A Note From Lara: Wow, it feels like a long time since I updated this. I've been on a Peter/Emma kick, and all my other pairings, even Daphter and my beloved PetAnne (it's OC, don't be confused) sort of fell by the wayside. But I'm trying to get those things updated AMAP before I get sucked back into the Pemma vortex.

Peter's Apartment


Peter nodded curtly at him when he walked back into the apartment, but otherwise didn't acknowledge his existence. Sylar couldn't blame him. He had done terrible things to his brother in the past, and he hadn't expected Peter to forget that in less than a day.

Daphne, on the other hand, had no such compunctions. "So," she said as she contemplated a Twinkie, "How's life in general?"

"Excuse me?"

She stopped staring at the spongey cake and fixed her eyes on him instead. "Peter tells me I have to be nice to his serial killer brother to 'help you through the transition--'" She made airquotes with her fingers as she said this. "And make sure you learn to control that whole urge-to-rip-open-people's-skulls dealio. So I'm attempting to make casual conversation. How's life in general?"

"Daph!" Peter exclaimed.

Sylar was grinning, though. He sat down in one of Peter's chairs, and said, "This is... good. It's been a long time since I've had a conversation that didn't involve death threats. I really appreciate that the two of you are trying to help me."

Peter shrugged. "You tried to do the same thing for me a few days ago when I was... well, you stopped me from cutting Mom's head open, so I owe you that much, at the very least."

Daphne, who throughout this exchange had been devouring her Twinkie, suddenly said, "So what do we do now? Once the electric blondie wakes up, I mean?"

Before Peter could say a word, Sylar spoke. "We have to help Mom. Whatever's wrong with her, there has to be a way to fix it." Suddenly, inspiration stole across his face. "And I might be able to do it. Fixing things... it's what I've done my whole life. It's the entire basis for my ability. Maybe... maybe I can figure out what that bastard did to her and reverse it."

"Alright, great," Daphne said. "Is she at Primatech?"

Sylar nodded. "We can go as soon... as soon as Elle wakes up."

All at once, the woman in question stepped into the living room. Her turquoise eyes were furious and she was staring at Sylar with murder in her eyes. "You!" she hissed. And then she hurled lightning across the apartment.

Outside Tracy's Apartment

Washington D.C.

"Are you sure about this?" Meredith asked nervously.

Noah nodded. "Oh yeah. I got a text message early this morning from a young man the Company was watching pretty closely a few months back. A little technopath. He's received intelligence that Arthur Petrelli is alive, and responsible for the escaped villains gathering together. If he's right, we're going to need all the help we can get. Nathan Petrelli is our ace in the hole."

Meredith snorted. "Nathan? Are you kidding? He's been under his father's thumb the whole time I've known him."

"Exactly. He's our inside man," Noah explained.

"And what makes you think he'll even be willing to work with us?" she asked. "His life finally turned around, and a busy Senator can't just disappear off to work as an agent for some mysterious psycho."

Noah gave her a calculating look. "Are you sure you're not just reluctant to see him because he's replaced you with another blonde?" he suggested. Meredith glared at him, then reached up and rapped her knuckles firmly on the door.

A minute later Tracy opened the door, wearing a silk robe over her lingerie. "Mr. Bennet," she said. "I wasn't expecting to see you again, especially so early in the morning." She shot an icy look at Meredith. "Ms. Gordon. What a... pleasant... surprise."

"Likewise," Meredith said, arms crossed in irritation.

Nathan Petrelli, clad only in his boxers, suddenly appeared behind her. "Who is it Tracy...?" When he saw them, his face fell. "Meredith. Noah. Uh... if you don't mind me asking, what the hell are you doing here?"

Without waiting for any further invitation, Noah stepped over the threshold, and Meredith followed reluctantly. Tracy slid the door closed behind them. With no preamble, he said, "Tracy, your nephew sent me a message this morning."

"I don't have--" Realization dawned. "Oh. Micah."

He nodded. "He's been an extremely busy young man from the sound of things. He's been investigating reports of people with abilities, and somehow stumbled across a very valuable piece of information." Noah turned to meet Nathan's eyes. "Arthur Petrelli is alive, and he's gathering escaped Level Five villains to form an army of your kind."

Nathan didn't respond visibly to the news beyond a slight narrowing of his eyes. Meredith studied him closely. "Nathan, we need your help," she said. "We need you to go talk to him. Find out what he's up to."

Tracy responded before Nathan could. "And why would he do that?" she demanded. "Nathan is a newly sworn-in Senator. He can't go flying around on insane missions to talk to fathers who have risen from the dead."

But Nathan laid a hand on her shoulder. "No," he said, "I need to see this for myself. If Dad's alive, I need to talk to him."

Meredith nodded. "Alright," she said, "Now, Noah and I have to go. There's been a report of one of the escaped prisoners in New York. Meet us at Primatech tomorrow morning, ten a.m."

Tracy glared daggers at her, but nodded as Nathan did, and the almost-Company team walked out the door with stiff goodbyes from all parties.

Matt and Mohinder's Apartment

New York City

She threw what few possessions she had into one of Doctor Suresh's duffel bags- it wasn't like that monster would miss it. She had to get out of here, find a place of her own, before he decided to come back to this apartment...

A knock on the door called Maya away from her hurried packing. When she answered, she was surprised to find a pair of Japanese men standing before her, one of them looking harried and the other bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet in apparent anxiety.

"Is this the apartment of Matt Parkman?" the irritated one asked.

Maya stared at them in consternation. "Ah... Doctor Suresh had a roommate, I think," she said. "Pardon me, but who are you?"

The tall man gestured to himself and then to his companion. "I am Ando Masahashi, and this is Hiro Nakamura. He is the master of time and space, but something terrible has happened to him, and he believes he is ten years old." He shot a frustrated look at the other man, then looked back at Maya with a sigh. "And apparently he really has to use the bathroom."

"Uh... of course," she said, completely nonplussed. "It's... uh, in the back." Hiro ducked past her and fled in the direction she had pointed.

Ando stepped over the threshold as Maya sank, completely shocked, into one of the rickety chairs that sat around the table. "You'll forgive me for asking," she said, "but what are you doing in Mohinder's apartment?"

"We came to look for Mr. Matt Parkman. He is the only one who can fix Hiro," Ando explained. "It is important that we restore Hiro's mind as quickly as possible. We are on a mission to save the world, and Hiro cannot do it without his memories."

Maya nodded, mouth open slightly in utter confusion. "Of course," she said, still nodding. Life had gotten so complicated over the last few months, all she could do now was deal with it as it came. This, though, this was just over the top on strange. But still... she was uncursed. She was no longer carrying death within her. Maybe now was her chance to make up for her past, now that she was free?

She looked up at Ando. "How can I help you?"

The scene with Noah, Nathan, Meredith and Tracy was a little confusing, and I'm sorry for that. Also- yes, I'm bringing in the much-hated one, but what can I say? I feel sorry for her. I think if she'd actually been allowed to play out her original Volume 2 storyline, we all would have liked her, and so I'm trying to give her a good resolution instead of dropping off the face of the earth like every other supporting character.