Life After the Fight – BillyRebecca

The first time that they met in years, Rebecca was in Paris with the rest of the rouge S.T.A.R.S members and associates. She was still fighting against Umbrella and so was Billy. Billy decided to then join their group instead of fighting by himself.

A year after that Billy nearly died when a mission went wrong. Rebecca rushed to the hospital to be by his side. She scolded him for not being more careful. She had cried and Billy kept apologizing. He held her tight and promised to be more careful for her.

A few weeks later that they officially became a couple. Jill and Claire congratulated her for finally having the courage to ask him out. She had felt something for him since the first time they had met back in Raccoon City. He told her that's when he had started to have feelings for her as well. He had confessed to wanting to backtrack and follow her to the mansion.

Months later, Billy proposed to her and they got married. Jill was her maid of honor and Chris was Billy's best man. Everyone was happy for them. The two also decided to give up the fight to live their lives quietly. The group approved and watched out for them wherever they went to prevent them from fighting.

Two years later, Rebecca gave birth to their first child, Chloe. Jill and Chris became the godparents and often brought their child Jonathan over to play. Claire and Leon would bring their girl Joey over. Barry was seen as a grandpa to all of the children in the gang.

The years past and the fight with Umbrella was long past all of them and they lived on to let a new group fight. The old gang lived near each other and cared for each other. Billy and Rebecca made sure that Chloe would never find out about the Umbrella fight and made sure she would live a happy and normal live.

first RebeccaBilly and first Resident Evil fic so please be nice and comment :) i know it kinda sucks, i just couldn't figure out how to end it....