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A/N: Written for miss_zedem's comment fic kissathon on lj.
A/N2: I've wanted to write this since I saw that opening sequence in the movie. Thankfully reading azure_chaos responses to the ficathon finally gave me the inspiration I needed.

Warning: This is slash. If you don't like slash, please don't read this.

Not to be Forgotten:

Logan finds him in a bar, talking up the singer as she gets off stage. He hasn't seen Jack since WWI. He still remembers the agony of holding him as he died, the shock when he came back to life. It shouldn't have been so much of a shock considering his own healing abilities.

He watches for a moment, a flirty Jack is always fun to watch. He smirks and shakes his head, makes his way over and interrupts, "Captain now?"

Jack turns, grin wide, then wider. The singer is obviously forgotten, "You too?"

Logan nods and isn't surprised when Jack has an arm around him and is suggesting they go for a walk. Logan can practically feel his body humming with need, remembering. The idle conversation, a guise of catching up doesn't last long before Logan finds himself dragging Jack into the nearest alleyway and pinning him against the nearest wall, claiming his lips. Jack opens to him, pulls him closer. Their tongues dance. Logan pulls away, licks his lips.

Jack laughs, "Same rules as last time?"

"What do you think?" Logan growls as he takes a moment to breathe Jack in, he always smells so enticing. Then they're kissing again and Logan knows that no matter how long he manages to live, no matter how many times they separate and come back to each other, no matter how many wars they fight he'll never forget the feel of Jack's lips against his.