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Summary: I don't think you unworthy… I need a moment to deliberate -HP/ED, AlmostDark!Harry, and a NotSoInnocent!Edward.


Chapter Nine - To watch shepard meet shepard

Edward had been walking up and down the streets for the past two hours and still hadn't found him. He could feel him, he just couldn't find him. His more violent nature, the vampire part of him he was always struggling to control, was practically snarling at everyone he encountered when they turned out to not be 'the one'. He was becoming frantic. He slowed his walk to almost a crawl as he used his enhanced senses to search for his mate.

He could sense him so why the fuck couldn't he find him!

He stopped so suddenly that a few who couldn't go around him fast enough cursed him as they ran into his stiff form. He ignored them all and lifted his nose up higher when a scent reached him. He knew that scent. It had haunted him for almost a hundred years…it was the scent of his mate. He stood, in the middle of the street, eyes dark as night, teeth clenched around a snarl, hands fisted and nostrils flared as he took a deep unneeded breath. It was him. And by the smell he was either very close, like standing right on top of him or… or he was bleeding.

The only way that the scent would be this strong was if life's blood was being spilled. If he didn't find him soon…

Edward drew the deepest breath he could and let it out slowly. Before the last bit left his lungs he quickly drew another deep breath filling his lungs with the surrounding scents so that he could start to tell them apart. The burning in the back of his nose told him that the amount of blood spilled was great. Turning slowly in a circle he managed to find the direction he needed to go and took off quickly. He ignored the startled sounds from those he passed as he continued to hunt down the scent of his mate.

He followed after it like the most well trained blood hound there ever was and soon he could tell he was heading in the right direction because the smell was getting stronger. As he got closer he started to listen intently, hoping that his ability would help him find him sooner.

It was as he was passing the entrance to an alley behind a seedy bar that the smell became the strongest. He swooped down the dark alleyway like an avenging angel when he heard what was coming from its darkest depths.

The sound of flesh hitting flesh-

The sound of moans-

The smell of sex-

The smell of blood-

And the thoughts…there was only one person thinking at the end of that alley. And there was only one explanation for what he was seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling.

The man bleeding on the ground being raped was his mate. His unconscious mate. His bleeding, unconscious mate that was being violated in the worse way imaginable. He froze for only a second as the shock of it ran through him and then he was moving faster than the eye could see. In less than a second the man was dead and Edward was kneeling next to his mate. He gently pulled the man from his mate and moaned at the blood that followed in a gush.

A quick glance took in all the details and filed them away for later. With an outraged cry he ripped the man that had violated his mate to shreds. When he was done he fell to his knees and gathered his mate into his arms, a scream rendering the dark night, and cried. For the first time in over a hundred years…he cried.


His screams must have alerted those in the street and the bar that something bad had happened. He could hear shouts and running feet as the alleyway filled with people. A woman's scream and a thud told him the sight must be as bad as he knew it was as the woman fell unconscious. He blocked out everyone shouting and listened intently as his mate's heartbeat slowed.

"Please…" he whispered to the unconscious man he was holding as close to him as he possibly could, "don't leave me."

He pulled away and tried to shield his mate from prying eyes when someone kneeled beside him. Edward was too far gone to really acknowledge what was going on around him so he ignored everything but looking at his mate.

The man beside him was thinking things that sounded strange to him but he didn't care to ask about them.

"Jayden, call Doc. Bosely get the rest of them out here and tell them pronto- its Harry." The man shouted into the crowd standing at the doorway to the club as a woman kneeled on the other side of the vampire.

She was murmuring something so only he could hear it and it took a few seconds for what she was saying to sink in. "His name is Harry." She repeated over and over until Edward looked up at her.

She smiled gently at him and laid a hand on the man's-Harry's- cheek. "I'm Maty. Mate, yes?"

Edward could only nod.

"Thank Merlin!" She turned to the woman that appeared beside her, who reminded Edward strongly of his sister Alice, and spoke urgently. "Ana…get these people out of here and have Rain and Grendel deal with them."

Edward watched as the young woman with the wild hair took a slim piece of wood from her boot and turned to the crowd around them. He knew what they were now-wizards. He had met some before, many years ago, and thought them very strange.

"Adan!" She called and the man that had gotten to them first turned around where he had been talking to someone who looked closely related to the woman she had called Ana. "Ripple!"

Well, that made no sense to Edward but apparently the man understood her perfectly as he turned and ran into the bar.

"Help him." Edward whispered to her as he drew Harry tightly back into his arms. He wouldn't let him go now that he had found him.

"He'll be fine sweety."

Edward shook his head frantically. "He's almost-" He stopped as he couldn't go on.

The man she had called Adan ran back over to them and pressed a small vial into her hands and then turned to shield them from those still remaining.

"Drink." Maty ordered as she put the vial to Edwards mouth.

He shook his head, "vampire."

Maty smiled and nodded once to him before saying softly, "drink."

One glance down towards the man in his arms and Edward opened his mouth and swallowed. The last thing he saw was the man in his arms smile and then he knew no more.


This is something that I thought I would try out. Every 2-3 days there will be a new chapter with the chapter dealing with each line of this song. Let me know what you think…

Can any one spot the reference to the lyric? I warn you…not all will be clear some are more meaning than anything else.

For those of you who were wondering…Edward is not magical so can't feel Harry like he feels him. They need to be closer for Edward…like smelling closer.

The song is by Alanis Morissette.

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