Title: Who's The Boss?

Author: Shelby

Summary: Blair is interning at a big company for her college business class. She absolutely hates it and the boss drives her crazy. He's a total ass, makes her do more than the other interns, and is always checking her out. (Chuck/Blair or CB One-Shot).

A/N: A little one-shot I thought of. I think it's so C/B, but let me know if you think it's any good. If you absolutely hate it I can take it down lol. Enjoy.

Blair stood at the counter of the office kitchen trying to make coffee. Stupid, dumb, and pointless coffee for a bunch of asses. They wanted it for their meeting, huh? Why so it could sit there and get cold why they all crack open a bottle of Jack? Honestly it was pointless and stupid and she hated being an intern more than anything. She stirred sugar into the coffee. The first time she did it there wasn't enough and then the second time too little. Well guess what the other intern would take it in now because if she went in there and they complained she would pour it into their laps. She was Blair freaking Waldorf. She may be an intern for this stupid place, but you can not tell her what to do.

"Hey Blair is the coffee ready yet?" Sarah asked as she walked into the room. She was the other intern, but she was above Blair since she had been there last year. Blair rolled her eyes and motioned towards it. Sarah shook her head and let out a laugh.

"I know it's annoying, but trust me last year it was way worse. I actually like that someone else took over. It will get better," Sarah assured her with a smile. Oh how cute and optimistic... Blair wanted to throw her down the stairs. Blair finished the coffee, put it on a tray, and shoved it towards her.

"You like it so much then you take it," she spat and turned to leave. She just wanted to go back to her little desk and find another annoying task to do. Anything to stay away from the asshole of a boss. He infuriated her to no end. Why did she have to have experience as an intern to pass the stupid class anyways?

"Wait Blair," Sarah called. Blair slowly turned around and glared at her. Sarah gave an apologetic smile. She then took a deep breath. Good at least someone feared her. She bit her bottom lip, "He wants you to bring it into the meeting." She then held the tray out towards her. Blair let out a bitter laugh. And then gave an angry shrug.

"Fine I'll deliver the coffee to him," she grabbed it and stormed from the room. "I'll deliver it right in his lap," she muttered, a scowl on her face. She walked down the hall causing anyone who came in her path to jump out of the way. Well unless they wanted coffee stains on their clothes and burns on their skin. So yeah they got out of the way. She went to walk past the secretary to go into the office.

"Wait he's in a meeting..." she called. Blair stopped, spun around, and held up the coffee. "Oh... okay go ahead in," she nodded and pointed at the door.

"That's what I was doing," Blair snarled before she stomped over to it. She stopped and looked at the big doors. Okay Blair just take a deep breath, she told herself. She regained composure and then opened the door. She walked in quietly and instead of looking at the arrangement of business men kept her eyes on the coffee.

"Well it's nice to see you finally learned how to make coffee," he smirked as her eyes met his. She glared at him, but then forced a smile. She held it up for everyone to see.

"Yep and it's super hot so don't burn your tongues," she said with a sarcastic smile. When they all laughed, clearly amused, she wanted to pour it on their heads. She moved on her feet quickly and quietly as she gave everyone a cup. She waited to give a cup to him last just to spite him. She knew he noticed it, but he just came off as amused. That pissed her off even more. She dragged her feet to the end of the long table until she stood in front of him.

"Can I have my coffee now Miss Waldorf?" he questioned while he quirked his eyebrow. Blair bit her tongue and instead she forced a smile. She took the last cup of coffee and held it out to him. He slowly took it, his eyes still locked with hers. How she hated that cocky grin.

"Am I dismissed now sir?" she prologued the word sir. She hated that he made her call him that. Honestly every other boss in town would go by their name or Mr. Whatever their last name was. He was just an ass though.

"Well I would ask for another round of coffee, but we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself. So yes you are free to go find something else to do," he motioned towards the door. Blair felt like kicking him in his balls. And that was an unladylike thing to do, but she seriously considered it. So she clenched her jaw, spun around, and went out the room. She slammed the door, but then she just heard him chuckle. How did he enjoy her misery so much?

Blair sat at her sorry excuse for a desk. She stared down at her hand and pretended to examen her nails. Anyone who looked at her would think she thought they were the most interesting thing in the world. Little did they know what she was actually thinking. As she stared down at her perfect manicured fingers she thought about how sharp she could make them. Maybe sharp enough to stab him in the back, literally. She could also use her small fists to swing at his face. His head was so big though it wouldn't make a difference. She did have a phone though. She could use her hand to pick-up her phone and dial a hit man. She let out an evil laugh. Yes she loved her hands very much. They held so many possibilities for her ass of a boss.

"Ugh the meeting is finally over," Sarah announced as she entered the room. Blair slowly looked at her and pursed her lips. How dare this stupid girl interrupt her happy thoughts. Sarah didn't seem to notice though and fell down in her own desk chair. "I know that I'm usually positive, but you were right. I can't stand him," she concluded. Finally, Blair had began to think the girl was insane.

"Well at least the day's almost over," Blair mumbled, her voice held no interest. She was happy someone shared her hatred of the man they called boss, but she didn't want to make friends with this girl. She annoyed Blair too much. More perky than little Jenny Humphrey was and more blond than Serena.

"He'll be calling you again before it is I bet," Sarah laughed as she leaned back in her chair. Blair raised her left eyebrow at Sarah. Did she have any idea what she just did? She laughed at Blair Waldorf's pain. She better watch her back in the mail room from now on.

"Maybe he'll call on you Sarah," Blair remarked. She used a valley girl voice to mock the girl. Sarah shot her a weird look, not understanding. Typical, Blair almost uttered out loud. Sarah just shrugged and then began to doodle in her notebook. Awe yes this was exactly the experience they needed for class, Doodling 101.

"Actually I think he has a thing for you. He's always checking out your ass and he loves to annoy you," Sarah chimed as she continued to doodle. Blair snorted and crossed her arms. Sarah stopped and looked up. She tried to muster a serious face. "No I'm not kidding. The way he looks at you, I wouldn't be surprised if he asked you out or something," she nodded.

"Whatever Sarah," Blair disclosed as she flipped her curls over her shoulder. Sarah shrugged and went back to her drawing of a flower or something. They both looked up when someone ran into the room out of breath. Blair looked over the younger boy who looked scared of his life. She recognized him as the high school intern. He had flirted with Blair a lot at first. She got him to do all her work, but then one day he stopped. She tried to talk to him and he ran away from her. "What do you want?" she asked with a clipped tone.

"Blair you're needed again. He said he needs you to alphabetize his book shelf. I offered to do it, but then well... let's just say you need to do it," Tyler said as he put his head down. Sarah looked to Blair and gave her a knowing smile. Blair pretended to ignore her and looked back at Tyler.

"Tell him I'm busy or running an errand or something," she shrugged. She leaned back in her seat to make it apparent she didn't plan on going anywhere. Tyler realized this and then it looked like he was going to cry. He nudged his head to motion behind him a bit. Blair shook her head, not understanding.

"There's cameras, he knows you're here," he whispered. Blair looked to see what he said was true. That little mother...

"Miss Waldorf I'm waiting!" a voice came from the intercom in the room. Blair almost flipped the birdy to the camera, but no, she would not sink to his level. So instead she stood up, straightened her skirt, and walked from the room. She slowly entered the office. He was at his desk and looked up. "Finally," he sighed. He stood up and walked to sit on the front of his desk.

"What do you need sir?" she asked, her teeth clenched. She put her hands on her hips so he knew she wasn't scared of him in anyway. He looked on her with pure amusement. She narrowed her eyes and fought with all her force to stay in her spot.

"Well is your hearing as bad as your coffee making skills?" he inquired. He then shook his head and chuckled, "I believe Tyler told you the bookshelf is in dire need of some reorganizing." He motioned towards it and waited.

"Of course," Blair smiled, but her voice dripped with venom. She walked over to it and watched from the corner of her eye as he checked out her ass. He sat down in his chair and leaned back to perfect the view. She made sure to sit quickly so the show was over. Take that, she thought with a smirk. She got to work, irritated his eyes were on her back the entire time. The bookshelf was dusty and disgusting. She doubted it had been touched in years. She tried to work as quick as possible because she was out of here when the day was over.

"Sir you're wanted downstairs in the finance room," his secretary's voice announced into the room. She turned to look at him for a moment. He leaned down and hit the button to respond.

"I'm kind of busy," he replied, a smirk on his face. He of course turned to stare at her when he said this. She rolled her eyes at him, not a care in the world if he saw. She turned up her nose and turned her back on him. She got back to work and repeated her motto for getting it done quicker in her head.

"It's really important sir," the secretary added.

"Alright," he sighed. He then stood up and walked towards the door. On the way he stopped and gazed down at her. She acted as if she had no idea he was doing so, just to bug him. "I expect this to be finished when I get back," he told her. By his tone she knew her plan to annoy him had succeeded. She gave a nod of her head and kept to her work. When he left she breathed a sigh of relief and stopped what she was doing. She jumped when the door opened again, but relaxed when she saw it was only Tyler.

"I saw he left and thought you might need some help," he smiled sweetly at her. Blair faked one back at him to get what she wanted. He walked over and bent down. He got to work quickly, but she slowed her pace. "I don't understand why he makes you do almost everything," Tyler tried to talk to her.

"It's simple Tyler. He's an ass who loves to make my life a living hell," Blair retorted as she moved a book. Tyler let out a chuckle. Blair reached for another book, but Tyler reached for it too. His hand landed on top of hers. Blair turned towards him to tell him to move it, but he sent her a smile.

"What the hell is this?" an all too familiar voice asked. It sounded very angry, but Blair just rolled her eyes. Tyler immediately tore his hand off of Blair's and stood up. "I warned you," he glared at Tyler and shook his finger.

"Sir I just thought she needed some help," Tyler stuttered. He sounded as if the situation was one of life and death. Then again, Blair thought with a smile, maybe it was. She finished the organizing and stood up to watch the show. The boss walked towards Tyler and looked as if he would strike. How Jerry Springer, Blair thought.

"She doesn't need your help. You aren't even supposed to be in here. You work in a different office because you are not to associate with her at all. I thought I made that clear. This is a place of work, not a place of flirting," he growled. He towered over Tyler in a sense. It's not that he was a lot taller, but Tyler crouching in fear made it that way.

"I know I just... well sir I felt bad because she's done a lot today and... I didn't want her to think I didn't like her because I do... I mean..." Tyler rambled. His eyes stopped and grew wide at the last part. The boss made a move to grab him, but Tyler stumbled backwards. "I didn't mean it like that I mean... I do like her... well why does it matter if I like her?" Tyler frowned in confusion.

"You're fired get out!" he shouted and pointed towards the door. Tyler scrambled away without a second glance back. Blair rolled her eyes and stepped towards the door too. "And just where do you think you're going? I didn't dismiss you," he called to her.

"Am I dismissed?" Blair countered as she spun around to face him. He glared at her and then walked towards her. He stopped when he was dangerously close to her. The door was behind her though and she had no where to go. If she backed up then she'd hit the door.

"I suppose, but you aren't allowed to leave until I give word. The interns have a bit of overtime today... or should I say intern," he replied. That stupid, infamous smirk grew on his face. She wanted to grab him by his hair and make him howl in pain. Instead though she nodded.

"Of course sir," she sighed. She then turned on her heel and left before another word could be said. She stomped back to her office. When she got there Sarah was gone. The idiot was probably copying something. It was the only thing she was good for after all. Blair found comfort in the quiet and leaned back in her chair. Only one more hour, she told herself silently.

"Blair," Sarah said as she nudged her. Blair moaned as she opened her eyes. She was actually starting to come to piece and blond brains had to show up again. "Blair it's time to go home," Sarah confirmed. Blair jumped from her seat and shoved Sarah out of the way.

"Don't have to tell me twice," she mumbled as she went to the closet for her coat. She had made it through the day. The day was over. She could go home and...

"Miss Waldorf I need to see you before you leave," the intercom sounded in the room. Blair about lost it. She looked back at Sarah with angry eyes. Sarah left the room quickly afraid of the petite brunette. Alright he couldn't keep her any longer. She would go in there do some stupid task and then leave. Blair mustered up all the pride she had and went to his office. No one was here anymore, but she didn't care. She came in and closed the door. The room had no light except for one on his desk. He didn't look up at all, "Please take a seat," he instructed.

"Fine," Blair muttered as she walked over to the desk. She sat down in the chair in front of it and crossed her legs. She knew in that moment his eyes leered at them. He put down his pen and stood up. She watched in aggravation as he walked around the desk and sat on the front of it. His leg brushed against hers a bit so she pulled hers back. Typical jack ass behavior. He picked up a folder with her name on it and opened it.

"Now Miss Waldorf I'm sure you'll understand that I have a few questions to ask before you can come back to work for your second week," his eyes met hers. Blair nodded going along. She just wanted to hurry up and get it all over with. She didn't even want to think about another day of hell. He cleared his throat, "So I understand you grew up here in New York, parents Eleanor and Harold Waldorf, went to Constance, and now attend New York University?" he raised his eyebrows. He didn't even bother to look at the paper.

"That is correct," she answered.

"I see here that your best friend is Serena Vanderwoodsen and you also dated Nathaniel Archibald throughout high school?" he furthered. Blair just nodded, glaring at him when he looked back down at the paper. "You also had a relationship with Chuck Bass at this time, am I correct?"

"Unfortunately," she she responded. She made sure to send him a sarcastic smirk and narrow her eyes as much as she could. He only nodded and further examined "her file". She heard the clock tick, the day was over. She was about to jump up and cheer, but she didn't get the chance.

"Is it true you also have a thing for limos?" he smirked as he appreciated her semi-low cut top. That was it, she had enough. The day was over and she was done. She stood up and prepared to lose it.


"God you're so sexy," he muttered as he tore her shirt off. She moaned as he undressed her further and sucked on her neck. She hated him so much. How could you love someone who aggravates you so much? How could someone who loves to aggravate you also love you in general? She felt him push up her skirt. She knew where this was going and he was too damn good at it for her to resist.

Blair blinked her eyes as she stared at the ceiling of his office. Both of them lied completely naked on top of his desk. Everything once on it had been pushed to the floor. She couldn't believe only her first week of being an intern she fucked her boss. Blair Waldorf had sunken low. She felt him turn towards her. She slowly turned to look at him. When she did a small smile came to her lips.

"Miss Waldorf I think I'm going to have to give you a promotion tomorrow," he smirked as he kissed her lips. Blair giggled like a school girl. She turned her body into him, feeling cold. She then felt his coat go over both of them. She still clung to him though.

"I guess working for you isn't so bad," she decided as she nuzzled against him. He looked to the ceiling and chuckled. Then his brown eyes met hers again.

"Well in that case there's one more thing," he sighed.

"What's that?" Blair asked with a smile. She wanted to be mad, but she was too satisfied at the moment. The man knew exactly where to touch, suck, plunge, well you get the picture... He flashed her his infamous smirk.

"Who's the boss?" Chuck asked.

A/N: Hehe the idea came to me for a one-shot and I thought it was so C/B. I don't know though so tell me what you think and if you'd like to see more one-shots like this.