Title: Who's The Boss?

Author: Shelby

Summary: Blair is interning at a big company for her college business class. She absolutely hates it and the boss drives her crazy. He's a total ass, makes her do more than the other interns, and is always checking her out. (Chuck/Blair or CB One-Shot).

A/N: Same rules apply as before. If something comes to mind or one of your ideas take off in my head there will be another. If not then there won't. This idea is thanks to chucksbabydoll. I loved the idea sweetie and I hope I did it justice!

Blair glared at Chuck's office door. He went too damn far this time. Her lips were pursed and her teeth clenched. She was ready to get him back in any way possible. Oh that Mother-Chucker would pay in the worst way she could think up, when she thought of it of course. She wanted him to beg her in some kind of way. Oh he made her so mad. The door opened and she turned to see if it was him. When it wasn't she sighed and sat back down. The man looked to be in his early thirties with blond hair and green eyes. He smiled flirtatiously at her and then made his way over. What did he want? She was in serious destruction planning mode at the moment.

"Why hello there. I'm Christopher Worthington," he introduced himself and stuck out his hand. She stared at it for a moment and then back up at him. He pulled his hand away and let out a cool chuckle. She refrained from rolling her eyes. "I'm sorry to be so forward, but I just closed a deal between Bass industries and my own company, Worthington Law Firm. I noticed you in the office and I knew if I didn't find your name and offer you an intern position at my place well I wouldn't be able to sleep at night," his long eyelashes batted.

"Well Mr. Worthington..." she sighed.

"Christopher please," he corrected. Blair looked down and smiled before her eyes rose to his again.

"Yes well you see I'm sort of tied down at Bass Industries I have some..." she trailed off as something came to mind. "What I meant to say was I'm just not completely convinced. I mean why would I make a switch if I'm not getting promised anything special?" she put on the innocent act. Oh just get ready Chuck. Chris chuckled and pointed at her.

"Beauty and brains, I like it," he commented. Blair rose to her feet and forced a blush. "Well why don't you allow me to take you out to lunch and we can talk about it?" he offered. Blair's eyes lit up with excitement. See God did believe in payback and revenge.

"I assure you that I would be honored," she responded and held out her hand. Chris took it and then lead her from the building. On the way out she saw Sarah who gave her the thumbs up and a wink. She pretended not to notice, but instead smiled at Chuck's secretary. Someone who would know to tell Chuck there was trouble in paradise. When they go to the limo he held the door open for her himself. She giggled like a school girl and got in. She swore she saw a flash of pastel suit in the window above.

So far the long lunch with Chris or Christopher had been nice... okay so the man had bored her to tears. Literally she felt her eyes water up. Luckily though she was Blair Waldorf and the Ice Queen came in handy. She sucked it up, flashed a smile, and leaned forward so she looked completely interested. He drawled on about one of his ex-wives or something. Well at least a plus for this was he made her feel young. Not that she really felt old to begin with, but... the lunch was boring okay!

"So basically my first ex-wife was the one who inspired me to continue to build my law firm. She cheated me out of so much money that it's my job to save innocent men from people like her every day now," he explained. She snorted, silently. Innocent men? Give her a break. There was nothing innocent about men. Even Dan Humphrey could be slime when he wanted to be. If anyone was a victim of men it was her... she meant women in general. All of these thoughts were strictly hypothetical of course.

"Well I am very sorry to hear that Chris..." she sighed and turned her a head a bit. Her eyes wandered out the window onto the streets of New York. It was then she sat up a bit and smirked. He was such a stalker sometimes it killed her. There parked on the street was Chuck Bass's limo. The windows may have been tinted, but she knew on the other side of the door he stared at her. Maybe he had been this way the entire time. She looked away quickly and hoped he had not seen her notice him. Victory was hers, it was that plain and simple.

"So anyways why don't you tell me more about yourself Blair? Other than that you work at Bass industries and your mother is fashion designer Eleanor Waldorf, I know so little. Not to mention the age gap between us must make you feel slightly awkward," he teased and placed his hands on the table. She stared down at them for a moment. Then when she knew it would be in clear view her hands went on the table too. They draped over Chris's hands, her eyes met his, and some serious eyelash batting went on.

"Age is only a number," she responded with a smile. It was a gorgeous smile and part of her wished there was a mirror there so she could see it. And no she did not think that sounded selfish at all, it simply sounded like Blair. When Christopher smiled like a thirteen year old boy she had to refrain from doing a victory dance. "So Chris... tell me what is your... interoffice relationship policy?" her tone went down to a seductive level as she leaned in more. Her cleavage almost spilled out of her top. Chris's eyes flickered to it and he licked his lips. Normally she would call him a pervert and cause a scene to ruin him, but right now he was just a pawn of the game.

"Well um..." he trembled and then had to clear his throat. Blair blushed a bit as she played the sweet, innocent, yet all the more seductive act. Her eyes flickered to the door, but alas no pastels had shown up yet. She turned back to Chris and leaned in just a bit more. In no way would she kiss him because then Chuck could call her a cheater, but if Chris kissed her and Chuck stormed in, jealous rage full on, then she was simply a victim. "You're very pretty Miss Waldorf," he stuttered. Dumb ass took the easy way out.

"Thank you and Blair please," she nodded her head and widened her eyes a bit. Did this man not know what asking for it was? Chuck would have thrown her on the table by now or carried her to the limo. She would already have recovered from a ravishing and getting to work on the next one. Come on Grandpa get a move on already, she thought bitterly.

"Yes Blair you see it may just be me, but I feel as if you're coming onto me. Plus how you keep getting closer well it makes me believe you want to be kissed, but..." he trailed off not sure of what to say. Now she knew he was nervous that he had read all of her fake signs wrong. A small giggle came from her lips.

"And here I thought you found me unattractive," she put a hand to her chest and breathed a sigh of relief. It was such an act and damn was she a good actress. Chris's face seemed to flash with relief as well. Then he took her hand again, held both, and stared into her eyes. They weren't smoldering and dark like Chuck's. Was it bad this disappointed her greatly? The other man's lips were so close and she felt the panic rise within her. As much as she hated herself for it she did not want to kiss this man. Still his lips came even closer. A flash of pastel purple was caught in the corner of her eye. The lips never even brushed against hers.

"I don't think so old man!" an all too familiar and incredibly jealous sounding voice shouted. The next thing she knew Chris was pushed to the floor and looked up in shock. Chuck glared at him and his nostrils flared. "What the hell do you think you're doing with my girlfriend? Who is half your age I might add!" he seethed. People around the restaurant began to whisper. Bye, bye, Mr. Reputation she thought. Chris pushed himself off the floor and shook his head.

"No I didn't know she was your... I thought she was just an intern and... she... well she led me on and... you... your you and..." he fumbled like an idiot. Blair rolled her eyes and sat back in her chair a bit, this could take a while. Why were people of inferior intelligence put on the Earth? Oh right so she could rule them. "I would have never tried to kiss her if I knew that she was... why didn't you say anything?" he turned towards Blair with puppy dog eyes. She stood up slowly and looked around. The tables were not supposed to turn on her. So she did the only thing that seemed logical, broke down into hysterical sobs.

"I was only trying to be nice! You! You were going to take advantage of me. He even offered me a promotion at his office if I slept with him," she accused and pointed a finger at Chris. Chris's mouth fell open. Chuck must have believed some of it too because the next thing she knew purple met black and Chris had a combination of both colors on his eye... or at least it would start to form there later. Blair had to refrain from a smirk when people around her started to whisper about how awful a man Chris was for doing that to Blair. Oh well she felt absolutely no remorse, and why should she?

"The deal is off Worthington! I ever catch you near my office and especially near my girlfriend again you're going to have a whole lot more to cry about than your pathetic divorce!" Chuck roared. Blair snickered under her breath, but covered it with a hand to her mouth as if the display still shocked her. Then Chuck turned and grabbed her by the arm. "And you! You're coming with me Waldorf," he commanded and went to drag her towards the door.

"You bitch! You set me up!" Chris called from behind them. Big, no huge mistake. Blair was yanked back when Chuck came to an abrupt halt. His eyes looked deadly and she'd admit it scared her a bit. People around the room gasped as Chuck went for Chris again. This time he grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall. It amazed Blair the things he got away with sometimes.

"Nobody's allowed to call her a bitch, but me," he informed him in a tone filled with threat. Blair smirked, crossed her arms, and winked at Chris when he looked her way. Chuck of course saw this and didn't seem to like that too much either. At least that was the message he gave off when Chris was punched in the jaw and fell to the floor. Blair went ahead and stuck out her arm right before Chuck grabbed it and dragged her from the restaurant. He opened up the limo door and motioned for her to get in. It angered her greatly he still had not said much to her. So she crossed her arms and shook her head. "Get in the limo now Blair," he ordered, dangerous eyes.

"I'm sorry, but it's after hours and..." she shrugged, "I'm not obligated to listen to you Bass." A smug smirk was sent his way soon after. She turned on her heel to leave, but his arms went around her waist. He pulled her to him and his lips were against her ear. The hold on her was tightened to a dangerous level.

"Get in the limo now or..." his tone dripped even more with jealousy and anger, "be thrown in kicking and screaming. I think you've made a big and enough scene for one day, but the decision is yours Waldorf," he threatened. She thought it over for longer than needed just to irritate him. Then she decided it was something he would never do, plus he didn't' do any real work-outs. If she started to run he would never be able to catch up.

"Please," she scoffed and went to walk away from him. Chuck sighed and spun her around. He grabbed around her waist and then flung her over his shoulder. "PUT ME DOWN NOW YOU BASSHOLE!" she screamed as loud as she could and beat her hands on his back.

"I warned you that you would be in the limo one way or the other. Free will is gone Waldorf and I'm going to make you my bitch," he smirked as he threw her inside. It was rough, but of course she never got hurt... too much. Okay so a little hurt was pleasurable. Wait she is supposed to hate him right now. The limo door slammed shut, it started to drive, and silence overtook it. He came towards her with angry and slightly crazy eyes.

"Green doesn't look good on you," she commented and scooted further away from him. There was no way he would be getting any. She was still pissed and with good reason... well she couldn't remember what the reason was, but she knew it had to be good. She snapped out of her thoughts when he hovered over her and pinned her back to the seat of the limo. His finger pointed into her chest.

"You listen here and you listen good Waldorf. In no way do you ever go out to lunch with another man unless you are blood related to him. You certainly do not fraternize with any of my business associates or anyone from the office for that matter. And If I ever and I mean ever!" his voice raised to a new level. "Catch you coming that close to kissing another man's lips again Blair I swear to God not only will it be the last thing he does, but it may just be yours too!" he roared. Was it wrong him being this angry and possessive made her extremely hot?

"You can't tell me what to do outside of the office Chuck. If other men kiss me then quite frankly there's nothing you can really do. Other than break-up with me, but..." she sat up and trailed her finger down his chest, "We both know if you did that then you would go through life very unsatisfied," she whispered the last part with seduction into his ear. Since she couldn't see him there wasn't a guarantee, but she was almost positive his eyes rolled back into his head. Then the tables were turned.

"Oh you think you've got me right where you want me don't you Waldorf?" he growled and pushed her back into the seat. She trembled under him when his hand went up her skirt in perfect union with his lips on her neck. "I think we both know who needs who more," his eyes flickered with satisfaction as they met hers.

"No," she whimpered and tried to resist. Of course when his fingers went past her panties and pushed them down she had to bite into his shoulder to muffle the scream. "Not... true," she gasped as his other hand roamed all over her body. The next thing she knew her top and skirt were on the floor of the limo. How the hell did he work that fast?

"Are you going to agree to my terms Waldorf?" he questioned and kissed between her breasts. Blair attempted to narrow her eyes, but his lips were just too damn good at what they did. "Come on Blair we're waisting time and we both know this isn't going anywhere until you give in," he muttered. Blair struggled against him. He was stubborn, but she was too.

"Forget it Bass! If anyone is caving it's going to be you. The evidence is hard... literally," she smirked and dropped her eyes to the bulge in his pants. He glared at her and then grabbed the back of her neck. She struggled for a moment until his lips were on hers. Then it was so good she gave in. His hands went to pull down her underwear, but she stopped him. "Not until you cave," she informed him with a smug look.

"Damn it!" he shouted and pushed himself off of her. She bent down to slowly pick up her clothes and top. His eyes were on her the whole time. Then a smirk graced itself on his lips again. He snatched the clothes away from her. She reached for them with anger.

"Give them back!" she demanded, but the window rolled down. Her eyes widened, completely mortified as she ducked away from it. Did he want her on Gossip Girl like this? Wait of course he did, stupid Basshole.

"Agree to my terms or say goodbye to your clothes," he threatened with a chuckle. She hated how absolutely amused and satisfied he looked. Her lips pursed and arms crossed. She had to think fast and smart. Were the clothes worth it? No doubt she would be on Gossip Girl if she stepped out of the limo like this.

"I wasn't going to do anything with him!" she defended and flailed her arms about. He rolled his eyes, why was it so hard for to just give in at least one little time? She moved towards him before he could act. "You were being mean and I was trying to teach you a lesson," her lips pouted, "Isn't that what you like about me? My scheming side?" Was that a guilt trip he sensed? Without thinking his hand retracted from the window. He moved towards her until her back was against the floor and he hovered over her. Their eyes locked with an extreme intensity and chemistry that was too complicated for the naked eye to ever understand.

"Your scheming side only pleases me when I'm the partner," his tone was low an angry. Apparently she had struck a nerve here after everything she had said. "When it's put to use to torment me... Well I guess you've seen the effect that leads to," he smirked.

"You mean by how jealous you are right now," she commented, her own smirk appeared. His face fell a bit, but he quickly recovered.

"Please," he scoffed, "Of that fuckhead you draped yourself over like a common whore?" his tone was very cold and mean. "You forget who you're talking to," the familiar words echoed in her ears. She had to stop herself from smiling. This was not the time to smile.

"So the thought of me touching him," her hand ran over some of his skin. She felt him suck in a large breath and hold it. "Or my lips coming close to his," she leaned in so their foreheads touched. "With my breath on him and his arms around me," she watched his eyes close as he prepared to kiss her. Then she pulled away and smirked, "You mean to tell me that didn't drive you mad?"

"Not at all," he shook his head and opened his eyes. A pained expression was displayed on his face and he muttered profanity along with the word 'tease' under his breath. She chuckled at this, then her hands took his and placed them on the sides of her bare thighs.

"What about if he put his hands here?" she moved their hands up and down. He tingled at the touch and she smirked at the victory. "Or what if he touched the spot between my legs?" she whispered into his ear. "While he kissed your favorite spot on the back of my neck," her lips kissed his own neck. The next thing happened fast. Chuck grabbed both of her wrists and pinned them to the floor of the limo. His eyes went crazed and his jaw tightened.

"No one touches what belongs to me," he stated in a low tone. It was so angry, demanding, and possessive. All of this would definitely lead to some angry, hot sex. "Don't you ever forget that Waldorf? All of this is mine," his hands raked over her and he sucked on her neck. "You're mine," he concluded. She nodded with eagerness, okay so maybe this would be a truce.

"Take me... now," she pleaded. He chuckled and then pulled off her panties. His own pants were discarded soon and he brushed up against her. Without warning he pushed up inside of her. She cried out in all different kinds of emotions. Pleasure, pain, comfort, anxious, hot, cold, and anything else out there. They both dove into the depths of what was Chuck and Blair and lost control.

Hours later Blair was back at the office. She had a cardboard box in her chair as she packed things from her desk. Sarah walked in with a smoothie in hand and gasped. At Blair's side in a minute she motioned to the box like a crazy woman.

"Oh my god!" her voice raised to an annoying high pitch. "Did that asshole seriously fire you?! See I knew he had a thing for you. I bet he's just jealous," she nodded in agreement with herself. Blair smirked at the words as she dumped her drawers into the box. "Well?" Sarah demanded. Blair slowly rose to meet her eyes, her smile was so calm and satisfied. Obvious reasons for this of course.

"Actually I've been promoted," she responded and picked up the box. Sarah frowned with confusion as Blair carried it into Chuck's office and slammed the door behind her. Blair dropped the box down at the door and looked across the room. Chuck lifted his head and smirked. She strode towards him in a sexy matter. The paperwork was forgotten when she sat on top of his desk.

"Do you have something to say to me Miss Waldorf?" he played along. She swung her legs over his desk and grabbed him by his collar. His rolling chair was brought towards her and he looked up at her with excitement. Blair giggled and rested her forehead against his.

"You gave me a raise," she purred and kissed him softly. "Now," her foot stroked the zipper of his pants, "Allow me to give you one." He was pretty sure at this point he had died and gone to heaven. She was pulled to him in a matter of seconds and his lips attacked her own. She reached for his zipper, but then suddenly he stopped her. "What is it?" she gasped, just as anxious.

"Who's the boss?" he smirked.

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