehow and wrote it. I hope you like it: The Finale to my story :)

Harvest Moon (c) Natsume

Final Chapter - Five Years Later

Five wonderful years went by on that little ranch. The wedding was short, but memorable due to the Harvest Goddess. Chelsea told me that she appeared at the wedding and rang that big bell next to the church. Everyone was surprised to hear the bell. It's sort of suspicious that Chelsea was the only one who saw the Goddess, but I'm not gonna be the one to investigate.

I looked up at the midday sun and wiped my forehead. I was out in the fields on the ranch doing all the hard work while Chelsea was in the barn. She always got to do all the fun work these days. As if on some cue; she was good at that; Chelsea opened the barn door.

"Go get him!" she said loudly.

I turned and smiled as a little boy of four-years came rushing up to me. He slammed into my leg with an 'oof' and fell back. I instantly reached down and caught him, dropping the sickle that was in my hands. I lifted him up over my head and he giggled.

"Airplane, daddy. Airplane!" he shouted.

I laughed and put him back on the ground. "Daddy's a little sweaty right now, Luke. How about we do airplane after lunch?"

He giggled and smiled up at me. "Ok!"

I smiled and stood back up. My son. He had my hair; the hair of the SOB that I called my father; and Chelsea's bright eyes and personality. Chelsea walked up to the two of us carrying my daughter. She was the complete opposite of her twin brother; Chelsea's hair, my eyes and personality.

"Daddy, is Lily ok?" Luke asked me, tugging on my pant leg.

I smiled, ruffled his hair and picked him up. Chelsea laughed as Lily held out her hand to Luke. The pair held hands.

"Of course Lily is ok, Luke. She's just shy like daddy," Chelsea said, glancing up at me.

Lily tugged on Chelsea's hair. "I'm hungry mommy."

"Me too," Luke whined, looking up at me. "Is it time for lunch now, daddy?"

I looked at Chelsea who nodded, walking back to the house. I looked back down at Luke who was looking up at me.

"It's lunchtime sport," I said, lifting him to my shoulders.

He squealed in delight and put his small hands on my head. I knelt down and grabbed the sickle that I dropped and carried it over to the house.

"Watch your head, Luke," I said warningly as I opened the door.

He giggled and leaned forward. I ducked down and walked inside, quickly setting him down on the ground. I then straightened up and stretched.

"Daddy? Are we gonna visit Auntie Julie today?" Lily asked me as Chelsea put her in a booster seat at the table.

Luke had already started eating, but paused to look at me. They both had curious looks and hopeful expressions. I smiled.

"If mommy wants to, we can," I said, walking over to Chelsea and kissing her cheek. "I'm gonna shower."

She giggled and kissed my cheek. "Be quick."

"EWWWW!" the twins squealed.

We both laughed and I retreated to the bathroom.

The four of us; me carrying Luke, Chelsea carrying Lily; made our way down to the Barn to visit Mirabelle and Julia. Elliot and Jules had gotten married the winter after Chels and I did. The following summer, they announced Julia's pregnancy. She eventually had a baby girl, whom the named Kelly.

It was rather humorous to me: Chelsea and I were the only married couple on the island who had twins, let alone a boy. Lanna and Denny had a little girl named Ross, and Pierre and Natalie had a girl named Jean. Sabrina had moved back to the mainland to live with her mother after Chelsea and I had gotten hitched. She couldn't take the heartbreak I guess.

"Auntie Julie!" Luke cried, breaking me out of my thoughts.

He squirmed in my grip until I put him down. He ran up to Julia and hugged her knees, making her giggle. Kelly was in her hands holding a teddy bear. Chelsea giggled and put Lily down. Lily; unlike Luke; stayed by Chelsea's side, clinging to her leg.

"Vaughn," Mirabelle said.

I looked over and she had her arms open wide. With a sigh, I stepped into her hug; had to set a good example for the kids. Chelsea giggled to herself and walked over, giving Mirabelle a hug after I did. Mirabelle picked Lily up and tapped her nose.

"How 'bout Gramma makes some cookies for you kids?"

Lily smiled and nodded. "I get to help, right Gramma?"

Luke and Kelly bounded over to Mirabelle. "We get to help too, right Gramma?"

"Of course, of course. Why don't the mommy's and daddy's go take a walk somewhere? We'll make some cookies for when they get back," Mirabelle said, glancing at Chelsea and I.

I glanced over at Julia, but found that she had already retreated out the door. Before I knew it, I was being pushed towards the door, though I wasn't moving.

"Go on, daddy! Go take mommy somewhere special and come back later!" Luke insisted.

Chelsea giggled and grabbed my hand. "I'll bring him back later. You two behave for Gramma."

"Ok!" the twins said as Mirabelle handed them a wooden spoon each.

The two of us walked out hand in hand and headed to the forest. Under the shade of the trees, the summer sun seemed to disappear.

"Can you believe it's been five years tomorrow?" Chelsea asked.

I smiled and squeezed her hand tightly. "Yeah, I can. It was the best thing I ever did, marrying you."

She giggled and turned to me with an accusing look on her face. "Oh? You told me when I was pregnant with the twins that knocking me up was the best thing you ever did."

I blushed and she giggled again, placing her hand on my cheek. I leaned into it and closed my eyes. "Either way, you were the best thing to ever happen to me."

I felt her lips on mine and I jumped in surprise. That was the best thing about Chelsea; you never know what to expect. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back gently. She pulled away and smacked her lips.

"Are you wearing chapstick?" she asked, giggling slightly.

I blushed a little darker. "What? Guys can't wear chapstick?"

She giggled. "Sure they can, but cherry flavored?"

I laughed and gave her an Eskimo kiss that she returned. "I took it from you, ya know."

"So that's where it ran off to," she said sarcastically.

We both laughed and continued through the woods. We stopped at the Goddess Pond and sat down at the water's edge. Chelsea crawled into my lap, despite the heat.

"Ya know Vaughn," she said as she grabbed my hands. "I've been thinking....We should take the twins to the mainland. Show them the city."

I tensed up. "I thought we both agreed to keep them as far away from that place as possible?"

"But Will wants to see them. And his parents did take me in. Besides, he's married now and I believe the broad is expecting."

I laughed. She didn't know his wife and yet still called her a broad. "If you really want to, we can."

She leaned back into me and sighed deeply. "Maybe we shouldn't..."

I laughed again, a little harder than before. "You should make up your mind before suggesting it, hun."

She giggled. "You know that I just talk. If I thought about what I was saying, I might hurt myself."

We both laughed and then settled into the quiet, not really paying attention to anything in particular.

Before long, it was time to head back to the Barn. We got up and headed back as we had come: hand in hand. I could smell the cookies from the bridge, my stomach growling slightly causing Chelsea to laugh. She then let go of my hand and ran off to the Barn, as bubbly as ever. She disappeared inside and I wasn't far behind her.

The sight of her picking up my daughter with my son at her side, holding up a cookie made me pause. My stomach twisted slightly and I smiled brightly. Chelsea looked over, wide-eyed at my expression, but smiled warmly. Luke looked up at me and Lily laid her head on Chelsea's shoulder with a cookie in her mouth.

This was my family. This was where I belonged. I had a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. I couldn't ask for anything better.

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