Not Quite Possible

by: NoDrog(s)

Chapter 1: A father lost, Secrets found

This is based on a challenge on the KP Slash Haven board suggested by Sobriety. Special thanks to Love Robin and others on the board for suggestions. Joss Possible and associated characters are from the Disney series 'Kim Possible' and used for non-profit purposes without permission. Sari Sumdac and associated characters are from Transformers Animated. Characters used without permission for non profit reasons.

Time period: After Kim's graduation, but the Lorwardian Invasion never happened. Also, none of the events of Terminator 3 or the Sarah Conner chronicles happened (or, at least, are not referred to in this story).

Joss stepped out of the shower and took a moment to admire herself in the mirror. At 14 she was just starting to become a woman. Her skin was heavily tanned, but there was no scars or blemishes. Some of the ranch owners she met joked she had a charmed life... She lived a very active life, doing things that was dangerous even for a grown man, but had never had a broken bone or even needed stitches. She was just getting dressed when she heard noise coming from her father's office.. it sounded as if he was arguing with someone. She pulled on her shirt, then heard the sound of something breaking. Really worried now, she ignored her boots and dashed out of her bathroom.

Two women had her father penned against a wall. A third one was working at a safe. That is, they were women in shape; however, their 'skin' was polished blue metal, and Joss could see obvious mechanical joints.

Slim saw his daughter before the androids holding him saw her. "Joss, run!" he ordered, his voice more hoarse and desperate then Joss had ever heard before.

The robot woman trying to open the safe turned to look at Joss. She stepped away from the safe and began walking toward Joss, her finger tips transforming into talons. "You will not stop us." she said. "The Bebes must become perfect.".

Joss was more frightened.... and angry... then she had ever been in her life. She had always thought 'seeing red' was an expression, but now it was literally true for her... everything was taking on a reddish tinge. However, instead of obscuring her view, she could see things more clearly and more detailed. Words flashed in front of her eyes, memories of studying her cousin Kim's adventures. The robots were called Bebes; created by Dr. Drakken, they had rebelled. They were capable of moving at super speed, but lacked any weaponry except their own hands and feet.

What Joss did not see, but Slim Possible and the Bebes did see, was that Joss was changing. Her body elongated, 'skin' splitting along hidden seems to allow more cooling of internal servomechanisms. A dull gray liquid flowed down through the new openings, covering her skin and the torn remnants of her clothes. More goo flowed upward, forming a helmet that covered her head. A face plate formed, with a dark red visor over her eyes and a white plate covering her nose and mouth. From hidden internal cavities in her left and right thighs weapons deployed; a silver metal pistol on the right thigh, and a 'rope' made of metal links on her left thigh.

Joss reached down, somehow knowing that the gun would be there. She drew it out and aimed it at the Bebe coming toward her. Even though she had never seen the gun before, it felt like a natural extension of her arm. The Bebe vibrated, preparing to switch to super speed. Joss coldly fired three shots, the pistol firing so fast that it sounded like a single shot. Three holes formed in the Bebe's head: One hole in each eye socket, and the third through her forehead.

Watching their leader collapse, the two Bebes holding Slim looked at each other. "We have the creator." the one on the left said.

"We do not need the creations." agreed the one on the right.

The two blurred and then set off running, carrying Slim prisoner between them through the exterior door behind them. Joss set off in pursuit, running at a speed no unaugmented human could match. However, she was still not as fast as the Bebes, and their movements were erratic enough that shooting would have risked hitting her father. She chased them untill she could no longer see them, firing warning shots to try to deter them. Finally, she stopped and returned the Auto-6 pistol to the thigh holster and felt both pistol and lasso returning to their internal storage bays. With the need for combat fading, her limbs returned to their default configuration and the helmet and face plate melted away.

Joss looked down at herself. From the neck down, she seemed to be wearing some sort of dull mylar jumpsuit. She turned and looked at how far she'd run from her family's ranch, without being tired or even out of breath. She then spoke the three words that seemed to perfectly sum up her situation. "What the hell?"

* * *

Joss was actually closer to the general store then she was to the ranch; she began walking, her thoughts confused. She had no idea how to explain the changes that had overcome her; she had been taller and faster then she normally was. Plus, there had that weird red enhanced vision mode, or those weapons that had mysteriously appeared and then disapeared. Weapons she knew were called an Auto-6 and a smart rope, and knew exactly what each weapon could do and how to use it. "What's going on?" she asked aloud. "It's lahk ah'm living an episode of Cap'n Constellation."

She picked up the pay phone handset and then began patting down her new outfit. While the outfit looked like something Nine of Seven from Space Passage might wear on , it lacked any pockets. She was just about to try placing a collect call when she found herself suddenly making a series of high pitched tones. There was a click on the line, and then she heard the other end of the line ringing.

She heard her uncle answer. "Hello, Possible Residence... This is Dr. James Possible speaking."

"Uncle James, this is Joss." said Joss. "Two of those Bebes just kidnapped my dad, and... some really strange stuff happened to me when Ah went to chase 'em down."

"What sort of strange stuff?" asked James, his voice cautious.

"Ah had some fancy shooting iron and this metal rope, and Ah'm wearing this gray suit now..." said Joss, then realized she was babbling. "What's going on?"

"This is something we should really discuss face to face, as a family." said James. "Go back home and get packed, but be careful in case the Bebes show up again. I'll be there in a couple of hours."

"Right." said Joss

* * *

Joss walked back home, worried about her father and wandering what had happened to her. She had dumped out her book-bag and had packed it full of clothes when she realized she was still wearing the gray cat suit. She examined it, but there was no obvious zippers or closures on the suit. "Well, how do ah get rid of you?" she asked rhetorically.

The suit shimmered, turning back into liquid goo form, and then seemed to melt away, being reabsorbed into her skin. Joss stared at her now naked body. "Well, ah guess that makes as much sense as anything." she said aloud, and quickly got dressed She started packing a duffle bag and was almost finished when she heard the sound of high pitched jet engines coming from the back yard.

She hurried out to see a small, futuristic looking jet plane descend vertically on the yard. Once safely on the ground, the engines turned off and the tinted canopy slid forward, revealing her uncle at the controls. The side of the canopy opened into a set of steps which Dr. James Possible began climbing down.

"Unca' James!" Joss said, running excitedly to him. Dr. Possible reached out and hugged his niece.

"It's ok, I'm here." he said reassuringly. "We'll get your father back. Now, first things first... have you eaten recently?"

Joss realized that she had not and that she was, in fact, ferociously hungry. She took comfort in the sheer normalcy of that fact. "No... Ah'll go fix us some San'whiches."

"Good girl." said James. "I've got to go use the facilities, and then we can eat."

* * *

While her uncle went to the bathroom, Joss went to the kitchen and fixed two large sandwiches and opened a large bag of chips. Normally she wouldn't have eaten so much; her friends at school sometimes thought she was dieting or a picky eater, but the truth was she didn't seem to need as much food as they did. Now, though, she was famished. As soon as Uncle James sat down at the table with her, she began wolfing through her sandwich, alternating it with mouthfuls of potato chips.

James cut his sandwich in half and, as soon as Joss finished her own sandwich, handed the half he wasn't eating across the table. "You probably burned a lot of calories in Combat Mode, especially chasing after the Bebes." he said.

Joss picked up the sandwich half, but stared at her uncle rather then tearing into it. "Combat Mode? What's going on, Unca'?"

"That's something I rather you heard from your father." said James.

"Well in case yuh didn't notice, the Bebes took him!" Joss said. Her lower lip trembled and she could feel tears forming in her eyes. Angrily she wiped the tears away.

"I know..." said James. He reached into a pocket of the jacket he was wearing and took a DVD, in a plastic CD case, from his pocket. "But I stopped by my house before I left Middleton, and picked up something your father had prepared for emergencies."

Joss carried the sandwich half and the DVD into the TV room. After loading the DVD into the player, she sat back to watch.

On the TV Screen, an image of her father appeared. It flickered slightly, as if the original footage had been recorded on some other media and then later transferred to DVD.

Joss once again felt tears come to her eyes and this time she let them flow down her emotionally shocked face as she watched her father speak.

"Joss, I sincerely hope that I find a better way to tell you than this tape." said Seamus 'Slim' Possible. "In case something happens to me before I can, however, I am making this recording and leaving it with my brother for safe keeping. I want you to remember two things.". He stared directly at the camera, as if he could somehow see Joss watching it. "You are my daughter. And I will always love you."

Slim waited a moment and then resumed speaking. "When you have asked me about your mother, I lied and said that she died when you were too young to remember her, and that her death was too painful for me to keep any photos of her. The truth is much different. Mentally and emotionally, you are human. If there is such a thing as a soul, you possess one. But you were not 'born' in a conventional sense. Biologically, however, you are something different. Your bones are made of threaded together carbon tubes. Your muscles are electrostatic actuators. Your skin is a mesh of polymers and sensors. And your brain is a collection of self-organizing neural networking heuristic circuitry, located about here."

Slim tapped his chest.

"Here, where normal humans keep their heart. You are a synthetic sentient being. Not artificial. Just... different. I know this will be hard on you. Your uncle James... and he is your uncle, just as you are my daughter... has additional information and recordings. Whether you watch them or not is up to you. Just let me repeat this. I love you; and you will always be my daughter."

The image faded to lack as Joss stared at the screen, tears flowing down her face.

James came in a few minutes later. Silently, he sat down next to Joss and held her in his arms, letting her finish crying. "What am ah?" Joss asked.

"Slim's daughter." said James. "My niece, who I love. One who just happens to also be an android."

"Oh gawd... is that why the Bebes came? For me?" asked Joss, struck by a horrid thought.

"No." said James, firmly. "If they had come for you, they would have taken you. They wanted your father; he recently published an article on advanced animatronic robotics; it's probably why they came looking for him."

"How... How was I created?" asked Joss.

James took a deep breath. "I left the other DVDs at home, but.. about ten years ago, your uncle was working for Omni Consumer Products. He and several others were working on creating humanoid prosthetics. They had created major breakthroughs in creating artificial skin and musculature that looked and responded like human flesh. They were stuck, however, on handling the massive amounts of information processing such realistic prosthetics required. He spoke with a friend of his, Miles Dyson. Miles worked for a competing company, Cyberdyne. Their friendship was a closely kept secret; both companies were fiercely competitive of each other. Miles revealed Cyberdyne was working on humanoid robotics and computers, from the inside out. He also revealed that somehow Cyberdyne had gotten a jump start. A robot arm and processor chip, decades if not centuries ahead of what everyone else had. Anne... your aunt... was part of the OCP project as a medical advisor. The three of them... Slim, Anne, and Miles... worked together to create... well, you. Instead of duplicating the chip, like Miles's company wanted, they created a synthetic brain, a synthetic mind on par with any organic brain. Miles and Slim created your body, incorporating a wide variety of elements. Nanoprobes from N-Tek. Motors and additional processor chips from Sumdak. I don't have it all memorized."

"Did you help 'build' me?" asked Joss.

James hesitated. "Not... in creating your basic body, no."

"Basic body?" asked Joss.

James sighed. "A lot of what OCP and Cyberdyne were working on were meant as military weapons. Even the prosthetics were aimed at helping combat-injured soldiers keep fighting. Slim knew you might be seen as a target, something to be used against your will. To protect yourself, you have a 'combat' mode. There are also additional systems that Slim later built, designed to be incorporated into your body on a temporary basis if you ever needed them. One of those systems is a flight pack, complete with rocket engines for your legs, that I helped build."

"Where are they?"

* * *

James insisted on opening and taking the contents of Slim's safe first, for safe keeping. Carrying the various disks and papers inside a duffle bag, James led the way into the stables where Tornado, Slim's robo-horse, snickered defiantly. "You'll need to get him out of the stall." James said.

"Easy, boy..." said Joss, leading Tornado out. She had always had a way with the robot horses, even when normal horses and dogs were nervous around her. Now she knew why; her insides had more in common with Tornado then they did with James.

Once the robot horse was out of the way, James swept the hay and dirt up, revealing a large metal panel set into the floor. A smaller panel next to it opened up to reveal a hand sensor. When James pressed his hand to it, the larger panel hinged upwards, revealing a hidden storage space containing a large, black suitcase. James reached inside and opened the suit case, revealing several components nestled inside it. Nestled against the top of the case, held in place by loops of fabric were magazines of custom made 6 MM ammunition.

Joss reached for one of the magazines, picking it up, then hesitated. "Um, Uncle James... could you look away?"

James obediently turned around. Joss pulled her jeans down to her knees. Her right thigh split open along the hidden seems and the holster emerged, pistol resting comfortably inside it. When her thigh closed up, it looked as if someone had somehow glued a skeletal metal holster to the side of an ordinary person's leg, the sleek gleaming weapon looking out of place between her white and pink jockey shorts and her denim jeans. She took the pistol and ejected the half expended magazine, sliding the replacement magazine into the handle of the gun. She gave the butt of the gun a firm slap to make sure the magazine was firmly in place, then returned the pistol to its holster. The holster retracted back into her upper leg, allowing Joss to pull her jeans back up.

James grabbed the heavy case, having to sling the duffle bag he brought over one shoulder so he could use two hands to lift the case out of its hiding space. Once it was outside of the stall, James and Joss got Tornado back in place and left, Joss easily carrying the case one handed. With her uncle's help, they soon had the case, Joss's two bags of clothes, and the duffle back of her father's research loaded into the jet.

"Anything else before we go?" James asked.

"Yeah..." said Joss, embarrassed. "I have to go pee. Wait... Why DO I have to go pee?"

"You were made to be as human as... well, possible." said James Possible. "You could have been made to run on plutonium or need to plug in to recharge. Instead, your body breaks down and processes organic substances... food... for power and raw materials, just like ordinary humans. As a result, you have to use the bathroom just like I do."

Once in the plane, the over 500 mile distance between Slim's ranch and Middleton was covered in less then an hour. Joss came into her Uncle and Aunt's home to find Aunt Anne waiting for her. The red haired woman hugged Joss to her, tenderly. "Oh, Joss... don't worry, we'll get your father back."

"Thanks." Joss said. She looked up at the brain surgeon, a plaintive expression on her face. Her accent thickened with nervousness as she asked "So, um... cain ah call you Mom?'

"Oh, honey..." said Anne, looking down at Joss tenderly. "You can call me whatever you want."

"What happened to the other guy who built me? Um, Miles."

"Miles Dyson?" asked Anne. "He died just before you were first turned on. He was either kidnapped or went willingly with a terrorist family called the Conners... his widow as a little vague on the details... and he died in a bomb that destroyed a lot of the Cyberdyne research, including the processing chip you were based on. Cyberdyne somehow either managed to save the arm or find a replacement arm. Anyway, that's when your father moved to Montana, set up his ranch, and started raising you. If Cyberdyne knew about you, they would stop at nothing to get you back. Also, the Conners were never captured."

Joss nodded in understanding.

"I spoke with Kim." said Anne. "She said she would come pack immediately, but I told her to stay in Paris. We have no idea where the Bebes took Seamus, and until we do it's silly for her to interrupt her College studies. Wade is doing his best to find any reference to them, but we didn't even suspect that any of the Bebes were still around. He's having to start almost from scratch."

"All we can do now is wait." said James.

"Ah hate waiting." said Joss. "Who knows wha' 'orrible thangs they could be doin' to mah father?"

* * *

Slim Possible tugged on the faux-fur lined straps that held him securely to the bed. He was naked, except for a metal headband linked to the headboard by a white cable. A Bebe, looking identical to the two that brought him her, slinked into the room. She moved in what was almost a parody of a female walk, her hips swaying back and forth. "Come on, doctor..." she said, her voice in what was obviously meant to be a seductive, husky purr. "Why don't you tell us everything about your work in robotics... and about that girl you call daughter."

"I won't tell you anything!" Slim said, trying to find some way to get the headband off. It stuck securely, apparently glued on.

"In time, we WILL know your secrets." the Bebe said. "Bebes WILL be perfect. But it would go sooo much faster if you just told us."

"Never!" vowed Slim. "Never, you robotic nut-jobs!"